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Moon Invoice Newsletter June 2022

June is the gateway to many new updates!

What’s New in Windows?

Get Ready to Explore the Updated Settings!

Five new languages have been added to the Windows app. Users can now get the chance to update the app in Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Spanish, and Swedish languages. Also, Windows users can delete their account and user data directly from the settings menu. PDF settings now allow font size editing options for notes and terms.

Hola! To the New Dashboard!

We have made the Windows dashboard more interactive and significant. View the top products and tasks list from the dashboard screen. Also, list the top vendors and the top customers using the dropdown option.

Switch to Quicker Invoicing Mode!

Windows users can now save much time with the new Invoicing UI that allows saving invoices with quicker options such as Save & Send, Save & Preview, Save & New, and Save & Print!

Apply New Filters & Meet New Modules!

Say hello to the newly added ‘Service’ module in the menu section. The reports module is grouped with sub-types, making finding relevant business reports easier and simpler. Also, users can now choose different filters while listing expenses in the redefined Expense UI.

Get Excited to Add Product Images

Windows users can now add product images while adding new products. Make product identification more simplified and easy with unique product images for each product added to the app.

What’s New in Android?

Greet the New Module & Updates!

The dashboard menu has got the exclusive Service Module on its list. Users get easy accessibility to scroll down to services, tasks, and products separately from the main menu. Also, new updates for the PDF font settings are here. Users can now change the font size for notes and terms. Android users can now simplify tasks with an updated side menu introducing Purchases, Sales, and Items.

New Payment Methods On the List!

Android users can now add any payment methods either offline or outside the app. No more payment worries as our app allows custom payment methods with this latest update!

What’s New in macOS?

New Credit Note Option Added in Invoice

macOS users can now check the newly added credit note option in invoices. Use credit note options for invoice settlements.

What’s New in iOS?

Try Credit Notes in Settling Invoices

iOS users can now directly apply credit notes to invoices for quicker customer settlements.

These are some of the new features that we've implemented. Happy Moon Invoicing.

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