In the present-era, online business is grace for businesses. During this lockdown time, maximum small trading businesses approach for online business. It is an explicit opportunity for them to uplift. While grabbing a chance, your decision for operation management should be concise and accurate to get the benefit.

Majorly, it has been observed that team communication, project estimation, sales, invoice generator, accounting, and workflow automation are the software tools reducing manual efforts and save time. Have a look on below software tools for ruling your business with innovation.

Project Management Tool

To overcome the repetitive meetings for project or task discussion, a project management tool is the most sufficient for both project managers and team members. Using the software tool transparency creates between team and manager.

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The performance of a given task and status can check without holdings. No weekly meetings need to arrange. A team member can directly tag the manager for help.

Trello – A Project Management Tool

Trello is a mobile app – organizing anything with anyone and everywhere. There are 35 million registered users who joined Trello. It is a teamwork medium to plan, managing tasks, and creating strategies, and track all the things. It is a visual tool for managing work at the office and home or anywhere.


Trello - a project management tool - Moon Invoice

Communication – A Bridge Between Founder And Team

Communication is a bridge between a buyer persona and a business persona. Upgrading your system instead to hold on to email and desktop applications, like Slack and Microsoft Teams. Better to deal with the right one to organize the continuous stream of messages, updates, and projects to stay productive.

Google G Suite

G Suite is a valuable tool for start-ups. It is easier to manage all the documents, emails, meetings, and other operational functions. There is no hassle for maintaining backups, and it allows reading and writing all the papers/documents 24/7 on any device full of liberty.

Google G Suite - Moon Invoice


The team can make more effective communication using Slack. A team can focus more powerfully to stay in sync with the product and receive perception for work and progress.

Slack - Moon Invoice

Slack makes it easier to receive notifications as it can incorporate all from sales to marketing, human resources and others. In this single platform, a startup can discuss and decide the one-stop.

Invoice Management

Earlier accounts manage manually. Generate invoices, deliver them to the client, getting follow up on unpaid bills can be a time-consuming process. Later, the desktop application comes around, but without the internet, it lacks overall access. Therefore, the online software tool is an outstanding alternative solution for managing accounts.


An invoice is for the buyers for what they received products or services from the company. Going with the latest technology and making your accounts more clear and quite accessible using the internet. OneUp is an online professional invoice maker app for businesses. It is a cloud-based accounting software tool for small to large scale businesses. The user can directly access from mobile and laptop to see accounts, invoices, inventory, and CRM.


OneUp Invoice - Moon Invoice

Features of OneUp

  • Develop, customize, and export invoices in a click.
  • OneUp sync with your bank and automates more than 95% of your accounting.
  • Auto-generated emails send to clients once the invoice is created.


BillQuick online is developed for professionals. It can create an invoice in Mac app. It supports you whether you work from home or office. You can submit time and expenses during the project and bill 24/7, anywhere.

BillQuick - Moon Invoice

Features of the BillQuick invoice tool

  • Types of invoices can be created from the tool; percent complete, retainer, recurring, fixed, hourly, phased, joint, and more.
  • Automatic billing supports regular billing rules and automatically generates a project invoice for inspection on any regularity.

QuickBooks – An Invoice Tool For Android

It is an invoice receipt maker app for android users and easy cloud accounting software that benefits you create your banking in one area. You can generate and send custom online invoices from any device.

QuickBooks - Moon Invoice

Wrap up

There are several software tools available for start-ups that need to boost their business level up. They must have their idea for the ruling system on their condition. Therefore, the custom software tool is required to build from professionals like Moon Technolabs. We have a powerful and essential clientele about our popular and most likely product for invoice management Pro Forma Invoice.

Make a call if you’re looking for the same or a software tool like marketing, sales, communication, project management, automation workflow for empowering your start-ups.