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Moon Invoice Newsletter July 2021

Are you curious to know about the latest updates? Here we go!

What's New in iOS?

Here's a Quick Inside Story on New iOS Features!

Now, iOS users can do a lot more with the dark mode settings. Yes, we have added a new dark mode theme to help you experience more! Also, adding products is quick and simple with the exclusive 'barcode' feature. Scan the barcode and get your products added on one go!

What's New in MAC?

Don't Miss These Cutting Edge Features!

Always wondered how to view and download the various business reports? Get your hands on the new business reports such as stock and inventory & profit and loss. Also, viewing payments is more interesting with the newly added header buttons! Lastly, MAC users can take the fun exploration with the premier company-wise filters.

What's New in Android?

Experience A Lot More With Business Insights

Always wanted to have a quick view of the stock and inventory reports? Android users can now view and download quick stock reports. Also, added a profit and loss report for helping business owners to have a quick view on the financial status of the company.

What's New in Windows?

Go More Specific With New Filters!

Filters always make it easy for us to have a specific view for making explicit business opinions. Your windows software is now upgraded with exciting new payment and product filters. Check your business payments by type by selecting the 'Payment type' filter from the payment filters. Likewise, users can view products by filtering them with categories!

New Features, Surely Up to the Snuff!

Witness the exclusive new time log design. Windows users can now get up to their desired project searches with task suggestions. Wish to check the total due or outstanding amount of your contacts or invoices? Yes, you can get it with one click for both contacts and invoices.

These are some of the new features that we've implemented. Happy Moon Invoicing.

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