The understanding between two parties is an absolute correlation to your business growth. Maybe as important as the product and/or services that your business is providing. The general concept of day-to-day business is satisfied as long as we think that the BAU (Business As Usual) is carried out by understanding each other. True, to some extent, but how and what words you use starting from invoices to internal memos to press releases enforces your business to be perceived.


Whether you believe it or not, effective corporate language and its concepts haven’t changed since ancient to modern times. Using effective language has always persuaded people and business to accomplish the desired action or task. Using the same effective language in agreements, contracts, invoices estimates, invoice payment terms or conditions can help a business to gain leverage and maintain the cash flow system of the business.


Following are the few points to ensure that your business whether small, midsize or large can benefit from using corporate and effective language.


1) Using A Style Guide


Check to see if the below-mentioned following points are applicable or can be implemented in your business process.


  1. Frequent use of abbreviations, if yes, which ones?
  2. Use of symbols or words like, % or percent, $ or USD, etc?
  3. Date and time format?
  4. Addressing by name or with a prefix such as Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc?

Using A Style Guide - Moon Invoice

Changing style guides frequently or rather in every communication you pass along may lead to thinking the inconsistency of the business. Hence, we suggest to maintain and follow one style guide. A tip that would go a long way is not to use the passive voice while constructing a statement.


2) Be Specific


It is advisable to use specific terminology while communicating with the specific roles or aspects of the business. Some of the common questions you need to ask are listed as follows:


  1. Using business or trade specific terms?
  2. Establishing the nature of your entity such as business, company, enterprise, organisation or a startup?
  3. The ones you mostly serve are whether your clients or customers, partners or associates?
  4. What are the documents your business primarily deals with like invoice estimates, bills, offers or price quotation?


You can certainly make a group of words that describes the best of your business’s services and products and also addresses in a respectable fashion. A tip to handle this part is by avoiding technical jargon or slangs, etc.


3) Following Word Structures


  1. Would you rather go for short and clear statements or long and impressive complex sentences?
  2. Would you rather use the slang in order to get mix with the blend or the locals?
  3. Maintaining the course of language so that it is understood worldwide, no matter where your client or customer belong?
  4. Using impressionistic young sound or an experienced one?

Following Word Structures - Moon Invoice

Words matter and more importantly the way you arrange them in order to make sense and persuade actually makes the difference.


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