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Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice Newsletter May 2022

Few Important Updates from May!

What’s New in Windows?

Say Hello to the New Customer Filter!

Now, filter the projects by applying the customer filter. Projects will be filtered as per the customer names, making it easy for our Windows users to search for any specific project. So, save effort by searching for projects using the customer filter.

Organize Data with Archive Feature!

Our Windows users can now simplify the data of projects, products, and tasks by using the archive feature. Archive the unused or old project and task data for getting only required data on your app dashboard.

Hooray! Add Custom Payment Methods!

The most awaited feature of adding custom payment methods is here! Windows users can now add payment methods to accept faster payments from clients and customers.

Some More Updates to Explore!

Windows users can run a search for invoices using the PO number. Finding invoices is relatively easy and simple now! Users can now explore the newly added PDF settings. Users can have access to the updated email templates UI. Also, greet the new menu with updated sections (Sales, Purchases).

These are some of the new features that we've implemented. Happy Moon Invoicing.

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