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Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice Newsletter June 2021

We love to reinvent the new possibilities. Here is our June Newsletter with the latest improvisations

What's new in Web App?

Experience A Lot More with Web Invoice!

Create proforma invoices and send them across to your clients before final or commercial invoices. Likewise, create sales orders with the newly added invoice module. Get an idea about your printed invoice with the thermal printer preview. Additionally, your invoices can now add the first and last names of the customers along with the company name.
Moon Invoice

Don't Miss These Tiny Updates!

Web App users can now experience the dark theme support. Also, added new keyword shortcuts for performing various actions like print, save, add, edit, help, etc. You can find these shortcuts by clicking here. Also, admins will be notified when any new users will make any changes in any of the modules. Nevertheless, users can now find the newly added product category in the filter section.

What's new in Windows?

Hola to New PDF and Print Settings!

Now Windows users can manually adjust the height and width of the PDF with the exclusive new margin options. Also, the users can add the first and last name of the customer along with the company name while creating an invoice. It further assists with the hide/show buttons for PDF invoice.
Moon Invoice

Save Time With Company Wise Filters

Windows users can now get the benefit of company-wise filters. Select any company filters from the given options and set it once. Whenever you choose a particular company, you will select the selected filter data on the screen.

These are some of the new features that we've implemented. Happy Moon Invoicing.

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