In point of sale type businesses such as online stores, retail shops and restaurants, customers pay for their purchases immediately. But if your business is operating on an invoicing system, you will generally need to extend a credit period from 30 days to 90 days to your customers.

There are various reasons when client refuses to pay contractor: Perhaps the customer lost his bill, or some other unexpected expense was incurred or the customer can’t afford to pay the bill on the due date. Whatever the reason is, an unpaid bill will usually hurt your business and eventually you will be compelled to take an action to receive your money.

After the due date for the payment passes, you might get tempted to call up a collection agency at the moment, but doing so instantly might upset or threaten your customers right away. If you want to deal with this kind of problem where client refuses to pay, you should definitely resort to Moon Invoice pro app.

Being straight forward does not mean being aggressive. If your client is refusing to pay invoice, moon Invoice pro app helps you in recovering your money by offering the advantages mentioned below-

  • It is a very simple and hassle free invoicing app which will keep on reminding you to generate, manage as well as track your invoices while maintaining good and cordial relationships with your customers. Online billing made easy with this app.
  • With so many tasks on plate, you tend to forget sending timely invoices to your customers. Moon invoice pro app helps you in tracking your purchase orders and is a free invoice generator.

forget sending timely invoices - Moon Invoice

  • Moon invoice pro app helps you in accepting payments from your customers by various online payment options, which makes it very convenient for your customers to pay their bills anytime and from anywhere.
  • In addition to this, moon invoice pro app helps you in knowing when the recurring expenses and invoices become overdue, so that you will never miss your due payment!
  • The charts or graphs from the bar view will let you know the quarterly expenses and revenues as well as the invoices which are to be paid, that are drafted or overdue. Moreover, these reporting capabilities will help you in taking the right decision at the right time for your business concern.

Charts or graphs from the bar view - Moon Invoice

  • With the help of the moon invoice pro app, you can get the details of the customers and time logs that are on the go.
    You can also bring in discount on the in-+voices or items after you have received the account outstanding payment details of your customers.
  • Last but not the least, you need not always be online for managing your delayed customer bill payments and send them recurring invoices, you can also do that offline on moon invoice pro app!