Who doesn’t love to get the payment on time or faster from their clients? Every business person would answer a big YES. But in reality, that doesn’t happen. Recovering payment on time or quicker from the client is a big headache for businesses, especially in post covid era where all the business segments are suffering. Whether you operate nationally or internationally, you have accounting integrations with specific payment gateways that help recover payment. 

There are many online accounting softwares which prepares a professional bill for the clients, mail them. With the integration with online payment processing software, they collect the payments too. It is a real blessing for businesses.

A thorough investigation by Plum, a consulting company, showed that 11% of all small company bills are not paid on time. Complete all of those late payments, and you would collect over one trillion dollars a year, nearly Indonesia’s GDP. This isn’t the worst. Plum researchers also discovered that 7.5% of all invoices for small businesses must eventually be written off as bad debt. It may be due to the lack of RazorPay, UPI and PayPal payment billing integrations. 

Top 3 payment gateways that help businesses to get paid faster

If you are one of the business persons struggling with the payment, you are reading the right post. This blog post will discuss how PayPal, UPI, and Razorpay billing integrations works and helps.

1. Let’s begin with the PayPal

When you shop online or operate at the international level, almost all the businesses will have PayPal payment billing integrations – notice this. PayPal is much popular despite they charge a certain % on each transaction. 

Growth in PayPal users according to StatistaGrowth in PayPal users according to Statista

By the 4th quarter of 2020, PayPal’s subscribers base will grow 24%. 

Why is it necessary to integrate online payment processing software with PayPal?

If you’ve used PayPal as a client, you’re familiar with the deal, but you have a lot more control over your account as a business owner. It would be beneficial to include an HTML shortcode on your website that directs consumers to the PayPal checkout page to finish their purchase and payment.

PayPal would charge you 2.9 per cent + $0.30 for each transaction no matter what billing software and PayPal payment billing integrations you are using. When a business integrates its online payment processing software with PayPal, customers are 54 % more inclined to purchase.

PayPal is one of the most dependable payment methods, particularly among US clients, according to PayPal data for 2021.

When a store accepts PayPal as a payment method, customers are more inclined to make cross-border purchases, even those involving unknown products and high-ticket items. You may produce and send invoices with or without a pdf attachment for 100 customers once or daily.

Additionally, you may record invoices, send reminders to late payers, and accept payments in 25 currencies from over 200 countries.

2. RazorPay

Usage Statistics for Razorpay According to Bulitwith TrendsUsage Statistics for Razorpay According to Builtwith Trends

According to Builtwith data, over 19,906 websites are using Razorpay. This graph depicts the firms that either directly or indirectly utilise Razorpay billing integrations. Razorpay India ranks sixth in the acceptance category for payments.

Why use Razorpay after all? 

To that end, if you go for Razorpay payment accounting integrations, you may price any product or service in one of 100 different currencies. Razorpay accepts cards issued by all major central banks globally, and merchant accounts are paid in Indian rupees. The currency utilised by Razorpay’s banking partners for the processing of the payment is decided and frequently costly for you as a dealer or overseas consumer.


International payment acceptance is allowed by default for approved businesses. Other businesses may request approval of overseas payments via their Razorpay dashboard by completing a brief application form. There are few reasons to avoid using Razorpay billing integrations.

Here are some ways that foreign payments made possible by Razorpay payment billing connections might help your company grow.

  • Accept payments through foreign bank cards or the PayPal wallet
  • Eligible companies are open to instant online payment integration and activation.
  • You can give pricing in a hundred different currencies.
  • Razorpay currency conversion settlements in INR are available at a competitive rate of 3% for each transaction.

3. UPI integration

Nowadays, most clients in India choose UPI accounting integrations for prompt payment through their mobile devices. It has grown in popularity as a digital payment alternative because of its unmatched features such as ease of use, fast transmission, and interoperability. This cutting-edge payment approach enables users to make real-time payments to anybody at any time.


You can use UPI to make payments to merchants, internet retailers, and food courts, among others. Not only is it a more convenient, faster, and cost-effective method of making/accepting payments, but it is also the most intelligent approach to have UPI payment billing integrations.

UPI’s features such as easy authentication, rapid payment notification, real-time tracking, high-volume retail payments, and no fees make it an ideal accounting integration of all business sizes. 

Whether you run a brick-and-mortar store or an e-commerce firm, UPI is the ideal payment mechanism for your expanding company demands. It enables retailers to provide a more direct payment experience to their customers while swiftly and painlessly handling digital payments through UPI payment billing integrations.

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Bottom Line

That was all about how different accounting integrations and payment gateways help. Besides, being clear about payment terms and communicating with the right person for payment, regular reminders, and follow-ups also helps businesses get paid faster.

You can choose any of the billings integration like if you have more operations at the international level, get PayPal billing integrations. If you operate in India, it would be best if you get UPI billing transactions.

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