This is the concern at the end of the day for most of us and especially to a small business owner or startup solopreneur to get paid in a timely and organized fashion. It’s easy for a business not to make the organization a profit churning machine due to lack of cash flow, overdue payments and a lack of proper accounting.

In order to avoid these mishaps, it’s important to plan ahead for invoicing customers. Each business is different and hence it is of no use to ask or follow the invoicing practice of a specific business which is doing good. Moreover, you should rely on a system that can easily integrate with your business or company & as per your method of working.

Following are the steps we recommend to prepare yourself for efficient billing and invoicing:

1. Maintain Accuracy

The best invoicing practice requires you to know what work has been carried out. You might forget at the end of the month about the work done at the beginning of the month, so you need to efficiently track work as you go along. For freelancers and solopreneurs who sometimes bill per hour, make sure you use time-tracking software to keep a tab on work completed. Use time-management platforms to maintain accuracy in your tasks.

2. Decide Invoice Frequency

It is obvious that invoices are sent more frequently for products as opposed to services. You can crack a new deal with different clients but make sure to adhere to invoicing terms to maintain uniformity. Moreover, cash flow is important for any business and hence we recommend not to keep too much time between invoices. Once or twice a month is the advisable time difference. Make sure to send the first invoice as soon as the work is done and you have set it. Sending an invoice long after the work was done will interrupt with the cash flow and may cause billing issues for your clients or vendors.

Decide Invoice Frequency - Moon Invoice

>3. Accepted Payment Methods

As again we would like to remind that the more easy and convenient you keep payment options, the more likely you would get paid fast. You can accept from a range of payment options such as credit card to PayPal and other online channels.

4. Never Miss The “Payment Due By” Date

Never leave it up to the chance when it comes to payment, hence, let your customers know about payment within, say, 14 days or Net 30 or Net 90. Additionally, never miss to include an actual payment due date on the invoice. This will conveniently let a customer know and avoid any confusion about when you are expecting payment. For payment overdue, you can either charge a late fee, or even more effective, offer a discount for early payment.

Read about “Pros & Cons Of Using ‘Due Upon Receipt’ Method For Invoice Payment Terms” by clicking here.

5. Create Professional-Looking Invoices

In order for your clients to take your business service seriously, you need professional-looking invoices. Make sure that they include all the relevant information and are clearly quoted. Using the free invoice generator is the easiest way to not only make sure that your invoices are looking perfect but also you can customize it.

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6. Personalize Invoices

Large companies have many departments and dedicated resources wherein there are chances that the concerned person might change or not aware from whom they have received invoices. It is better to make your acquaintance in the accounting department. Since the person now “knows” you, your invoice is personalized and get first place attention when they receive it.


Just download the online invoicing app for the respective platform i.e, iOS, Android, MacOS or Windows. Enter details of customers, vendors, stock, etc. Define buy/sell price, etc as per your requirements and start sending quick and easy online invoices.

  • Manage multiple businesses
  • Quickly import, export, print, and sync
  • Create and manage your own custom settings
  • Manage multiple payment options
  • Precise insights & reporting capabilities


Online invoicing makes good business sense and with Moon Invoice it sounds even more intelligent.

Clients expectation never ends. Hence, at such short notice, Moon Invoice app can come handy with its multi-purpose features and functionality to efficiently eliminate any delays or barriers in sending online invoice. Moreover, it’s seamless payment operationality builds trust amongst clients to use the services again and again. With online invoicing from Moon Invoice, you are guaranteed to subtract payment related issues and enhance invoicing solution.