A successful invoicing process includes simple and easy online payment of invoices for your clients. If you leave the payment process tedious and confusing for the clients or customers then in a way you are hampering the cash flow of your business as well as putting relation between you and clients at stake.


In order to maintain a good relationship with your client, following are the few ways you can make paying online invoices much easier.


Payment Options


Who doesn’t like to get paid on time? If you are keeping your payment system intact, then, every client love to pay invoice quickly. Streamlining the entire process leaves a good & satisfying experience at the end. This relieves your business of any unpaid dues and maintains a good financial situation which is necessary to continually operate business brand functions and to keep long-term client relationship.


For e.g, at Moon Invoice, we not only offer multiple payment methods to improve your cash flow but also offer multiple currency options.


Invoice Design


Invoice/Bill documents are supposed to be easy to read & understand. As their prime objective is to define payment information accurately and effectively. Not mentioning the invoice amount clearly will result in delay and errors which comprising will create business cash flow problems and a dissatisfied experience for your clients.


At Moon Invoice, we have created professionally designed invoices that suffice all the information required by the client in a clear format with the option to customize your invoices suitable to your business identity. A neat and tidy invoice can leave a lasting professional image of your brand.


Invoice Design - Moon Invoice

Right Details


Filling the right details matter most when it comes to getting paid on time. The foremost reasons for delayed payment can be because of incorrect, missing or contradicting details in the invoice. For e.g, starting from service details to payment or account details, business address to payment due date, there are many details that could go wrong.


Hence, Moon Invoice allows you to create recurring invoices to quickly generate invoices and also get a reminder about overdue invoices. This feature leaves no room for errors and ensures not to leave your client or business financially upset.


Enable Signatures


Enabling your invoices for the custom settings is beneficial for the companies where account managers might need to check and approve the payment of an invoice. Such features can prevent the misunderstanding of the payment and moreover looks more professional in the approach.


With Moon Invoice, you can include 2 different signatures with name, title and date options. Also, you could use the inbuilt custom template based on different services or products as per your business needs or merely can choose a one that goes well with your business identity.


Enable Signatures - Moon Invoice

Easy Invoicing, Easy Life


Making online invoice paying easier and quicker for your clients comes with added advantages and benefits. Your business will run financially smooth with no hassle because of seamless cash flow. This is, in turn, works out well for your brand impression and your business will be seen as reputable and professional without any inconsistency. Stability in the process and services prompts clients to be loyal to your brand and not get lured by your competitor.


With Moon Invoice you can work from anywhere by downloading apps available for all platforms, i.e, iOS, Mac OS X, Android, and Windows.


Invoicing industry has picked up the pace with the surge in solopreneurs/entrepreneurs, startup firms and even in SMEs, as the owners of such institutions are involved in many daily tasks and are already facing time issues to pay attention to everything. In such scenario, an accurate online invoicing solution provider like Moon Invoice can be a time-efficient invoicing partner for your business needs. Keeping accuracy in invoices in terms of design, content, payment functions, utility and deliverability, you are not only making life easier for your client but also for yourself.