Businesses require an invoice generator application or software for creating unlimited and timely invoices. Invoices are the only way to get your payments faster. Also, when you are looking to create invoices using your Android phone, how can you forget about Moon Invoice, free invoice & billing app for Android?

Is there a Free Invoicing App For Android?

If you wish to create an invoice on an Android phone for free, you must consider using our online invoice generator app- Moon Invoice. We help startups and organizations to develop professional invoices for free using our online invoicing app. We do not charge a single penny from our clients for the first seven days; later, we request them to subscribe with the most suitable plan for creating unlimited professional invoices using desktop or smartphone. 

How do I Create a Free Invoice Template for Android?

Using Moon Invoice, a free invoice & billing app for Android, you can start creating invoices in the following steps. Before giving you an illustration on creating a free invoicing app using our Android device, let me tell you that a free invoice generator app generally offers limited features. Still, Moon Invoice allows you to utilize all the features during the free trial period. Here are the steps to help you know how to create an invoice on an Android phone. 

1. Download Moon Invoice App on Android 

To experience free invoices and billing on your Android device. First, you need to download our Moon Invoice app from Google Playstore. By clicking on this link, you will be directed to the Play store page, where you can click on install to get your free invoice & billing app for Android. 

Free Professional Invoice App - Invoice Maker

Later, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps for successfully creating an invoice on your Android phone. 

2. Signup with Moon Invoice, free bill generator app for Android

The next step you need to create a free invoice on an Android app is to sign up with your email address, social media profile, or phone number. Here is how your screen will look like after installing our free invoice generator app on your Android device.

Create Moon Invoice Account

Once you have successfully logged into the Moon Invoice account, you can start accessing the various features of our software

Below are the top-most features of our online invoicing and billing software:

  • Invoice Management
  • Payment Management
  • Estimates & Quotes 
  • Expense Tracking
  • Time Tracking
  • Reports and Statements
  • Cloud Data Sync

3. Create Free Invoice Template for Android

Now, the essential step is to create free invoices on your Android phone. Invoice creation needs expertise, but you can make it within seconds when creating invoices with Moon Invoice. It is as good as creating invoices on one go or on the tap of your finger, as our UI/UX designers made it quite simple and friendly. 

Please check these images for a better understanding of how to create a free invoice template for Android.

Create Free Invoice Template for Android



As mentioned in the first image, the user can click on the menu icon to find the different categories listed under Moon Invoice app. Here there are options like the dashboard, contacts, invoices, estimates, purchase orders, credit notes, expenses, payments, time logs, projects, reports, products, settings, team, and plan status. 

To create an invoice on an Android phone, you simply need to select invoices. After clicking on invoices, you will get image 2 and image 3 on your screen. You need to scroll your Android smartphone screen for checking the elements mentioned in image 3. 

How to create a free invoice on Moon Invoice?

To create a free invoice template for Android, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps. For more information, you can refer to the above images. 

1: Click on the ‘+’ Sign to create a new invoice.

2: Select the customer from the drop-down arrow or manually write the customer details for creating an invoice. 

3: You can check or uncheck the billing and shipping address details as per your business requirement.

4: Mention the details of an invoice, including the 

  • invoice number
  • date
  • currency
  • due date of invoice
  • discount
  • dispatch details
  • P.O number
  • subtitle
  • shipping cost
  • shipping method
  • check or uncheck the recurring invoice option
  • discount before tax
  • payment methods
  • mention task details such as task name, notes, select tax, and rate
  • mention product details such as product name, quantity, select tax, and rate
  • add any notes wherever required.
  • Mention terms and conditions

Once the above details are successfully filled in, you can click on save and send the invoice for getting faster payments from your clients and customers. This is how you can create a professional invoice on our free invoice & billing app for Android. 

Why Moon Invoice to Create a free invoice on Android Phone?

Moon Invoice helps you create professional business invoices within a few seconds. The invoicing format is ready on your Android device; all you need to do is fill in the correct details for creating an invoice on one go. Moreover, you can send invoices via email using Moon Invoice online free invoice generator app for Android. 

  • Quick invoicing
  • Get different invoicing templates (readymade)
  • Add a business logo to make your invoice customized 
  • Secure payment methods for receiving quick payments 
  • Cloud data sync. 
  • Add both task and product details in a single invoice 
  • The invoice with tax summary
  • 7 days free trial offer with extensive features 

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Wrapping Up!

Moon Invoice free invoice & billing app for Android allows users to create a free invoice template for Android in a matter of few seconds. Besides Android, you can find the same features and format for creating free invoices on your iOS or macOS device. For the same, you need to log on to our official webpage or connect with our customer support team by emailing us at

In short, you can start creating free invoices on your Android device by downloading the Moon Invoice app from Google Playstore.