Invoicing software is the need of the hour mainly because of its power to reduce the hassles and make the job speedy with no scope errors.

Businesses that are using invoicing software are experiencing some commendable positive outcomes, provided they have made the right choice. Yes, more than using invoice software, using the one that can understand your business needs is more important.

Only the right choice will be able to make the right difference in your invoicing system. In this post, we are going to make the job of picking the right invoicing software by providing a detailed comparison of the top three invoicing software: QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Hiveage. Let’s find out which is better than others.

If you’re running out of time, check this quick comparison:


Point of Difference QuickBooks FreshBooks Hiveage
Customized Templates Yes No No
Multiple Client Handling Yes Yes Yes
Free Trial 30-days 30-days 14-days
Mobile App Yes Yes N.A


1. QuickBooks


Handled entirely by Intuit, QuickBooks is one of the most advanced and established online invoicing software, designed for small to medium-scale businesses?

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The tool is the top alternative for FreshBooks & has cloud deployment and allows its end-user to access it anywhere/anytime as long as there is an active internet connection, a data-driven device, and a compatible device is around them.

QuickBooks Alternative - Moon Invoice

As it is one of the oldest invoicing software that we have today, it has managed to win 4.5 million hearts globally.


As far as features are concerned, QuickBooks does a great job by offering basic features like invoicing, cloud accounting, inventory management, add-ons, reporting & analysis, time tracking, cash flow management, and many more.


On the pricing front, QuickBooks does a great job by offering multiple plans. Each plan has different features, capabilities, and cost. It supports the ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ philosophy and allows businesses to pick as per their needs.

There are three kinds of plans. The first one is named as EasyStart and costs $10 00 per month. Essentials subscription is the second choice and is the most popular one. It comes with a $17 50 per month expense. The most feature-packed subscription is Plus which costs $25 per month.

QuickBooks Alternatives

Businesses that are looking for a more cost-effective deal can easily go for Wave and Moon Invoice like QuickBooks Alternatives. While Wave is entirely free, Moon Invoice charges only $4.51 per month for services equal to QuickBooks.

2. FreshBooks


FreshBooks is a Canada-based online accounting and billing software that can be accessed from anywhere and allows its end-users to have a quick and un-hassled invoicing experience. Using these tools, invoices can be created online, payments can be accepted via multiple platforms, and reports can be generated quickly.

FreshBooks Alternatives - Moon Invoice


FreshBooks tries to be the most standard billing and invoicing software that any business can trust. This QuickBooks Alternative has managed to do this job with its comprehensive feature profile which includes features like invoicing, estimates, time tracking, reports, payments, accounting, and many more.


Just like QuickBooks, FreshBooks also offers multiple pricing which is a great thing. There are four choices to make. The Lite subscription starts at $4.50 per month while the Plus costs $ 7.50 per month. Both these are good for small and medium scale businesses. Enterprises can go for Premium which costs $15 per month or for a custom package.

FreshBooks Alternatives

While FreshBooks does a great job in simplifying bookkeeping, it lacks integration. So, if you are looking for a top alternative for FreshBooks then consider QuickBooks and Moon Invoice. Both are good at offering multiple integrations.

3. Hiveage


Hiveage is the newest of all three and is still improving its features and facilities. However, this online billing and invoicing software have managed to surpass QuickBooks and FreshBooks at certain fronts. For instance, it can generate shareable payment links for your clients. This feature is not present in both other tools.

Hiveage Alternative - Moon Invoice

Its automation capabilities are great and it automates almost every mundane yet time-critical invoicing job saving a huge deal of time and effort.


Interestingly, Hiveage doesn’t compromise on the offered features despite being new in the industry, when compared with FreshBooks and QuickBooks. Features like online invoicing, time tracking, expense tracking, reporting, estimates, and online payments are included in this online invoicing tool.

Apart from this, there are some advanced features like multiple business accounts, track mileage, and recurring billing which are absent in many other online invoicing tools.


Hiveage also gives you the choice to choose the plan as per your business needs. There are three different paid subscriptions and one free subscription. The free version can handle 5 payable clients with basic features.

As far as the paid versions are concerned, the first one is named Basic and is apt for freelancers. It costs $ 16 per month. The other two are Pro ($ 25 per month) and Plus ($ 42 per month).

Hiveage Alternatives

The high cost of Hiveage can be a big turn down for a few small businesses or start-ups and force them to look for Hiveage alternatives. In that case, our recommendations are Moon Invoice and Invoice Ninja.

Invoice Ninja is an open-source invoice and billing software that can be used easily without worrying about money. Despite the free service, its features are good.

Moon Invoice is already trusted by 1.5 million people and offers quality services at an affordable cost.

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Wrapping up

Each business is different, so are their needs. Despite the differences, they all need reliable invoicing software to bring reliability and accuracy in the billing processes.QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Hiveage are good choices to make. But, there are some places where they lack. There you need to look out for different alternatives.

There are many alternatives. Just find out where your existing invoicing software lacks and find other options that fill the void.