The government introduced GST as one tax nationwide for tax transparency. With this tax came frequent invoicing and invoice for every transaction. An invoice is the basic document of recording and maintaining the accounts. GST ready invoice template was provided by the government. The template includes all minute details like supplier’s name, shipping and billing address, Place of supply, date of issue, rates etc. Each one registered under GST, has a unique Identification Number known as GSTIN. The invoice also includes GSTIN along with codes and nomenclature for different goods. Moreover, invoice needs to be submitted monthly. With all these, generating invoice suddenly became an issue. Moon Invoice is one of the first invoice apps, created to address this issue. It not only provides a system to generate and maintain invoices but also enables us to make instant payments for them.

Invoicing and Billing

Moon Invoice App enables you to generate invoice on daily, monthly and yearly basis. The Invoices saves the GSTIN for all your customers and clients. The built in pdf invoice generator generates invoices within the GST format with the saved details, like GSTIN already filled in. All you need to do is fill in the empty data. You can also preview the invoice that you created before submitting. If incorrect, you can edit or delete the invoice. PayPal support button is for the convenience of international transactions through PayPal. Also, Moon Invoice enables you to generate invoice for multiple businesses at the same time. It serves as a handy almanac for maintaining all kinds of invoices for every business.


Invoicing and Billing - Moon Invoice

Timely Notifications and Reporting

You are immersed in your business and your payment of invoice gets overdue. What next? You need an assistant to remind you every time. Get a perfect assistant in Moon Invoice. It sends you reminder every time a payment is overdue. No matter if the app is closed, the clock in built in the application keeps on ticking and takes care of your payments behind your back. A quick look on the summary page will update you on availability of product stocks, top customers, expenses and purchase orders with them. All this data will be represented in the most convenient display with help of charts and filters. You can generate reports on all your customers, vendors, products and purchase.

Customer friendly Customizations

There are total 22 PDF templates, which you can customize with your own image and colors. This enables you to make your invoice personalized or different for every business you handle. Print feature takes this app a level closer to your convenience. You can import/export and print any kind of reports, invoices and purchase orders that you generated. Moreover, you have the iCloud sync support. You are just one touch away from Backup and restore option.


Customer friendly Customizations - Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice was created keeping every kind of user in consideration. Be it an individual freelancer or business holder. It acts as subconscious you, keeping a track of all your engagements and expenditure. Just download the app, pay one time and it’s all yours. Feel free to generate unlimited invoice. All operating devices like Android, Apple and Windows are compatible. What else? You can install it in your phone and carry your business around with you. When encountered with any issue in the app, online email support is readily available. Moon Invoice is fully compliant with GST format. It is not only the first but best application so far, created solely for making your business a success along with GST.