Invoicing and billing become an unavoidable task, especially when running a single or multi-chain business in Australia, the USA, or anywhere globally. We often go with our sixth sense in selecting the best things for us, but does it ever happen in the business world? No, when it comes to business- we deal with evidence, reviews, ratings, research, and much more. While searching for the best alternative to Invoice2Go, our blog will help you enhance your research.

Let’s first talk about Invoice2Go, and why business owners prefer it as their primary invoicing and accounting software. 

Invoice2Go, is that your current accounting software?

Invoice2Go, is That Your Current Accounting Software

Invoice2Go is one of the leading accounting software in Australia, founded a decade ago. Business owners in Australia generally prefer to manage their invoices, expense tracking, and financial reporting with Invoice2Go. But on the same page, Invoice2Go proves highly expensive for small business owners when buying the unlimited plan. Hence SMEs generally prefer to find an Invoice2Go alternative to keep their business accounting intact. 

Why do Small Scale Business Owners look For Top Invoice2Go Alternatives?

Undoubtedly, Invoice2Go accounting and billing software offers all the basic to extraordinary invoicing features for managing your business. But utilizing it for a longer-term can prove costly for your firm. Not all business owners manage large-scale organizations, and multiple small-scale businesses need a reasonable accounting app for managing their business accounting. 

The top reasons why you must look for an Invoice2GO alternative are:

  • Monthly plans are pretty expensive 
  • Significantly less features are offered for use under the Lite and Standard plan compared to the monthly rentals.
  • The platform doesn’t offer support for Windows and macOS users. It is only available for web-based users, Android and iOS. 
  • Though it is marketed for small business owners, SMEs across Australia can easily find a better alternative in the same rental with more features. 
  • Large-scale enterprises would prefer a more featured-pack software that helps with business forecasting and inventory management. 

Expert Pick: Top 3 Invoice2GO Alternative for Small Businesses 

Our experts follow extensive research and analysis to help you find suitable invoicing and billing software for your small business enterprise in Australia or anywhere globally. Let’s have a look at the best Invoice2Go alternative brands. 

1. Wave Financial


Founded in the year 2009, Wave Financial is a prominent business accounting software in Canada. Wave Financial has two different products, namely invoicing and accounting. We will refer it to the ‘Wave Invoicing’ product when discussing the top Invoice2Go alternative for your business. 

Quick Features:

  • Helps to create professional invoices
  • Business invoices with customization with brand name and logo
  • Invoicing with elements like product name, price, quantity, and tax details
  • Recurring invoice option for repeated customers
  • Manage accounts receivable 
  • Track payments
  • Faster payments 
  • Automatic cloud backup 


The basic plan is for free. Later, it charges as per the subscription purchased. 


Wave Financial is available for the web version, iOS, and Android. 

Why is Wave the Best Alternative to Invoice2Go?

Wave is a recommended invoicing software as Invoice2Go alternative by our accounting experts because it offers a free basic plan. On the other hand, Invoice2Go charges 5.99 USD per month for providing basic features. Wave is also available for all three platforms, including web, iOS, and Android like Invoice2Go. Hence, small business owners can get almost the same benefits of using the software for free of cost for a relevant period. 

2. Moon Invoice 

Best Online Billing Software for Enterprises - Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice is one of the leading professional billing and invoicing software for small-scale industries in Australia and globally. It offers excellent features to keep your business rolling with quick invoicing, payments, and business foresight. 

The best thing about using Moon Invoice is that it helps you manage your business through the web, Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android. It is a complete package of invoicing and accounting that you never get for your business at such an affordable rate. 

Quick Features:


4.15 USD per month. 


Moon Invoice is available for the web version, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Android. 

Why is Moon Invoice the Best Alternative to Invoice2Go?

Moon Invoice is quite reasonable than Invoice2Go in terms of both rates and features. The company offers more features at less rate, along with dedicated customer chat support. Also, it is a recommended business software for managing multiple businesses via a single dashboard. 

3. Bookipi


Bookipi is also an invoicing and accounting app that helps your business with enhanced productivity. It takes control of your business’s bookkeeping activities by helping you manage invoices, payments, and transactions via the web, iOS, and Android. 

Quick Features:

  • Managing invoices
  • Manages customers
  • Send quotes or estimates
  • Income reports
  • Overdue reminders
  • Accept payments
  • Customized business invoices by adding logo and name
  • Dedicated chat and support 


Bookipi offers the basic plan free of cost. 


Bookipi is available for the web version, iOS, and Android. 

Why is Bookipi the Best Alternative to Invoice2Go?

There are two top reasons to choose Bookipi over Invoice2Go, and it offers more basic features than the paid basic plan of the company. Secondly, it doesn’t charge anything for the basic plan. 

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So, we have listed the top alternative to Invoice2GO, namely- Wave Financial, Moon Invoice, and Bookipi. All these three software offers better features for your small business accounting needs in Australia or anywhere globally. You can select any of our recommended accounting and invoicing solutions for getting paid faster.