For small and medium business owners, it is very imperative to maintain cash flow and look into the finances from time to time. The problem arises when your current accounting system isn’t that efficient to let you know every detail instantly. Moreover, when this manual process becomes too lengthy and tedious, it is a sign to these entrepreneurs and business personnel to leave their current accounting and billing system behind and move towards adopting an online billing and invoicing solution.

Salient Feature Of Using Good Accounting System

As a part of practices that is been going on for a while, a majority of the businesses were well suited with the manual accounting system and spreadsheet but that didn’t generate the purpose as with the growing time and businesses demanded a more apt and solid accounting structure to be placed in the accounting world.


Few businesses could get away with simple Excel tricks, however, that remained a major setback for time, mental energy and even posted security threats.

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Whereas, a cloud-based accounting & billing solution works hand in hand or an invoice maker especially with small and medium business in terms of perfectly blending with the workforce, client relationship and security needs. A professional accounting solution can help you with a few of the following listed features:


  • send instant & automated invoices
  • payment on the go
  • set up recurring invoices
  • easily calculate income, inventory, tax and more
  • create reports, budget and track expense


Your clients will definitely be impressed when you present in detail and summary of charge for several projects via multiple billable charge. Moreover, when you opt for a professional invoice generator you can maintain and record accountability for every minute. You can maximize business productivity by capturing time log for every task.


The operational efficiency increases when you can create invoices with timesheet and calculate the time spent on critical work tasks. For any organization, it is utmost important to maintain & process the payroll in a timely and precise manner. Not to mention it is a tough task though. In such a scenario, time tracking software and its advantages can prove to be boon for the company.


With the rise in online vendors, it has become difficult to keep track of the point of sale systems for small business. However, there is a good amount of trade still depends upon in-store purchase, warehouse inventory and managing on-site staff. Such businesses are in dire need of a free invoice maker that can easily do the following things:


  • Manage vendors and inventory
  • Integrate banking with register
  • Automate back office tasks
  • Easy payment processing


Account payables, invoicing, receivables and other basic features have become part of such a billing system. It is quite obvious that manually feeding details into invoices may lead up to errors with a busy business schedule. Cloud-based invoicing allows you to automatically input information saving you administrative time and costs. An invoicing platform that goes beyond the invoicing functions & features is what your business needs to outperform your competitors.


Cloud-based invoicing from Moon Invoice presents amazing solution as you can send and receive invoices anywhere, anytime as long as your smartphone is connected to the internet.


Moon Invoice lets your business be on top of the competition with Instant Invoicing & Billing, an Easy track of Payment & Notifications, Accurate Insights & Reporting Data. Few amazing add-ons with Moon Invoice are that you can add & “Manage Multiple Businesses”, “22+ Professional PDF Templates”, “Import/Export & Print Utility” and data backup “iCloud sync & MoonSync support”.