Business processes constantly undergo a change upon new formation of departments or an organizational structure change, new hires or when the merger or acquisition happen. This, in turn, affects the way an entire expense management system operates.
In such a scenario, you need an apt online billing and invoicing software solution that can easily adapt to the changes and integrate well with the business process. Every industry segment and organization has their own list of expense category, a requirement for expense reimbursements and specifics of client billing requirements.
Business process evolvement requires you to manage a new set of users. They also need to configure to reflect the changes in the new organizational structure. This could lead to a new line of departments or fresh expense reporting mechanisms such as policies for meals or hotels and require new approval paths that need to be fitted accordingly. For many expense management solutions, these integrations are hard to inculcate as it is obvious that they aren’t architected to be easily reconfigured.


Moreover, an amazing go-to handy invoicing app is favored by industry professionals as well as entrepreneurs which allows them to have insights into a financial report on a summary page. In addition to that billing & payment, estimates, invoices, expenses, time tracking and many more in one place. Businesses not adapting to the current online invoicing system is going to find themselves left behind as more and more customers, clients, suppliers or vendors are getting accustomed to digital invoices and related modern payment processing.

This gives rise to the best online free invoice generator with an exceptionally well-designed expense management system regardless of the types of expense policy rules your organization follows or how complex is the approval process.
Moon Invoice brings you the following set of expense tracking and management solution to get your business updated with simple and easy online expense tracker to keep business spending and profits in check.


1) Track Expense

Keep your expenses checked and in line with the detailed reports to manage business finances allow your mind to be at ease.


Categorize Expense - Moon Invoice2) Categorize Expense

Simply categorize based on the most frequent expense type. Use it to get the list of top customers and expense as well as taxes in the summary report.


3) Record Expense

Record expense periodically for the recurring profile which allows you to save time and prevent overdue or miss the payment.


4) Know Where You Spent More

With a complete break-down of your expense, you can always keep a tab on how much you spend for easy analysis.

Know Where You Spent More - Moon Invoice

5) Hassle-free Tax

Add taxes with different companies and items along with categorization of expenses which makes it easier for you to file without any complexity.


Moon Invoice, designed and developed to simplify the invoicing process for small, medium and large businesses. It has highly advanced feature-set, fully automated invoicing processing that helps companies to be more efficient & productive. Invoice processing via Moon Invoice is done with maximum accuracy and removes any such probable errors associated with manual entry as it supports recurring invoices and many such other features.


Moon Invoice mobile app is available for iOS, Mac OS X, Android, and Windows. Download our free app today and leave all your invoicing worry with us. There is a 7-day free trial period for you to try before you buy!



It is clearly hard to predict as to what kind of changes your company or organization might go through in the coming years, but you can maintain the balance and seamlessly progress towards by choosing an expense management solution that will evolve with and support your enterprise as you grow.