Do you know businesses are judged based on their operational and financial performance? 

Have you lately managed to measure your business’s performance? 

Well, there are many ways to get a closer look at your business’s operational and financial performance. And, one of the smart ways is to get an online financial reporting software. To manage your business finance more accurately, we can help you acknowledge Moon Invoice’s reporting feature that includes 15+ different types of business reports. 

What is a small business financial reporting software?

If we go by the words- we assume there is a different reporting software to help you manage business finance. But no! A small business financial reporting app or software is an online billing export report software that helps you manage many business features under a single umbrella. 

In a nutshell, a financial reporting app or software offers various financial reports, including the sales report, purchase report, tax report, profit and loss report, payment report, stock report, estimate report, etc. 

Ideal business software is an online invoicing app that can help you with features such as invoicing, accounting, expense tracking, estimate creation, time tracking, business reporting, cloud data sync, etc. Moon Invoice, online billing software, offers all these mentioned features along with 15+ reports to keep your business going smoothly. 

Is it worth it for your business to invest in financial reporting software like Moon Invoice?

Moon Invoice is a versatile online invoicing software. You can name it an expense report software or a small business financial reporting software; because it is well-defined in either way because of its features. 

Now the question is, what is your business type? And why is it worth it or not to invest in an online billing software like Moon Invoice?

If you haven’t downloaded Moon Invoice software or app, you must get through it to know the various features for running your small business organization. Moon Invoice is a next-gen online billing app to keep your business records from creating multiple companies to managing different invoices and estimates. 

Small businesses can utilize the all-in-one online invoicing software with features such as time tracking, payment processing, and business reporting to manage accounts within a budget. 

Moon Invoice with 15+ business reports 

Moon Invoice offers different types of financial reports to keep you aware of the various business segments. Whether sales, purchase, expense, profit and loss, tax, or estimates, you can get across each segment with a single click while using Moon Invoice software or app. Let’s scroll through the report types. 

1. Quarters report

View, download, email, and print the quarter’s report of your business with a single click. Moon Invoice allows you to download and share small business financial statements without any hassles. Check your business’s quarterly growth on your mobile or desktop from anywhere in the world. 

2. Invoice aging report

Get a complete invoice aging report for your business from 0-30 days to more than 90 days with a single click. Invoice aging is one of the crucial types of financial reports to help you get a clear idea of the invoices generated for a specific period. 

3. Business statement

Get a complete overview of your clients and customers by clicking on the Moon Invoice statement report. You can have a glance at the tax, shipping cost, amount due and payable, and sales by viewing the statements. 

4. Invoice report

An invoice report keeps you aware of the invoices issued by the company to the various clients, including its payment status. To understand how an invoice report will look, please have a detailed view of the image below. 

Invoice Report

5. Estimate report

Download the estimates report of your recent to past estimates using Moon Invoice. Just click on the reports to view, download, email, and print the business estimates report on your mobile or desktop. 

6. Purchase order report

Not sure, how many P.O have you published recently or in a specific period? Moon Invoice with 15+ business report types allows you to download the purchase order report with a single click. Get access to the vendor, item name, date, tax, shipping cost, and total amount with Moon Invoice, the financial reporting software. 

Do you wish to track your business’s financial performance?

7. Payment report

You need to download the ‘ Payment ‘ report when you wish to have quick access to all the incoming payments from your customers or clients. The payment report consists of important columns, including the invoice number, customer name, date, payment type, notes, tax, and amount. 

Here’s how the Moon Invoice payment report looks like! You can download it, view it, share it via email, or print it. 

Payment Report

8. Stock report

Manufacturing industries often require online billing software with stock alerts. Here is how you can get a quick check on your items by viewing or downloading the Moon Invoice stock report. The stock report keeps you updated on the unit type, buy price and sell price, and the stock updates. 

9. Sales report by product

Moon Invoice helps you create an invoice by mentioning the product and a task under the sale category. Download the sales report by product to get a complete idea of the name of the products sold, price per unit, quantity sold, discount, and total amount with Moon Invoice, the small business financial reporting software. 

10. Sales report by task

Moon Invoice helps you create an invoice by mentioning the product and a task under the sale category. Download the sales report by the task with the following columns; task name, rate, quantity, discount, and total amount. 

11. Purchase report by product

Get the product purchase report on your Moon Invoice software with the details such as product name, price, discount, quantity, and total amount. 

12. Purchase report by task

Get the purchase report by task on your Moon Invoice software with the details such as task name, rate, discount, quantity, and total amount. 

13. Profit and loss report

When you wish to check your business’s overall profit and loss report on your Moon Invoice, expense report software, you can just click on the profit and loss report. Below are the details of the P&L report. 

Profit and Loss Report

14. Profit report by product

When you want to get complete detail on the profit and loss amount by product, you can get it with a single click with Moon Invoice. It includes the item name, buy price, sales price, quantity, stock, profit, and total amount. 

15. Tax report

Download the tax report with Moon Invoice to get a closer look at the tax amount and spendings. It helps you know the total tax paid by your company at the end of each quarter or year.

16. Expense report

Moon Invoice expense report software helps you keep a close watch on the company’s expenses with expense reports or statements. You can download, view, share, and email the expense report with details, including vendor name, category, payment type, date, tax, shipping cost, notes, and total amount.

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What more does your business need?

Moon Invoice, online invoicing software, offers small business financial statements for every segment. What more does your business need when you have 15+ business reports to judge the operational and financial performance? So, manage your business finance and invoicing hand in hand with Moon Invoice. 

For more details, you can log on to our official webpage, and if you are heading for a new restaurant or retail business segment, you can also learn about Moon POS