‘Sales’  is an incredible word. When the manager highlights the word sales, the rest of the customer support staff discusses sales tactics for skyrocketing their numbers. But if you ask me, I would rather say that sales is not merely a number. ‘Sales’ is a creative process that includes a lot of efforts of overall management.

So, now the question is how to manage the sales of your company better and smarter? Is the sales support team or sales management team responsible for helping the organization with ‘sales’?

Well, I said earlier, processing with sales is an in-depth definition. It is not a single team or person that makes the ‘sales’ happen. It is a creative process, including a lot of pre-planned strategies and efforts. But yes, the forefront managers dedicate more towards the overall sales management. Therefore, they need to be acknowledged about various strategies and tactics for implementing an excellent sales strategy.

10 Awesome Sales Tricks and Tactics for Smarter Sales Management

Here are the top ten awesome sales tricks by our digital marketing analyst to help you get better sales and overall business performance.

Let’s begin.

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1. 40-50% of the sales are won by the company that responds first

In the world of sales and marketing, an active salesman always earns the trophy. We all know that competition is growing quite huge in every business segment. Hence, one needs to be dynamic and responsive to fulfilling the target.

For example, your client has approached a few organizations, including you, to share the project estimate. And, surprisingly, you turn out to revert late. When you revert late, you lose the plot as your client might have already hired someone who replied on time.

So, to be the first one to reply and get the benefit of the deal, your business needs to invest in an online project estimation software. Such software is designed to create quick and professional proposals.

2. Customers inquiring today shall be ready to buy after 2-3 months

We have read one quote in our childhood that haste is a waste. The same applies here. You can never be over predictive about your customer’s buying behavior. A study states that 60 % of inquiring customers shall be ready to buy your product in the next 2 or 3 months. Nevertheless, the rest 40% of customers will respond to your deal in the next 6-8 months.

Customers inquiring today shall be ready to buy after 2-3 months - Moon Invoice

3. Visuals are more attractive than text

Everyone knows including us that videos and graphics attract more than the normal text. Visuals are indeed more interesting than normal textual communication. Henceforth, you must include a video or infographic strategy in your social media strategy to get in more sales and inquiries.

4. Approx. 70% of customers are looking for a problem-solving solution

When you give customers exactly what they want, your product is likely to sell easily and quickly. Customers are often looking for a feasible solution for their problem; hence they are looking out for a new purchase or deal. Hence, talk to customers about the solution to their problems during your sales call or in the marketing strategy.

5. In marketing strategy, tone plays a larger role than the ‘content.’

When you are talking with your client over the call or via email, it is the tone that will help you get the attention of the clients in a positive way. Wrong tone and right content can prove unlucky for your upcoming product or service deal. Hence, one must always keep a watch on their tone while communicating with the clients.

6. The words like ‘Free,’ ‘Hurry.’, ‘Now’ makes a good impact on email marketing strategy

Email marketing is one of the best ways to fetch clients. While you are running a sales campaign, it is best to use the words like Free, Now, and Hurry to grab maximum attention from the clients. Such words help your emails to get noticed and opened. Otherwise, emails are generally deleted without being read.

7. 80% happy customers refer your product to other customers

Positive customers always enhance the chain. When you have more positive and happy customers onboard, you get the chance to have more customers onboard via their referral. So, focus on existing customers and try to win their loyalty for having more sales without putting in much effort.

8. Monday Morning and Friday Afternoon are the worst timings for a sales call

Sales campaigns are run on different timings and platforms. When you are planning to have a sales call via phone, it is vital to choose the right time and day for initiating the first call. Often clients are busy on Monday morning and Friday evenings considering the start and end of the week. Hence, it is better to call during Tuesdays and Wednesdays for having their maximum attention and engagement.

9. Clarity on project estimates can help you win the ‘sales’ deal 5X faster

Time and cost estimation are highly crucial for having a good repo with your clients. Also, clients love to have a professional estimate rather than a manual document or email. If you send the time and cost estimate of your product or service deal via a project estimation software then there are chances to get more reverts than that of a manual one.

Clarity on project estimates can help you win the ‘sales’ deal 5X faster - Moon Invoice

Investing in an online project estimation software can help your business with personalized and professional cost estimations and proposals that can be directly sent to the clients. Moreover, such estimations can be automatically converted into an invoice on a note of a successful deal.

10. Sales Managers must use LinkedIn for upgrading their sales performance

Social media platforms are quite influential these days. While you are busy in uplifting your business’s sales, there are many clients who are trying to authenticate your identity as the sales manager. Hence, it is always best to keep your LinkedIn profile updated. For getting more sales, the sales managers can join various LinkedIn groups to upgrade their profiles.

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Closing Lines

I am sure you are managing your company sales wisely. But these awesome sales tricks can help your business with enhanced performance. Not only that your professional sales calling and communication experience can be benefited with the same.