The best thing about a startup is its energy. For most of the part, everything has to move quickly, may it be the meeting with a client or doing the inventory or sending invoices. Startups are usually so much focussed on acquiring new businesses and work to keep them going for another couple of quarters. Seems fair from a perspective to keep the business running, however, it is also important to pay attention to the cash flow. Of course, one cannot neglect the importance of incoming cash and its superfluous impact on the company as it manages all the expenditure, incursions, salaries, etc of the business.


Moreover, just by adapting to any invoicing system in today’s day and age is not going to cut it. Hence, you’ll need a professional invoicing system that not only eases your clients’ task to pay in a jiffy but also addresses your work ethics and showcases your brand identity. A general survey revealed that customers welcome invoices sent through email or online rather than received manually through post or mail. Even more so they loved it when they could just pay for the invoices online rather than to mail the check in. Before abiding with any of the regular invoicing systems, take a look at the below-mentioned points to have it in your chosen invoicing services.


1) Professional & Brand Identity


Online invoices enhance the appearance of your invoices making it look more professional and addition of signature, logo, etc allows your customers to associate with your brand.


2) Increased Productivity & Time Management


Startup entrepreneurs are always facing a time crunch due to lots of things in their everyday schedule. The best online invoicing app will allow saving time by creating & sending multiple invoices quickly.

Increased Productivity & Time Management - Moon Invoice

3) Get Paid Faster


Balancing cash flow is necessary to survive for small businesses and hence, an invoice generator that can get you paid faster 2x faster is needed. Opt for an invoicing solution that offers multiple online payment methods to clients and customers.


4) Keep It Organized


With all your invoicing on the go, you can keep track of everything right from your smart device. Additionally, manage all reports, financial insights for analysis all at one place and pull old records whenever you wish.


5) Cost-effective & Customer Relation


With a small business billing app, you can cut down your cost on paper, envelops and postage stamps. Automating your invoicing tasks lets your draft invoices in no time. Also, you can attend to your client’s needs at any given point of time from any corner of the world by accessing your invoicing app from desktop or mobile. It also saves you time and money over manual cheque deposit and cash collections.

Cost-effective & Customer Relation - Moon Invoice

One of the key advantages of opting for the best invoice estimate app is that you can send accurate invoices without any errors. Keeping a transparent billing process, a professional appearance and positive reinforcement is utmost necessary to keep customers happy. This will result in managing better customer relations.


Concluding Note:


In the end, transitioning to the cloud-hosted invoicing generator is a viable option and a big step but on the contrary, it also helps saves you time and money. If you are considering to simplify your accounting and invoicing process and get rid of tedious paperwork, then the best option for you to consider is Moon Invoice.


Following are the immediate ways a business can get benefited from Moon Invoice and could possibly avoid a financial backlog.


  • Schedule invoicing
  • Direct invoicing
  • Invoice any time, anywhere
  • Organized invoicing system
  • Ease cash flow management
  • Manage multiple businesses
  • Quickly import, export, print, and sync across multiple devices
  • Create and manage your own custom settings
  • Manage multiple payment options and many more…


All this might sound expensive, but in reality, it is not. The online invoicing application from Moon Invoice comes with a 7 days free trial period to give you first-hand operational experience and functionality feel of the app. So, we do not see any reasons for you to hold back from giving this much-awaited momentum to your business.