Trading and other business feature transactions-cum-deals allow customers and vendors to connect on a global platform. Vendors offer different products and services to which customers respond with a purchase and make payment for the same. To present the bill, an online invoicing method is considered to be fast, reliable and efficient for both the parties.


As soon as the invoice is generated and sent, vendors can expect the payment to be credited anytime soon. However, initially, there were some limitations as both the customer and vendors aren’t from the same geographical region and not necessarily transacting in the same currency. Hence, this presented a problem for vendors to get paid on-time. Moreover, the currency problem presented more of a challenge to startup enterprise and small business owners.


Currency Decimal Place Challenge:


As long as the task of product stocks, import/export reports, choosing a professional invoice template, etc needs to be carried out, an online invoicing tool seems to be a perfect choice. But when a vendor needs to calculate tax, enable additional fees to different items and manage payment amount in the invoicing, most of these invoicing tools or software present a problem. Well sometimes, no matter what currency you operate the amounts in invoice usually comes down in decimal places. To an international customer this might present confusion, for e.g, it is easier to get jumble between Japanese Yen (JPY) 100.00 and 10000 Yen as they aren’t much familiar with the decimal places.


Currency Decimal Place Challenge - Moon Invoice

Invoice Creation in Foreign Currency:


Not necessarily, the invoice currency has to be the same as your base currency which you might have set up in your invoice system. Usually, these online invoice makers aren’t able to format/create/edit invoices in foreign currency and in certain cases when they do, they are more complicated than being simpler in assisting vendor to allocate specific tasks/products/services to be shown in base currency. Needless to say that setting up tax configurations are altogether another task at hand. Facing such payment-cum-currency related inconsistencies could certainly limit any business’s resources & potential when it could excel from every direction.


Moon Invoice: Everything You Need In An Invoicing App


Moon Invoice is simple, easy and handy invoicing app that lets you generate, manage and track the invoices on the go. Moon Invoice offers you multiple payment options along with multi-currency support. In Moon Invoice from the “Company” tab, you can select the preferred currency for your invoicing system. It offers to select the currency for all the countries and hence, no hassle about the availability to transact in a specific currency.


Moreover, you could certainly allot discount on the items/invoices. You can add taxes to different companies and items. You can accept payment for the invoices generated using online payment options which ultimately simplifies the payment issue. Moon Invoice supports adding unlimited companies which enable to generate invoices for the multiple businesses. You can also manage credits against the invoices on the go using credit note feature.


Moon Invoice: Everything You Need In An Invoicing App - Moon Invoice



You wouldn’t want to lose your customer especially when your business is on the brink of acquiring new clients and exploring the potential market. On the contrary, you need an optimum business solution that could cater to any needs of your customers may it be having their invoices in their preferred currency or for any of the features mentioned above. Moon Invoice can be an integral part of your business with not much hassle. Try Now! Click here to download the Moon Invoice app for Mac OS, iOS, Android, and Windows.