One of the common reason for the failure of newly established businesses is either because of cash deficiency or due to delayed payments from their customers or vendors. However, there was much to add to the relief upon receiving the showering growth in the online invoicing industry. One of the prominent leader in invoicing industry i.e, Moon Invoice has introduced the integrated payment solutions for such small and medium businesses through not only quick electronic invoicing and unique cut-throat invoicing features but also via diversified online payment options which more often than not has landed as a boon for business owners.

The biggest challenge which lies ahead in front of these business owners is the unpaid invoices which usually lasts up to a period of 60 days or even more in certain circumstances, says a general survey taken from these owners contributing to a whopping 65% in number. Well, this is happening to some extent because till date many of these small businesses are still using the outdated, old-fashioned or rather the traditional non-automated billing methods.

Thus, to resolve this payment time gap, Moon Invoice is offering its intelligence services to customers to use it to get paid within minutes and also lets you peek into some of the other marvellous payment, notifications and time-tracking related features. Now, small businesses can create instant invoices electronically and their customers can easily pay those invoices by merely clicking on a ‘payment-link’, that enables customers to pay and simultaneously businesses to receive payments of invoices two times faster.

“Money plays a crucial role in the everyday financial life of these businesses and to strive, survive and succeed, they need to get paid on time”. That is one of the most prominent reasons which prompted Moon Invoice to restructure the payment experience for our customers.

Following are the immediate ways a business can get benefited from Moon Invoice and could possibly avoid financial block resulting in smooth operation and profit generation.

1) Send Invoices Immediately

It is very important for your business to be sending on-time invoices or bill to get paid early. However, even after every possible means and action, sometimes few invoices get missed out from the lot or happens to be sent out from an accountant or a bookkeeper, while every aspect of the task has to be carried out from inside an office.

  • Schedule invoicing
  • Direct invoicing
  • Invoice any time, anywhere


2) Better Invoice Tracking

After you have sent an invoice, comes the turn of tracking it until the due date arrives and thereafter, the periodic check-up of your bank account for the payment credit. But you could easily avoid this hassle with Moon Invoice amazing features.

Better Invoice Tracking - Moon Invoice

  • View payment status
  • Create your own reminders
  • Run reports and see analytics to get better insight
  • Stay organized with an audit trail


3) Get Paid Safer & Quicker

No more worrying about invoice delivery, as you can now receive the acknowledgement via automatic updates. Avoid the wait for cheques and quickly manage finances from within the invoice app. Moreover, e-invoicing is secure and safe as it uses robust encryption technology.

  • Same day delivery
  • Use of payment services
  • Better security


4) Save Time & Money

Save your business precious time, money and resources by opting for online invoicing as compared to the traditional methods. Easily manage your company’s cash flow on a periodic basis. Set yourself free from the tedious task of looking, managing and finding old invoices.

  • Organized invoicing system
  • Ease cash flow management
  • Avoid complex account reconciliation
  • Hassle-free paperless invoicing


5) Make Easy For Your Clients To Pay

Encouraging to send online invoices will not only have your business gain productivity but also lets your client be comfortable in paying from time to time. Using customized template option to varied payment options and services.

Make Easy For Your Clients To Pay - Moon Invoice

  • Send reminders
  • Offer different payment options
  • Choose from professional PDF templates
  • Use payment services


6) Instant Set Up To Start Sending Invoices Immediately

Just download Moon Invoice app for the respective platform i.e, iOS, Android, Mac OS X or Windows. Enter details of customers, vendors, stock, etc. Define buy/sell price, etc as per your requirements and start sending quick and easy online invoices.

  • Manage multiple businesses
  • Quickly import, export, print and sync
  • Create and manage your own custom settings
  • Manage multiple payment options
  • Precise insights & reporting capabilities

Online invoicing makes good business sense and with Moon Invoice it sounds even more intelligent.

Clients expectation never ends. Hence, at such short notice, Moon Invoice app can come handy with its multi-purpose features and functionality to efficiently eliminate any delays or barriers in sending online invoice. Moreover, it’s seamless payment operationality builds trust amongst clients to use the services again and again.

With online invoicing from Moon Invoice, you are guaranteed to subtract and payment related issues and enhance invoicing solution.


Most importantly you can go with ‘Try before you buy’ offer!