Sales teams have transitioned from being desktop-stuck to utilizing mobile solutions. The use of mobile apps is on the rise, as the mobile enterprise market is set to become a $100 billion opportunity. 

Mobile apps offer substantial opportunities and benefits for remote sales teams. In this post, we’ll delve into how you can enhance the productivity of your sales team using mobile applications. 

What is a Mobile Sales App?

Mobility is becoming the new definition of productivity, especially in sales-driven organizations. Back in the day, sales reps had to travel long distances to meet a prospect, collect the necessary documents, take them back to the office, and update the CRM system. This process was tiring and time-consuming. Besides, the customer had the leverage to cancel the sale anytime in between. 

A mobile sales app is a mobile application that allows you to conduct sales processes from a smartphone or tablet. These tools enable sales reps to close sales at the moment, without the need to rush back to the office to commence the process. These apps help you save time and become more efficient and productive. 

Must-Have Sales App Features

There’s no hard-and-fast rule as to which mobile app you should pick. You can go for a basic CRM system that stores customer information. Or, you can opt for a full-fledged ERP that offers cutting-edge features like asset tracking and project management. 

But if you’re new in business, start small. Here are a few features to look for in a mobile sales app. 

Lead Addition

Every sale starts with a lead. The first thing a sales rep should do after meeting a prospect is to create a new entry in the CRM. Mobile applications should have a lead generation feature that allows sales reps to develop new lead entries from mobile.


A detailed analytics dashboard is a must-have for every sales rep. Your sales team should have 24×7 access to data like sales KPI, sales TOPS, and other metrics to analyze their performance. These analytics enable effective performance management and allow your sales reps to be more productive. 

Offline Access

Your sales reps will often find themselves in remote areas with no or negligible network connectivity. An online-only app can be disastrous in such situations. 

Look for a sales app that offers both online and offline access, so your reps can continue their operations even if they don’t have internet access. Also, find an app that supports online and offline synchronization to prevent any information loss. 

Access to Customer Data

Creating leads would be pointless if your sales team couldn’t access the necessary customer data. A mobile sales solution should provide instant access to previously stored customer information. This will help your reps stay prepared when they follow-up with the prospect. 

Personalization and Customization

Every sales rep is different. Some prefer an information-rich, intricate dashboard, whereas some like a cleaner, sophisticated setup. Some may want to always keep an eye on their sales KPI; others might seek newly added leads. Therefore, your app should allow for seamless customization and personalization. 


Unless you’re not using a full-fledged ERP, you’ll need an app that integrates well with other systems. 

For example, mobile CRM should integrate with the invoice management system so your sales reps can send invoices and get paid online. It should also integrate with your email account so that you can send emails to your prospects. 

Integrations save time and can dramatically impact the efficiency of your sales team. 

Benefits: How a Mobile App can Skyrocket your Sales Productivity?

Mobile CRM users clearly achieve better results. An Innoppl research report demonstrated that 65% of companies using mobile CRM are achieving their sales quotas, compared to only 22% who aren’t using any mobile apps. 

Companies with Mobile App and Without Mobile AppBut how do mobile CRM apps really help? Let’s find out.

Stay Well-Prepared

Before mobile CRMs, sales reps had to carry diaries and calendars every time. Not only was this a colossal time-killer, but it also made the entire sales process cumbersome and inefficient. 

A mobile CRM system infuses all these elements into one dashboard. It gives your sales reps direct access to all customer information, which helps your sales reps get all the required data at their fingertips.

More Sales in Less Time

As discussed, the traditional sales process is highly incompetent. 

Let’s say a prospect calls your sales rep, indicating interest in your product. Your rep rushes to the prospect and pitches the product. The prospect seems interested and asks for a detailed overview of the offering. 

And since your rep doesn’t have mobile CRM capabilities, he’ll naturally reply, “I’ll email you the details as soon as I reach the office.” Your rep will then drive back to the office and send an email. Then, if the prospect is interested, your rep will again visit the prospect, and this endless cycle will continue. 

With mobile CRM, your sales reps can share all the details with the prospects instantly. Furthermore, integrated payment and invoice capabilities also enable them to send invoices and get paid online. Mobile capabilities also allow your reps to capture and close new opportunities, thereby driving more sales and revenue in less time. 

Inform the Management

As a sales manager or business owner, you should always stay on top of your sales team’s performance. With cloud-based CRM systems, you can get real-time updates on how each sales rep performs, including every contact added and the sale closed. 

Inform ManagementThis extensive accessibility has catapulted to the use of cloud-based mobile CRM systems. As of now, more than 87% of companies use cloud-based CRM solutions. 


Sales reps no longer need to run to-and-fro between office and prospects. With mobile sales capabilities, they can easily access customer information, create and send estimates online, and close deals successfully. But to ensure maximum productivity and desired results, sales managers need to invest in a robust, feature-rich mobile CRM app.