Being a solopreneur lands plenty of responsibilities on your shoulder and from time to time what keeps you on the edge is the time constraint. You have always got more task in hands than the respective time to finish them. At the same instance, adding financial woes such as business cash flow is not going to help at all in your day to day business tasks. In such a scenario, it is always advisable to opt for an online invoicing software that will manage your cash flow, invoicing, time management, etc.


As a freelancer, time is your most precious resource. To become a productive freelancer, you’ll need to align and manage your tasks in line with your time. Tracking time with respect to the task will enhance business operation pace and will improve the delivery ratio. The easy way out is to opt for a time tracking and invoicing software for freelancers.

Time Allocation In The Day:

Creating a freelancer invoicing, an online invoicing software would be able to tell you about how much time you have spent on each task and also a list of time-tracking of each task can shed some light to give you an insight of the day’s time management. A report would help you to analyze your daily time usage pattern to optimize so as to get the more work done.

Client Costing:

Tracking time spent on each task and understandably managing it helps you to accurately calculate the cost and budget of the project for the client. Accurately presenting the cost and hours ratio via time tracking helps in avoiding any confusion and necessary for a long lasting business relationship.

Client Costing - Moon InvoiceTime Billing:

Time billing is the most important benefit of tracking time using a time tracking log and invoicing software for freelancers. Hourly billing is easy to manage with the help of time tracking and a well-established invoice generator in the market.




Tracking time boosts productivity and accelerates in delivering tasks on time. This could also mean that instead of being on the edge, you’ll be motivated and become ready for the upcoming task in the line.


Undiverted Focus:

If through a system you are able to get handy information about the time spent and time left to finish a task, you will be able to stay more focused with undivided attention.


Manage Project Work Time:

You can maximize the productivity of the project by capturing time log for every task of the project. Also, simply by creating and managing projects you can also upgrade and organize the respective project work time.


Log Hours:

You can use easily create a project and can log project work hours to add time according to the tasks in the following manner:

  • Add project name
  • Add task name
  • Add hours required for the task
  • Add additional notes

Log Hours - Moon Invoice



You can regularly include hours by yourself to the timesheet which can be managed weekly or monthly as per your need.

  • Monthly timesheet
  • Monthly and weekly time logged
  • Date-wise time logged
  • Time logged for the month for the given task




Moon Invoice is simple, easy and handy invoicing app that lets you generate, manage and track the invoices on the go. Some of the cutting-edge features that will not only save time but also boost productivity and will result in accelerating the growth as a freelancer.


  • Invoicing
  • Payments
  • Estimates
  • Track Time
  • Expense Tracking
  • Import/Export & Print
  • Reports & Insights
  • Mobile & Sync


Moon Invoice offers you multiple payment options along with multi-currency support. With Moon Invoice you can work from anywhere by downloading apps available for all platforms, i.e, iOS, Mac OS X, Android, and Windows.