Online invoicing software is a website or mobile-based application to generate professional invoices. The online invoicing apps have readymade or predefined invoice templates that are easy to use for generating unique invoices. 

An online invoice generator app is more widely accepted globally than downloadable invoice templates. But yes, invoicing apps have readymade invoicing templates to help design quick and professional invoices. 

Online invoicing software

An online billing software, a.k.a invoicing app, is not a new bee for any business owner, including you. Small business owners have acquired invoicing applications for professional billing purposes for years. Moon Invoice, Invoicely, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, and Bookipi are examples of fully-functional invoicing applications. These apps help your business to accomplish professional invoicing needs in exchange for a subscription fee.

An online invoice generator app offers a ton of features for which it becomes one of the crucial apps to invest for any freelancer or a business owner. Let’s check out some of the awesome add-ons of having an online invoicing app.

Does Your Invoicing App Offers 66+ Predefined Templates?

Top ten features of online invoicing app

If you have used online billing software before, you might be aware of some of the features of an invoicing app. But, we are here to help you acknowledge the basic and exclusive features of Moon Invoice, online invoicing software.

1. Complete invoicing

When you have an online billing software such as Moon Invoice for invoicing your clients or customers, you can save a lot of effort and time on designing invoices. We have different invoicing modules, including standard invoices, commercial invoices, credit notes, recurring invoices, and proforma invoices, for helping you issue invoices. 

When you have invested in online invoicing software, you are always ready to send invoices to your clients or customers. In a fraction of seconds, your invoices are ready, and you can further save, send, download, email, or print it. 

Moon Invoice helps you send unlimited invoices to your customers and clients. Whether you have subscribed to a bronze, silver, or gold plan, you can send unlimited quotes and invoices to your customers. 

Predefined Invoice Templates

2. Predefined invoice templates

So, when we say that you can send quick invoices using our online invoice generator app, we mean it because we have 66+ predefined invoice templates. These invoice templates are ready-to-use and can be converted into professional-looking invoices by entering correct details. These invoice templates are not to be downloaded or designed- they are predesigned and can be used by selecting them. 

3. Payment integrations

One another reason for investing in an online billing software like Moon Invoice is their flexibility of offering different payment integrations for receiving payments. Currently, we offer 20+ payment gateways to our users to help them with faster payments. By integrating to the popular payment gateways such as Stripe, Braintree, UPI, Square, PayPal, and Razorpay- you can expect timely payments from your clients or customers. 

Time Tracking software

4. Time tracking

There are various methods of generating invoices online, and one of them is via time logs. Many freelancers and contractors use the time tracking feature for recording hours on several projects. It further helps them get a clear idea of the number of hours spent on each project. When sending invoices to the hourly project clients, the saved time logs can be quickly utilized for generating invoices. 

5. Estimate creation

Another benefit of subscribing to a fully-functional online invoicing software like Moon Invoice is getting the estimate creation feature. One of the major methods of acquiring a deal is sending great estimates or quotes. Moon Invoice helps you send professional business estimates using our online billing app. 

6. Expense recording

Whether you run a business or operate as a freelancer or contractor, you have business expenses to record at the end of the month. An ideal online invoice generator app helps you record business expenses on the go. Also, your business can get multiple benefits by preparing regular expense reports. 

7. Recurring invoices

One of the headaches of the accounts department is to design recurring invoices for the recurring tasks or projects. Moon Invoice app helps you automate the process of recurring invoices on the go. Hence, your team can save a lot of time and effort by opting for a fully-functional invoicing application. 

Time Tracking

8. Business reports

An additional way to update your business is by getting a quick view of the financial position. Online invoicing software helps you download various business reports that help you track your business performance. You can download sales, tax, purchase, profit and loss reports, stock, estimate, and payment reports using the Moon Invoice app. 

9. Customer support

An exclusive benefit of downloading online billing software is timely customer support. With the help of customer support, any doubts or issues about the application features or modules can be cleared instantly. If your online invoice generator software offers exclusive customer support, you must consider subscribing to it. 

10. Cloud backup 

Last but not least, online invoicing software helps with cloud data backup. It means all your invoicing data or company data is stored in the cloud. Another benefit of a cloud invoicing app is that you can access your business data from anywhere, anytime.

Downloadable invoice templates

Some websites and applications offer downloadable invoice templates for free or paid. Downloading it will give you a particular invoice format that needs to be customized from your end for turning it into an invoice. Later, the invoice can be sent across various clients via email. 

How do invoice templates help?

Invoice templates are used for designing professional invoices. But on the other hand, it needs much customization. It takes much time to convert downloaded invoice templates into standard or final invoices. The only benefit of customized invoices is that you can include many invoicing elements per your business niche. 

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Online invoicing software vs invoice templates

Points Invoicing Software Invoice Templates
Automatic Invoicing  An online invoicing app helps with an automatic invoicing feature. Once the invoice is prepared, it can be sent or downloaded as per the seller’s need.  Invoice templates need to be downloaded and designed before sending them to clients or customers. 
Customization Moon Invoice helps you customize your invoices in the best possible way. Sellers can also add business signatures while sending invoices.  Invoice templates need to be customized from scratch. If you get paid invoice templates, you can input fewer efforts. 
Time and Effort  An invoicing software offers predefined invoicing templates that save both time and effort.  While designing invoices from downloadable invoice templates, the seller has to invest a lot of time and effort. 
Powerful Integrations An online billing app helps with powerful tools such as estimates, time tracking, purchase order, expense recording, payment integration, business reports, etc.  The downloadable invoice templates have no other features or tools to offer apart from invoicing. 
Gets Paid Faster An online invoice generator free app helps with 20+ payment gateway integrations to help you get paid faster.  Invoicing templates downloaded from various sites don’t have payment gateway integration unless it is from a reliable source.

What’s your business need for invoicing?

Invoicing is a basic need of every business or freelancer. Online invoicing software is quite beneficial than downloading invoice templates in all ways. Moon Invoice offers predefined invoice templates with exclusive invoicing features, including proforma and recurring invoices. Visit our official website for more details.