When running a company, no matter how big or little, it is critical to have your finances in order. Your first objective as a company owner should be to increase cash flow. The only way to do so is to implement an automated tool like online invoicing software.

When you use top invoicing software, you’ll be able to prepare invoices and ensure that you get paid sooner and swiftly. Overall, your workload will decrease, so you’ll be capable of monitoring activities. It’s easy to monitor your company spending and rapidly send bills to various customers.

In addition to this, when selecting the right platform – you have multiple options like Moon Invoice, Invoice Ocean, Sage Intacct, etc. Today, we will see why Moon Invoice is the top sage Intacct alternative.

As the best sage Intacct alternative, Moon Invoice has various advantages that will allow you to streamline your everyday tasks. So, without further ado, here we go.

After COVID-19, the market for online invoicing software has been on the rise. According to Businesswire, the accounting software sector will grow by 6% between 2020 and 2024.

A brief about Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice is a smaller business invoicing solution that works with companies all over the globe. With our familiarity with a small company, we can accurately forecast expenses, manage invoices, and make on-time payments to ensure a healthy working capital. Moon Invoice’s underlying concept is simple and easy to grasp.

By 2022, Invoicely expects to be a developing choice for major companies, small enterprises, freelancers, and contractors with online accounting solutions that are both swift and completely equipped.

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Check Pricing Plans Offered By Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice’s comparison Invoice Ocean or Sage Intacct to see whether it’s a better option

Since its inception, Moon Invoice has established itself as a market leader in providing cutting-edge top invoicing software. This is the top sage Intacct alternative in terms of ease of use and the number of features. 

Customer Support-top invoicing software

Feature Sage Intacct  Invoice Ocean Moon Invoice
Starting Price Price quotes are required for Sage Intacct’s pricing model. But it generally starts from 12$ a month for an organization with limited users. Invoice Ocean offers their basic plan at 7.20$, which only allows a single user with unlimited invoices, best suited for freelancers but not businesses. You can get  Moon Invoice’s basic plan at 4.15$ as the best sage Intacct alternative. Direct savings of 7.85$ against the business plan of Sage Intacct.
Time Tracking Facility With the use of Sage Intacct’s tool, you can track the time. No, Invoice Ocean doesn’t allow its customers to track the time. Moon Invoice is the top sage Intacct alternative in this regard since it gives the ability to monitor time spent on a project.
Expense Tracking As a top online ocean alternative, Sage offers a streamlined option for keeping track of one’s expenditures. While using Invoice Ocean – you cannot perform expense tracking. Like many other services, Moon Invoice also offers expense tracking functionality.
Multiple Currency Sage Intacct’s online invoicing software does not permit the creation of invoices in several currencies. Invoice Ocean doesn’t let down their customer as they provide this required feature for freelancers and small businesses operating globally. Oh Yes, Moon Invoice is the top invoicing software because it provides this feature as the in-built facility.
Mobile Payment If you are a Sage Intacct user – you can not see the option of mobile payment. If you are using Invoice Ocean, you cannot use this feature. While Moon Invoice’s online invoicing software, you can have a mobile payment facility.
Customer Support Sage provides various features and customer help; however, this support is not accessible 24 hours, seven days a week. Invoice ocean also provides customer service but not 24 X 7. The Moon Invoice comes out on top compared to other companies that provide customer care around the clock. That is just wonderful.
Cloud Sync Well, Sage doesn’t work on the cloud.  Invoice Ocean doesn’t operate on the Cloud Platform. Moon Invoice does not fail either. The online billing software offered by Moon has the same capability for cloud sync.
Manage Multiple Business With Sage Intacct, you cannot manage multiple businesses under one roof. While Invoice Ocean’s top invoicing software – allows you to manage multiple businesses. Moon Invoice’s billing tools allow for to manage of multiple businesses. 
Reports and Analytics If you are going with the beginning business plan, very few facilities are accessible to you. To make reporting much simpler, you might consider upgrading to the Premium plan. This will assist. On the other hand, as a top sage Intacct alternative, Invoice Ocean provides the facility of reports and analytics. Moon Invoice, the top online ocean alternative, and top invoicing software have the same functionality as Sage Intacct’s basic plan.

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Wrap up

Based on the material we have studied up to this point, Moon Invoice seems to be a top sage Intacct alternative. The majority of this is determined by the return on investment, levels of customer satisfaction, and by-product prices.

It is the top invoicing software available because of its dependable cloud architecture and generous warranty of up to ninety days. The top invoicing software designed specifically for small companies is the most cutting-edge, clever key to company development.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us through email at support@mooninvoice.com or by phone at +1-805-491-9393 so that we can discuss the requirements of your business and arrange a demonstration for you.

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