Big companies have so many advantages, after all. They have a more recognizable brand, and they can easily outspend you on marketing and advertising to keep that advantage. They can use economies of scale to undercut you on pricing, they can use their resources to buy bigger, better stores or fancier equipment, and much more.

Still small businesses can be beneficial for the to-be customers in many ways:

  • Small businesses are flexible
  • They adjust quickly to industry changes
  • They have a healthy face-to-face interaction and
  • Build a healthy rapport with them.


A brief on how to distinguish your small business from bigger competitors.


Target market –Target a specific customer niche and focus on the services benefiting those customers.

Customer service – Provide a platform that creates the best customer experience for your customers.

Create Tempting Offers –Design your service packages as per the customer’s demand. Give limited free access or money back guarantees or free trial for a limited time.

Be the expert – Shape Your business to be the expert of your field.


A brief on how to distinguish your small business from bigger competitors - Moon Invoice

Easy To Do Business With – Intervene and regularly update your business model suiting the market and public demand.Be reachable via text or email 24×7. Be the most easy and convenient business to work with.

Price is not always the best segment that can help you to distinguish yourself yet it is a differentiating factor but to a certain extent.

Cheaper evokes the perceptions of having lower quality goods or a business that is less stable and is struggling to establish itself many a times.

Personalized Customer Interaction


The complaints lashed out at the bigger brands for their poor customer service is evident that small businesses can capitalize on the same.

Being a small local business you are familiar with the faces.

Talking to your customers regarding their regular schedule, their kids and the weather is the personalized touch that you can give to your customer interaction.

You can also attach the picture of the savings information of before and after they shopped from your business to your invoice using Moon Invoice App. Paying attention to the subtle customer information makes them feel important to your business.




You – The One Handling The Business

The stronghold of a small business is the individual working hard to get it settled amongst the competition and that individual is you. Yes, we mean you the one behind the business, you who works day and night to serve your community and the local market.

You can take help from technology to make things easier for you.


You – The One Handling The Business - Moon Invoice

There are various invoice apps in the market that aid you in running your business successfully such as Moon Invoice.

Invoice apps like Moon Invoice are the best way of tracking your:

  • Account statements for the customers as well as for the vendors
  • Recurring invoice and overdue expenses
  • Service support and product invoices and other estimates
  • Daily, monthly & yearly invoices with the help of recurring invoices & expenses

Take time out for placing your morals and values in your business and then find the best way to put out the message of you being a healthy and customer friendly small business.