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Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice Newsletter July 2022

Let’s Take Off with the July Updates!

What’s New in WebApp?

Bonjour! New UI For Menu & Modules!

Greet the new dashboard menu with grouped categories. The new Menu UI is categorized into Sales, Items, and Purchases, making it more simplified. The invoice module has been upgraded with the latest UI, making it more attractive and apt! Also, get the full-page view for invoices, estimates, and other features by clicking on the PDF settings.

Payments Made Easy!

WebApp users can now add payment methods either offline or outside the app. Custom payment methods on the roll to help users get paid faster. Also, invoices are now upgraded with QR codes for accepting online payments from clients/customers. Scanning the code redirects the customer to the payment gateway, making it quick and easy.

Track User-wise Sales Activities

The existing reports menu is newly introduced with the ‘Sales Report by User’ statement. So, users can track all the sales activities for each user and download the same with a click!

POS Checkouts Upgraded with New Setup!

Moon POS users can now try the quick setup for online ordering during checkout. Users can also make billing more precise by adding tables during checkout.

These are some of the new features that we've implemented. Happy Moon Invoicing.

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