Do you own a business of electrical contractor work? Do you feel the need for electrical contractor software? Because being in one of the toughest service businesses – your task is more expensive than just providing electrical services. You must prepare estimates, do inventory management, provide quotations, project management, make and send invoices, and whatnot!

Along with your core business activities, you need to look after several software solutions (maybe accounting software or electrical estimating software or electrician invoicing software) to provide personalized customer service.

What is Electrical Contractor Software?

What is Electrical Contractor Software

As the name suggests, it is software, sometimes called electrical contractor management software – a specialized tool specifically for electricians, electrical contractors, and related industries.

Its primary function is to streamline various administrative tasks in an electrical service business, including scheduling jobs, creating general and electrical contractor insurance quotes, tracking inventory, generating invoices, and monitoring profits and losses.

  • Talking about the features in detail, these electrical business software solutions,
  • Has the ability to provide a project management solution
  • It can be used as a customer relationship management tool
  • Can provide personalized customer service
  • Can perform Job Planning and Material Estimation (material and labor costs)
  • Can perform resource allocation, track job costs, etc.

Some of the top electrician invoicing software comes with a mobile app through which the bottom-line technicians can access customer information, log work hours, capture signatures, and submit reports directly from their devices.

Additionally, integration with the accounting systems of this electrical contractor business software allows seamless data transfer and ensures accurate recordkeeping.

Key Features of Electrical Contractor Software

As the title suggests, in this section, we will discuss the key features necessary for electrical contracting software. It depends on what level you manage jobs in your business.

Key Features of Electrical Contractor Software

1. Work & Job Management

Is it a must-have feature when you are working with bottom-level technicians? As you can see, which technician is free at what time, and which are the current work or service orders to be done?

You can add the customer preference timings too! After all, customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of the business.

2. Estimating and Bidding

When running an electrical contracting company, it is very common to send estimates to various clients. Sometimes, it is about bidding and winning contracts in electrical contracting businesses, too!

Hence, estimating is the core part of the business. With precise estimates, they risk losing lucrative contracts or incurring additional expenses during project execution. Therefore, investing in reliable estimating tools and techniques is crucial for success in the electrical contracting industry.

Effective estimating involves analyzing construction plans, identifying necessary materials and equipment, calculating labor requirements, and considering contingencies.

Contractors who use cutting-edge electrical contractor billing software or tools tend to have better accuracy rates than those relying solely on manual calculations or intuition.

3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

What relations have electrical jobs and customer relations? But it has a deep connection. Maintaining strong customer relations is vital for any service-based company seeking long-term growth and stability.

When you use CRM with your job management software or electrical contractor billing software, you can keep track of valuable client details.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is integral to modern business operations. Electrical business software that features CRM functionality offers several advantages to companies looking to streamline their customer service efforts.

4. Invoicing and Billing

How can you miss this feature? Electrical businesses must send invoices to their electrical customers for every service call and task.

The electrical software should be able to create professional-looking invoices automatically using the project estimates previously created within the program. It should display a breakdown of labor, materials, taxes, and other charges, ensuring accuracy and transparency in pricing.

5. Reporting and Analytics

Well, what’s the point of using software when you can’t have the feature of robust reporting and analytics? Data is a very important part of business operations and customer management.

6. Job Costing

When you are talking about business, you must talk about financial management, and to get it right, you need to have the best electrical contractor software, which makes every pricing strategy right.

Understanding job costs is crucial for successful financial management and pricing strategies in the electrical contracting industry. Electrical contracting software explicitly designed for this purpose can streamline the process of tracking costs associated with various elements involved in completing projects.

7. Compliance Management

Regulatory compliance is an integral part of operating as an electrical contractor. To stay compliant, companies must adhere to strict guidelines set forth by governing bodies such as OSHA, NFPA, and local building authorities. Fortunately, many specialized software applications streamline the complex processes required to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance.

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7 Best Electrical Contractor Software for 2024

Now is the time to learn more about the 7 best electrical contractor software in 2024.

1. Moon Invoice

moon invoice

Here at Moon Invoice, we know how crucial it is for electrical contractors who want to succeed to have optimized billing operations. That’s why we work hard to provide state-of-the-art invoicing resources made specifically for today’s electrical contractors and their unique needs.

Why are we here? Moon Invoice’s cutting-edge invoicing features help firms like yours maximize productivity and maintain a competitive edge.

With Moon Invoice’s electrician software, you can rest easy knowing that no deadlines will be missed and no important information will be forgotten. With our software, you can easily add new features and integrate them with other parts of your organization. As an added bonus, you can wow your customers with a professional presentation thanks to our premade layouts and customizable branding choices.

In today’s highly connected world, we recognise the significance of private, encrypted transactions. Protecting private data such as customers’ bank accounts and credit card numbers is a top priority for our software.

Confidentiality of your customer’s information will be protected at all times.


When it comes to pricing of Moon Invoice, We are completely transparent. Nothing to Hide from our customers. We have four exclusive plans Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum with a 17% offer which will cost you around 5-10$ per month with almost all features.

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2. HouseCall Pro

If you are an electrician, you must have used or come across HouseCall Pro. For many businesses, it is the best electrical contractor software. The system’s capacity for scheduling and sending out tasks allows for effective workflow management.

HouseCall Pro’s automated appointment reminders keep your customers from forgetting about their scheduled service calls. The integrated CRM allows for more tailored communications, which in turn increases happy customers.

The invoicing and payment processes are simplified on their platform. The best scheduling software available, HouseCall Pro, will help your company thrive. HouseCall Pro’s easy administration will revolutionize your electrical contracting company.


The basic plan starts from 49$ per month and the advanced essentials plan costs $129/month. For an unlimited plan, the users can connect with their sales team.

3. Procore

Electrical contractors working in the construction business might benefit significantly from using the advanced project management software known as Procore. This platform allows for real-time collaboration, which means that all team members, regardless of location, have access to the most recent documents and changes related to the project.

Tools such as scheduling, work assignment, and document management are included in Procore, which helps to make project administration more straightforward. Your electrical projects may be kept well-organized and on schedule with your help.

In addition to that, it will assist you in managing things like invoices, bids, and change orders. They offer several different features, but according to our research, they would be most useful for the project management of electrical contractors.


Again no accurate price details are not provided on their official website and to opt for a quote for this software you need to fill out a certain form by answering questions related to your business.

4. ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan is the greatest option for software for electrical contractors since it improves the business’s efficiency and productivity. The requirements of contractors were taken into consideration while developing this program.

In addition to this, it makes ordering, sending out invoices, and closing deals easier. Because of its comprehensive reporting capabilities, which provide vital information about how well a company performs, it is a beneficial tool for electrical businesses. ServiceTitan contributes to delivering improved customer experiences, ultimately resulting in more revenue and business.

As a result, ServiceTitan is an effective software alternative that has revolutionized how contracting companies manage their day-to-day operations. Check it out if you’re an electrical contractor trying to grow your company and want to learn how to do it.


Again the official website describes that there are 3 plans available in the name of Starter, Essentials and The works but to get a quote you need to request for it.

5. Jobber

Jobber is another leading piece of electrical contracting software, particularly for administering electrical contractor jobs. The scheduling function in Jobber allows you to manage tasks better and monitor their progression in real time. It enables real-time scheduling and dispatching, smooth quotation and invoicing, and excellent task tracking, all of which improve operational efficiency.

Jobber makes it easy to link money management software such as QuickBooks, PayPal, and Stripe, simplifying the process. In addition, this platform’s reporting and analytics capabilities provide vital company information for expansion and development.

Invoices may be created, sent, and tracked with relative ease. In addition, you will be given automatic payment reminders in addition to choices for safe online payments. You may also strengthen client connections using the sophisticated CRM system that Jobber provides.


Jobber’s pricing looks too high for all the 3 plans available in the name of Grow (249$ per month), Connect (129$ per month), and Core (49$ per month).

6. QuickBooks

When it comes to reliable and effective accounting software, electrical contractors all around the globe rely on QuickBooks Online. With QuickBooks’ user-friendly interface, you can easily keep tabs on work expenses, manage inventory, and keep tabs on staff time monitoring.

The financial well-being of your electrical contracting firm may be conveniently tracked in real time with real-time reporting.

In addition, you may use QuickBooks Online to handle company finances from any location at any time. If you’re an electrical contractor looking to expand your company, QuickBooks is the way to go.


It comes in the four pricing plans named

  • Simple Start (15$ per month)
  • Essentials (30$ per month)
  • Plus (45$ per month)
  • Advanced (100$ per month)

The higher the pricing, the higher the feature availability.

7. Knowify

Knowify is a robust software that assists electrical contractors in efficiently managing their businesses. It is one of the most significant estimating software for electrical contractors. Their tool is fantastic for estimating projects and placing bids on them. It provides the tools you need to develop precise and competitive proposals effectively.

As an electrical contractor, you are aware of the need for precise cost estimates at your disposal. Knowify helps you operate more efficiently by providing real-time task pricing, monitoring of supplies, and labor rate modifications. Using Knowify, you can seamlessly go from project estimating to project management inside the same platform for the entire team. As a result, it has the potential to be the optimal answer for organizations of any size.


Knowify charges you 149$ per month for their essential plan, 249$ per month for their Advanced Plan and for their unlimited plan, you need to get a quote by yourself.

The Benefits of Electrical Contractor Software

Being in the electrical business is daunting – you need to take care of clients, foreman, vendors, etc. And there, the best electrical contractor software or invoicing software for electrical contractors at your service is necessary.

This section will look at some of the key benefits of software for electricians.

The Benefits of Electrical Contractor Software

1. It Helps in Increasing Efficiency

The best electrical contractor software will allow you to concentrate on running your company.


Since the toll allows for the automation of several administrative duties, this results in significant time and resource savings.

If I had to offer an example, I may point out the convenience this technology would bring to domestic electrical contractors in the areas of making professional work orders, managing bills, and keeping tabs on stock.

In the absence of automation, early companies often relied on Excel and other spreadsheet programs to manage tasks like employment scheduling and payment processing. That may take a long time and lead to mistakes. By automating them, you’ll have more say over your workflow, less opportunities for error, and more time to devote to what’s really important to you.

Specialized software for the electrical contracting industry has the distinct benefit of easily fitting into your current procedures. The software should modify its functionality to better suit your requirements rather than the other way around.

2. Save Comprehensive Time in Business Operations

With an easy-to-use platform in your organization, you can save considerable time in business performance.

Job management software may help you save time and money by automating the tedious and error-prone process of scheduling and dispatching employees. Miscommunication and double-booking, both common in manual processes, may be avoided with integrated solutions that automatically allocate available specialists to open projects. Therefore, all electrical contracting projects are given the necessary time and effort, which results in happy customers and higher earnings.

3. You Can Send Invoice Quicker & Get Paid Quicker

Regarding general or specialty contractors, who prefers to get paid slowly? But you only get paid when you send an invoice once the task is completed.

An extended invoicing procedure leads to delayed payments, causing inconvenience for service organizations. To overcome this issue, top-notch software for electricians provides innovative paperless invoicing capabilities that enable technicians to send digital invoices directly after finishing their work.

By doing so, customers can quickly settle their bills, resulting in faster payment processing times. Incorporating efficient invoicing techniques in your day-to-day operation helps prevent financial strain caused by delays and enhances overall cash flow stability.

Therefore, selecting the right software solution for electrical companies is paramount when optimizing your electrical contracting business.

4. You Can Enhance Your Customer Service

Customer service is a key factor for service-based businesses, as already discussed in the earlier sections.

Customer service is essential due to the high expectations that consumers have regularly. Software for electrical contractors is an absolute need. The use of automatic reminders, tracking payments, follow-up prompts, and communication tools are some of how these solutions enhance the consumer’s experience.

5. You Can Make Data-Driven Decisions

Business success relies heavily on accurate data analysis, making information gathering and interpretation vital to contemporary enterprise. Electrical contractor software equips your organization with the necessary data collection and insights generation tools, empowering you to boost performance and efficiency across your operations.

By harnessing the raw potential of your company’s data, you unlock new opportunities for growth, development, and competitive differentiation, setting yourself apart from your peers. With our comprehensive software, embracing data-driven decision-making becomes more accessible than ever before.

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Key Considerations When Purchasing Electrical Contractor Software

When selecting software for electricians, the decision to acquire involves factors such as Ease of Use, Scalability, Functionality, Price comparison, etc.


When buying the best electrical contractor software, you must check that it has all the features and functionalities per your business requirements.


The tool is not just there to create estimates; its job is to help you streamline other business processes, too! The software should be scalable if the company expands in the near future.

Ease of Use

User-friendly interface design and intuitive navigation are critical components of successful software implementation. Choose straightforward software for technical and non-technical team members to learn and adapt quickly.


Data is critical to a business, whether it is customer or financial. Hence, consider the safety and security criteria before opting for electrical software. Choose software that helps with no data loss while migrating from or to the app.

Customer Support

Reliable assistance and prompt problem resolution are must-haves when troubles arise. Investigate vendor offerings, including phone support, live chat, video tutorials, community forums, and online resources.


Compare costs associated with different software packages, subscriptions, and licensing fees. Be sure to choose a solution that fits your budget while providing adequate value and benefits. Also, do not overlook the offers and discounts.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s it when describing the best electrical contractor software. If you are looking to use Moon Invoice soon – we have got you covered with a free demo.

You can use the electrician software in several aspects, such as time tracking of electrical technicians at the job site, assigning tasks to contractor foreman, project management, estimates, invoicing, payment tracking, and whatnot!