It is a painstaking job and also a necessary one as a part of your daily work to send invoices and more importantly to send accurate ones. Once you have entered the corporate life, your life is surrounding with paperwork and crunching numbers most of the time. Managing invoice sometimes can take away your energy but that what gets you paid for your work, after all hence, you can’t delay the task.


What matters is how efficiently you have finished your work and your accountability towards productivity. But in order to get rid of all these worries, you need to adapt to a small business billing app that takes care of all those little things that eat up your time. We would recommend opting for a cloud-based invoicing platform that not only optimally solves all your invoicing problem but also helps you in tracking many other things. Not sure what an online invoicing application can do for you? Then continue reading to find out the amazing feature benefits of adapting to the best invoicing app for your business. This electronic invoicing system or simply online invoicing allows you to send bills electronically. Not only it offers you numerous features like Payments, Estimates, Track Time, Expense Management, Import/Export & Print (if necessary) but also it saves you in postage, paper, and ink.

online invoicing application - Moon Invoice

A survey data suggests that entrepreneurs and small or medium-sized enterprises can save up to 80 hours per month in just sending and receiving bills. You need to look for an invoicing solution that suits your personal or business needs. You will need something satisfying on the service aspect as well as device compatibility and even pocket-friendly. In such scenario rely on a trustworthy name such as ‘Moon Invoice’. Moon Invoice takes cares of your all kind of invoicing needs may it be large or small.

Following are few of the handy advantages of Moon Invoice:

  • Manage Invoices & Credit Notes effortlessly
  • Administer seamlessly Estimates & Purchase Order
  • Smart Filter option with 22 Professional PDF templates
  • Save time with auto invoicing numbering and avoid any critical financial data entry error with   iCloud Sync feature
  • Manage Separate Customers & Vendors list
  • Track expense and payments
  • Add unlimited companies
  • Smart Quarter and Summary view
  • Create custom invoices with the option to add 2 different signatures, name, title, and date
  • One touch Backup & restore option with TouchID Protection
  • Customize PDF layouts, alignments, image, color and format


Moon Invoice is trusted by thousands of small business owners all across the globe. Moon Invoices is unique, as it is the only Native Invoicing App in the entire invoicing industry. In other words, Moon Invoice lets you access all the features seamlessly across any device, any platform. You can quickly prepare quotes for your clients and send them instant estimates that can easily be converted to invoices. Your clients can even pick one from many offered online payment methods.


You can even customize your invoices with personal branding even though if you don’t have the prior design experience required. Moreover, you can even set recurring bills in order to get paid on time to maintain the cash flow of the business. Additionally, you can even track time and expense so that you get accurately compensate for the work done. Once your invoices are sent, you can manage the rest business aspects through summary page report, payment reports, etc. You can even import/export and print the data.


Wrapping Up:


To run your business effectively and maintain cash flow efficiently, you’ll always be in need of proper tools such as a free invoice generator. Cloud-based invoicing solution provider Moon Invoice helps you with your daily business tasks and it also simplifies the process.


Moon Invoice offers you multiple payment options along with multi-currency support. With Moon Invoice you can work from anywhere by downloading apps available for all platforms, i.e, iOS, Mac OS X, Androidand Windows.