One of the common reason for the failure of newly established businesses is either because of cash deficiency or due to delayed payments from their customers or vendors. The solution is online invoicing and cloud accounting apps that could not only bring relief to business productivity but also contributes a lot to financial tasks, all at one place. Contrary to many beliefs, online invoicing is perfect for small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.


For startups and newly operated business, it becomes quite challenging for the owners to manage and perform everything by their own such as invoicing, accounting, etc as they also have to pay attention to every aspect of the business. Receiving money before you even start the project helps your business a lot in easing the cash flow. Not only you could buy supplies and resources required for the project from the sum received instead of buying on credit, but it also increases your chances of bidding on other projects simultaneously. Strong cash flow brings stability to any business, especially to freelancers and startups.


Benefits of Moon Invoice:


The core benefit of Moon Invoice is that you can easily create invoices and get paid fast even while you are on the go. Additionally, Moon Invoice is an invoice generator that allows invoices, estimates, expenses, purchase orders, credit notes, timesheets, and tax-related work with its professional and simplest user-interface design which is handy (easy) to use.


This invoice maker is here to help everyone from working freelancers to artists or even part-time workers. The pioneer of the open-source platform to invoice, manage payments, keep expenses in sight, Time-logs & Time-tracker.


Moon Invoice Features & Functionalities:


Invoicing & Billing

1) create/edit/delete invoices in no time, check invoice status, purchase orders and managing tax overheads

2) In-built PDF creation of invoices, preview option before sending

3) Instant search and filter options for customers, vendors, invoices, estimates and purchase orders

Invoicing & Billing - Moon Invoice

Payment & Time Tracking

1) Option to add VAT No. for contacts

2) Accept payment online with PayPal option available

3) Capture time logs using a timer


Insights & Reporting

1) Generate customized reports and dashboards too based on your preference such as Summary, Quarters, Estimate, PO, Payments, Sales/Purchase, Tax, etc.

2) Filter Account Statement date wise for customers and vendors

3) Account outstanding and payment details


Manage Multiple Businesses

1) Add Multiple Business/Companies facility available

2) Added Email Server, Statement functionality for customers

3) Use up to 2 different signatures

Manage Multiple Businesses - Moon Invoice

Concluding Note:


Moon Invoice, a cutting-edge and trendy management tool designed to bring you quality and value in no time. It boosts your business’s baseline to attract global clients & expand through professional invoicing. It controls the chaotic time tracking, madness of payments such as inflow & outflow of cash through powerful reporting.


Moon Invoice also comes in edge-to-edge competition in terms of Unlimited Invoice, Estimate, Purchase Order, Credit Note, etc. Available across different platform puts Moon Invoice at a versatile lead position in invoicing app industry. With technical support round the clock and no issues regarding overcharge or hidden charges, Moon Invoices remains the favourite choice as the app also supports both service and product invoices.