Freelancers are their own bosses.

It is indeed the best way to make money!

When you finally decide to become financially independent by investing your time, talent, and knowledge remotely, you become a freelancer or a hustler. 

Side hustlers or freelancers have their terms of working; they are highly independent and solely responsible for their work. 

In 2020, we learned how people tend to find freelance jobs because of the pandemic; & now, they are happy to stand by their decision with full-time freelancing. 

Becoming a freelancer

Freelancers are creative because only creative brains can afford to sit remotely, skipping their 9 to 5 job life! Becoming a freelancer is a journey you discover, but you first need to take this professional title. 

There are various smart business ideas for freelancers and side hustlers, which we will discuss with the blog. But before that, let’s have a quick overview of the benefits of becoming a freelancer.

  • Freelancers get complete freedom in their work-life
  • Flexible working hours are one of the added benefits. 
  • Saves time and fuel on commuting to the workplace.
  • Helps with self-management skills
  • More options, more diversification possibilities with work.
  • A freelancer can work on various projects simultaneously. No contracts can bind a freelancer with any restrictions.
  • Freelancers can easily build their startup in the future and can become a hustler. 

Freelancers can manage their business income wisely by managing their income, estimates, expenses, invoice, and financial reporting with the help of accounting software for freelancers. They can easily track their income from various clients and have a sound backup of all their clients utilizing it. Nevertheless, freelancers can take up a time-tracking project and can manage their projects or tasks via time-tracking software for freelancers

Best business ideas for freelancers & side hustlers

Here are some incredible business ideas for freelancers and side hustlers. Choosing any of these business ideas in 2021 or the coming years will help you earn a good income remotely.

1. Content strategist 

Content rules the online world. A content strategist is a perfect job to manage to be a freelancer. When you take up the full-time job of a content strategist, you help various companies design content marketing strategy including or excluding the content writing part. 

It is one of the jobs for freelancers that can be easily managed from anywhere in the world. You can take up content marketing tasks from around the globe and can enjoy being paid in various currencies. 

As a full-time content marketing professional, you can choose to offer content strategy planning, content writing, copywriting, and content marketing services. Generally, content writers are paid per word in the freelancing world; but if you are offering more services under a single umbrella, you can quote a higher bid. 

Now, if you ask me how you will manage the invoicing and estimate part, I have a fantastic solution to that! As a freelance content marketer or writer, you can download the best accounting software for freelancers like Moon invoice to help you create estimates, invoices, and expense reports. 

Additionally, Moon Invoice will help you track time while you are busy writing for your clients. It will help you prepare a timesheet invoice for clients that demand one from the freelance writers.

2. Mobile app developer 

Another best business idea to take up as a freelancer is utilizing your technical skills to become a full-time mobile app developer. As a mobile application developer, you can have the privilege to serve different clients from across the globe by providing them with offshore development services. 

Mobile App Developer

If you are good at iOS app development, you can register yourself with Upwork and Fiver to get great freelancing projects. As a freelancer, you can represent yourself as a dedicated developer and serve full-time or part-time for iOS related projects. 

Mobile application development has great demand in the IT sector. Acquiring your time and knowledge as a full-stack app developer will bring you more fame and money. You can take the help of a time tracking software to mention your client hours in the invoice. Indeed, it is one of the best ways to be a freelancer or a side hustler in 2021.

3. Virtual assistant 

A virtual assistant is a newbie for many freelancers. It is one of the booming designations that can help you earn a good amount of dollars by working remotely. Companies that are selling products or services often require a help desk assistant to serve their customers virtually. 

Well, if you have a good command of English or native language and are good at communication skills, you can take up the job as a virtual assistant. 

Signing an independent contract will help you lead as a virtual assistant on a freelancing basis. For invoicing and time tracking features, you can download the best free freelancer’s accounting software. Additionally, you can manage your other projects that can be led using communication skills and use the accounting software for freelancers to create and send online invoices

Need Accounting Software for Freelancers?

4. HR recruiter 

Recruitment has got a whole new makeover with work from job HR jobs. It is no more a surprise to find freelancing jobs for human resource designations. 

Yes, you can utilize your human resource degree by being a full-time recruiter from home. It is one of the extraordinary freelancing opportunities that will allow you to hunt resumes, connect with companies, and schedule interviews from the comfort of your living room.

Well, HRs are pretty professional in managing their invoices as well as expense reports. You can manage the same with the help of software for freelancers. 

5. Graphic/web designer

You can either be a graphic designer or a website designer to earn good money sitting from home. Designing is one of such jobs that can be easily taken up with full-time freelancing. It is indeed one of the smart business ideas for creative side hustlers.

Today, there is a lot of scope for graphic and web designers. Many companies worldwide are looking to sign creative designers who have their skills in creating 2D/3D graphics, including social media graphics, blog graphics, infographics, website templates, and much more. Taking up full-time graphic designing as your freelancer’s job can do wonders for your career. 

As a graphic or web designer, you can manage your various clients with the help of the best freelancer’s accounting software. The software or app will help design estimates, invoices, proforma invoices, expense reports, and recurring invoices in no time. Hence, you


can continue your full-time freelancing job as a graphic designer without worrying about how you will invoice your clients. 

How to manage business accounting as a freelancer?

Freelancers usually serve different clients from across the globe. They have a lot of accounting tasks to manage, including estimates, quotes, proforma invoices, commercial invoices, expense reports, time-tracking, and income statements. Above all, freelancers have clients from across the globe, so they have to send invoices in different currencies or languages depending on the client’s requirements. 

As a full-time freelancer or side hustler, you can overcome the currency and language barriers while issuing an invoice using Moon Invoice. It is one of the most recommended accounting software for freelancers like you; who wish to manage their work and business accounts by themselves. 

Moon Invoice has got various features to help you manage proper books of accounts. Whether you are a writer, digital marketing manager, mobile app developer, graphic designer, logo designer, jewellery designer, virtual assistant, or HR recruiter, you can invoice your clients using Moon Invoice in less than a minute. 

Top features: accounting software for freelancers 

  • Time tracking feature – Track various projects in hours using the time tracking feature. Also, auto-convert the timesheet into an invoice. 
  • Estimates – Create various business proposals in the form of estimates. Send professional estimates to your clients for winning the deal. Later, you can convert the approved estimate into an invoice at the time of billing. 
  • Expense tracking – Record all your freelancing expenses for timely reimbursement. 
  • Income statement – Download your monthly, quarterly, or yearly income statement in one go! 
  • The invoice with Pay Link – Add the quick pay now button to get paid faster. Send invoices and remind your client about your due payment. 

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Give it a shot!

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