Running a business is an ongoing adventure. Sometimes your business management software requires an upgrade; other times, an employee may need to generate customized invoices online for a client, or maybe your product team needs to revamp their marketing budgets. Sounds familiar, right? 

Well, these are just a few things your employees may be facing. The backbone of your business- “Customers” may be dealing with issues on a whole new level. Are you wondering what you can do to solve this? Is it more money, right customer support, or targeted marketing? While all three are correct, we urge you to guess the best one! 

Yes, you guessed it right! It is customer support. Well, having the right customer servicing strategies and building a solid rapport with your customers will boost your business and gain a competitive edge. 

Unfortunately, some companies disregard the whole idea of customer support and consider it a waste of time and money. 

But, contrary to popular belief, your customer support team should be at the forefront of your business, just like other teams. After all, they are the ones who establish a direct connection between you and your business. 

Does this discussion strike a chord with you? Well, then you have reached the right place! The blog will discuss how customer support can work wonders for your business. Ready? Let’s surge ahead! 

Reasons you should invest in customer support 

Customer support is something that plays the role of healthy food for your business. Yes, we know that you have a super successful sales team who leave no stone unturned to onboard new customers. But, what about old customers? Well, providing top-notch customer service can help you cut costs, build a loyal community of followers and even get some great testimonials and reviews. 

Investing in customer support is similar to activating your flywheel, as old customers are the gateway to new customers. But, do you know the best part? All this comes at zero extra costs. Besides, positive testimonials will boost your marketing efforts. Below are a few reasons why you should invest in your customer service team. 

1. Boosts customer retention 

If we talk about the numbers, a mere 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 25% increase in profit. Don’t believe us? Well, you can always check with your online billing software for business for the best results. But, what’s the reason behind this? This is because repeat customers are more likely to spend on your brand. To be precise- 67% more. The result? Your business saves on extra operating costs. Ultimately, all these efforts reduce your churn rate, and you save time and money on acquiring new customers. 

2. Builds brand image 

Truth be told, no one knows your brand better than you. But, unfortunately, your customers cannot take a sneak peek into your mind, even if they want to. 

Builds Brand Image

Jokes apart, your social media presence, that dedicated knowledge base you spend months making and add it to your business management software, ads, and external marketing will be keys to how your customers perceive you. But, wait, there is a catch here! All these methods may not always provide means of direct communication. 

So, what can you do in this situation? Well, your customer service team can handle it for you. They speak directly with your customers and are the torchbearers for your brand. In fact, 73% of customers have the precious gift of loyalty to your brand because of your friendly customer service reps. 

Without them, you will have no means of direct communication. Not only will they influence your customers, but they will also convince them of your strengths over competitors. It can be something as simple as helping customers create invoice online with mobile app, but it is the timely support and attitude that will make your business shine. 

3. Word of mouth to rescue

Well, whenever you find something good, don’t you want to share it with your family, friends, and coworkers? If we look at the numbers, a whopping 77% of customers will discuss a positive brand experience with others. Just imagine, you get a headset, and it offers super quality sounds and all that you need. But the best part, when you got stuck with it, a customer support veteran helped you out, and you got going in minutes! Well, isn’t it natural that you would like to share this positive interaction? 

Luckily, it acts like a chain reaction. All you need to do is keep your customer service team happy, and they will do whatever it takes to fulfill customer expectations. 

4. Increased revenue

Have you also experienced shooting your budget for a purchase even if it was the last thing on your mind? Sounds familiar, right? If you are in business, you must be knowing that 67% of customers are ready to pay more to get better customer service. Well, this is a clear indicator that customers value it so much more than your usual perception. 

Increased Revenue

Wait, there is more to it! For example, 50% of customers prefer to shop more with a brand that offers them a positive experience. Ignoring these statistics is like digging your own grave. Companies are learning to give in more weightage to customer service, an organization that doesn’t do it will lose out to its competitors. 

Thus, you must make it a point to make each and every experience memorable. While one positive experience could be the deciding factor for them to stay loyal to your brand, one negative experience could ruin the show for you. 

5. Get Insights on customer experience 

Let’s face it. We know that you believe that your brand is just the best. Of course, it is a great thing to have such thoughts, and it will also take your business forward. But, what actually matters is how your customers perceive it?

Get Insights On Customer Experience

For instance, if you work for an online invoicing software company, you might associate your brand with ease of access, a bridge between you and your customers, and something to take care of your finances. However, your customers may buy it as they believe that your brand is best at offering customization, automation and comfort. So, you should make an effort to align your marketing efforts with these values. 

Your customer service team can support you in achieving this. Rather than spending your time and money constantly surveying your customers, you can directly have your employees ask these questions. Their answers will give you many insights into improving your marketing, products, and employee training. 

6. Good customer service increases customer lifetime value

Well, what if we said that you could easily increase the total revenue you can get from a single customer account? You may or may not agree with it. But, if you focus on customer lifetime value, your customers are likely to shop more frequently and spend more money at your business. 

You can try it out for yourself and let your online billing software for business speak for itself. For example, you can generate customized invoice online and send them to your customers rather than the plain boring invoice. These little things will urge your customers to shop again at your store and encourage others to purchase from you. Besides, it makes new customers trust your business and lets you upsell and cross-sell additional products with less friction. 

7. Proactive customer service= more marketing opportunities 

Did you know proactive customer service can help you get better investment for businesses? But, how is that possible? Well, the idea is to reach out to customers before they report their issues. This way, you will know that you’re working on improving their user experience and care for them. But, it is not limited to customer service only. It is also an effective marketing tool to launch new products and services. 

For example, if you created a time tracker for your online invoicing software, your customer service team can discuss it with your customers. They can share it with your customers who earlier had issues in billing their hours. Introducing this feature will reinstate their confidence in your brand. Also, if you rolled out  an online invoice generator free of cost, you must share it with your customer as they might want to try it at the earliest.  Besides, this exercise is way more effective than a sales pitch. 

8. Customers expect top-notch service 

Gone are the days when having a customer service team was considered a great thing. Now, your customers require that your customer service team can help them at a moment’s notice. But, did you know, 72% of customers expect them to anticipate their needs and treat them as unique individuals. 

What’s shocking is that 66% of customers would not think twice before switching to a competitor if their demands are not met. 

With a plethora of options available for your customers, you will need to pull up your socks and find new ways of retaining loyal customers. 

9. Omni-channel solutions are in 

A decade ago, digital means of engaging with customers were not that developed. But, in the past few years, the scenario has changed 360-degrees. It is no longer a big thing for businesses to communicate via live chat, video calls, and social media. 

These communication channels are here to stay. Not only do customers enjoy using these channels, but they are now seen as the standard in the customer service industry. As a result, more and more businesses are investing in omnichannel solutions to link these mediums and create an extraordinary customer experience. 

Rather than letting these channels operate independently, you must make it a point to link these channels so that you can share your information freely. This way, your customers will no longer need to switch between channels to get their issues addressed. Instead, they can be assured of immediate and responsible response irrespective of the medium. 

10. Gain a competitive advantage 

A close second sounds fancy, but no one wants to be the second-best in a business. We know that you work day and night for your customers and make your business profitable. When you provide top-notch services, this is where you make a difference. 

67% of customer churn is preventable if customers’ problem is solved during their first interaction. So, the catch here is, you will not only retain your customers but also acquire the ones served by competitors. 

No doubt that a happy, well-trained, and prompt customer service team can help your company become the best version of itself. Their ability to communicate directly with your customer will help you take your company to a whole new level and grow your customer base exponentially. 

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Wrapping up 

So, that was all we had to say about customer support and how it is valuable for your business. With the average customer becoming more demanding, investing in tools and techniques will be a business booster and let you stay miles ahead of your competitors. 

But, what kinds of tools will be ideal? Maybe a good business management software, online billing software for business, social media management software, or perhaps a chatbot. The decision is yours!

However, we have something to offer if you need any suggestions related to online invoicing software and look forward to handling your bills and financial transactions! Get a no-cost demo for the best online billing software for business and check out online invoice generator free of cost ! We can be contacted at or +1-805-491-9393.