Invoices are vital since they are a necessary component of every business. With the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones, it is simple to see how invoices might be created straight using an invoice generator app. 

What is it about delivering invoices that make them seem like the most challenging aspect of any project? Itemizing charges, adding taxes, making it appear professional, and tracking down payment are all examples of administrative activities that take time away from billable tasks that might be spent elsewhere. That is precisely why online invoicing software was developed.

Accounts are your focus when collecting client payments. And although online accounting software has ruled millions of businesses, there’s no denying that mobile invoice generating applications have gone a long way since their inception. 

Best 15 Invoice generator app for mobile 2021

Thanks to current technology, we can now create and send visually appealing and functionally functional invoices utilizing free accounting software for business and using the finest free invoice apps for Android. These software(s) improves accounting and bookkeeping accuracy. So let’s talk about it. 

1. Zoho Invoice



Zoho Invoice is an Invoice generator app that is part of the Zoho Suite of business applications. It is designed specifically for small companies. It offers a wide range of features, such as the ability to generate invoices, calculate estimates, and set up retainer billing, all from a user-friendly interface. 

It is completely free for companies with less than five clients, and a fully functional Android app is available. Zoho Invoice also has its online invoicing software.

List of Features

  • Automated bank feeds to ensure that activities comply with legislation
  • Options for invoice templates that are multilingual and multi currency
  • Recurring bills are scheduled in advance.
  • Improved access and assistance for clients via a collaborative client portal.
  • Payment receipts that are tailored to your needs.

2. QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online

With a simple and user-friendly design and a slew of convenient invoicing and accounting functions, QuickBooks has quickly become the most popular Invoice generator app and online accounting software among businesses all over the globe.

Through the organization of their working expenditures into the QuickBooks app, clients may record kilometers, generate invoices, manage finances and cash flow, track profits and loss reports, among other things. 

Among its features are an automated mileage calculation, dashboard data analytics, invoice creation, manage payments, the ability to monitor sales and customers while on the move, and the ability to optimize online accounting as free accounting software for business.

List of Features

  • Invoices that are tailored to your needs.
  • Integration of online banking services to ensure seamless transactions
  • Advanced reporting capabilities, as well as easily accessible dashboards
  • Cash flow management is accomplished via the use of automatic recurring payments.
  • Employee work hours are tracked using time tracking software.

3. Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice is the finest Invoice generator app for small and medium-sized companies, regardless of the industry sector in which they operate. It is a free and easy to use mobile invoice app for startups in 2021. 

There are certain features that free accounting software for businesses may not offer, such as estimating processing, recurring invoices, multi-currency support, cloud synchronization, and 24-hour support. 

Furthermore, it is compatible with almost every platform, including the Windows operating system, iOS, Apple mobile, macOS, and Android. With Moon invoice, it is possible to carry out the following tasks in terms of account management.

List of Features

  • Invoice creation
  • Recurring and proforma invoices 
  • Payment processing integration
  • Automatic payment reminders
  • Estimate and quote creation
  • Auto estimate into invoice with one go!
  • Time tracking and billing (suitable for freelancers)
  • Business reports and insights 
  • Cloud data sync
  • Expense recording 

4. Wave

Wave Accounting

Wave is a stylish online invoicing software that allows freelancers, consultants, entrepreneurs, and professionals to invoice clients while on the move quickly. It enables customers to send an infinite number of personalized professional invoices at no additional charge! It also offers the ability to integrate credit card and bank payment processing to facilitate quick payment processing.

List of Features

  • Offers Free accounting software for business with readily managed cash flow and a highly secure server environment.
  • Accounting interface that is well-organized, secure, and user-friendly for accountants
  • Allows us to create professional invoices simply and easily using the invoice generator app at no additional cost.
  • With the Wave mobile applications, you can send invoices from anywhere and get immediate alerts in return.
  • Using your phone, scan receipts for inspection and synchronization with your Wave account 

5. FreshBooks


FreshBooks has a brand-new Invoice generator app that enables small company owners to operate on the move while using the app’s invoicing, client, cost recording, and time tracking components. 

It syncs data to the cloud so that it can be accessed from any device at any time, and users may personalize invoices by including their logo. FreshBooks is entirely free to use for the first 30 days as an app and online accounting software.

List of Features

  • Expense management that is organized
  • Monitors billable hours to ensure more accurate client invoicing. Provides online contact and communication management.
  • Statistics and analyzing capabilities that are second to none
  • Invoice generation and payment collection are handled via a single site.

6. Invoice 2GO


Invoice 2GO allows users to generate invoices, purchase orders, estimations, and credit notes from a nicely designed user interface, among other things. 

Its best characteristics include 30+ premium invoice templates and connectivity with PayPal for easy client payments. Users may make use of these services via its invoice generator app.

With the help of this wholly automated online invoicing software, you can save administrative burden while also improving the client experience by properly monitoring billing hours.

List of Features

  • Enhanced mobile application for invoicing transactions while on the go
  • Statements may be created, modified, and broken down with relative ease.
  • Employee time entries are tracked in real-time.
  • Management of money and receipts in a streamlined manner
  • Integration with a variety of payment methods, including PayPal.

7. Billdu


Billdu is a fully-featured online accounting software developed for anybody who needs to access your company even when they are not in the office setting. 

It allows you to generate invoices in a matter of seconds, build a customer list, and monitor the status of payments, all while keeping track of your profits via the use of visually appealing charts and data.

Free accounting software for business that is simple to use and can be used by freelancers, accountants, and small businesses to create invoices is available. Through cutting-edge technology, Billdu can provide an extremely high degree of invoice template customization while also giving a comprehensive client experience.

List of Features

  • Recurring expenses are automatically entered.
  • The drafting and modification of invoices
  • Operational efficiency is enhanced via advanced estimation and order management.
  • Business reporting capabilities, as well as user-friendly dashboards
  • Support for many currencies and languages

8. Harvest


Harvest is a good Invoice generator app to have on hand if you bill your clients by the hour. Mainly, it is a time-tracking application. Start by selecting a project and adding tasks, after which you may start a timer to keep track of how much time you spend on each job. You may also keep track of expenditures, keep track of your project budgets, and get alerts when your billable time approaches the time limit set by the project’s budget.

Although Harvest’s time tracking feature is helpful in and of itself, its ability to connect with other project management tools such as Asana, Trello, and Basecamp makes it much more valuable online invoicing software. These connections enable you to use Harvest time tracking with a simple click while doing your daily activities, allowing you to optimize billable time throughout your workday.

A bonus feature in this Free accounting software for business is the ability to indicate whether a specific time-tracked activity is billable or not, which may help determine the project’s actual cost.

List of Features

  • The time and expenditure’s function enables you to keep track of your time and spending, customers, projects, and assignments.
  • Team and project management may be improved via the use of time tracking.
  • Harvest will automatically create an invoice based on the billable time recorded using time tracking and expenditures.
  • Users can create team schedules and then convert them into visual plans.
  • Maintain control over your staff by keeping track of who worked, who was overworked or underworked, and which projects they worked on.

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9. AND CO.


AND.CO, in its premium edition, is an all-in-one billing, tracking, and project management software that is tailored especially for independent contractors and freelancers.

List of Features

  • Invoices that are automatically generated, recurring invoices, and invoices that are customized so that you may include your brand on your invoices
  • Create, modify, and e-sign your contracts following your business dealings with customers.
  • Increase efficiency and organization by centralizing and making all of your expenditures accessible from any device.
  • Get instant receipts, email receipts, or even establish regular expenditures to save time and money.
  • The task manager offers a comprehensive range of features, including tracking, labelling, setting deferral dates, and more.

10. InvoiceSimple

Invoice Simple

InvoiceSimple advanced online invoicing software is a multi-faceted application that performs various tasks, thus simplifying accounting and bookkeeping procedures. It is both personally and commercially accessible.

List of Features

  • Unified billing portal
  • Integrated processing of payments and automated recall
  • Creating a schedule for recurring invoicing
  • Integrations with a variety of payment gateways
  • Vendor and purchasing order management are two essential functions.

11. Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is fantastic online accounting software for freelancers and small company owners that need more sophisticated functionality than basic hand-crafted invoices can provide.

In addition to sophisticated features such as time-tracking, auto-billing, customized invoices, direct payment connection with over 40 payment gateways, and the option to take deposits and partial payments, you may manage up to 100 customers and create an infinite number of invoices as a free user. Invoices, on the other hand, have the watermark “Created by Invoice Ninja.”

12. Invoicely


Like any of the Invoice generator app, Invoicely caters to the same types of users: freelancers and small company owners who have more sophisticated accounting requirements than just issuing invoices.

Managing multiple firms with different team members and clients is one of the most advanced skills for serial businesses that operate several organizations. You may also accept payments online and have them applied straight to your invoice, which Invoicely will automatically change the paid status of an invoice.

13. Billy App

Billy App


In addition to being a simple online invoicing software, Billy App is built with core accounting and sales automation features to offer a comprehensive platform for accountants, consultants, and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

List of Features

  • Invoices for any number of brands are permitted.
  • Automated bank synchronization with over 9000 financial institutions
  • Receivables may be imported using a mobile app and a web plugin.
  • Accounting engine with double-entry bookkeeping
  • Management of estimates, orders, and expenses
  • Scheduling invoices regularly


Organizations, accountants, and virtual bookkeepers may benefit from, a commonly used Free accounting software for business that also serves as an automated accounting solution for them.

List of Features

  • Accountable payments and accounts receivables are handled automatically.
  • Centralized document storage
  • Billing schedules for regular payments are created.
  • Accounting and financial management that is linked with internal systems
  • Send customized bills to customers through email, with frequent reminders.

 15. Chargebee


Chargebee is a recurring payment online accounting software solution designed specifically for SaaS and subscription-based eCommerce companies. It connects with payment gateways located all over the world to automate the payment process.

List of Features

  • Recurring billing and dunning management are automated to simplify the billing process.
  • The customer portal and payment pages are fully responsive, with themes and fields that may be customized.
  • Chargebee offers subscription management and a metered billing functionality to allow clients to only pay for the services they utilize.
  • There are various payment methods available, including offline payments, cash, cheques, and more.


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 Wrap Up

We should make one thing very clear: whatever online invoicing software you pick, you are putting your faith in it to accomplish what it promises and not let you down. If anything goes wrong and you lose a slew of information, may God assist you.

We exclusively suggest a free Invoice generator app for freelancers and small company owners that do not have complicated invoicing requirements. If your accounting is complex, you should consider investing in reliable Online accounting software.

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