As a business owner, you constantly issue different receipts for your customers, clients, and vendors. Issuing sales, cash, delivery, and payment receipts is a cumbersome task for businesses. 

But what’s more cumbersome for the business?

Managing those receipts!

We have successfully switched the receipt making and receipt sharing operation for many businesses across the globe. Companies using receipt books or notes for issuing receipts are now sending digital receipts to their customers and clients with Moon Invoice, a free receipt maker app. 

Organizing Business Receipts

Sorting and organizing business accounting receipts is essential to keep the receipts in place. Businesses need to issue infinite receipts during a single year. The count of these receipts is unimaginable as a single business has to manage the query of various vendors and customers in its lifetime by offering proof of sale, proof of payment, proof of delivery, and proof of rent. 

Businesses that use a free receipt maker app or a custom receipt maker app organize and store their receipts digitally. It doesn’t involve any paperwork, and as a matter of fact, these receipts are issued digitally, saving paper, time, and effort. 

Keeping the Receipts in Paper Form is Risky

Managing paper receipts, bills, and expense vouchers are cumbersome. Saving your business receipts on paper is risky as papers can be damaged or misplaced, leading to many disputes or troubles for both the business and the client. In addition, paper receipts generally fade with time, depending on the ink or printer. We never suggest our business users print the receipts as we have integrated an email button right at the top of the receipts. 

Our online invoicing software helps businesses use the free receipt templates to generate sales receipts, payment receipts, and cash receipts. It becomes easy and quick for the accounts team to issue receipts as the readymade receipt templates are simple to customize as per the business requirement. 

Save Paper-Utilize the Digital Copy

One of the reasons digital receipts are on trend is that it helps save paper, allowing us to save trees. Keeping our environment green is highly essential considering the global warming issues. As a startup or business, saving paper by storing and utilizing digital receipts contributes to protecting the environment around you. 

Digital Receipts Vs Paper Receipts

  • Paper receipts are either created manually using a voucher book or are printed after generating a digital receipt using a free receipt maker app. 
  • Digital receipts are electronic receipts that are stored in the device. It is easy to store, manage, maintain, and find compared to paper receipts. 
  • Paper receipts are time-consuming to create. Also, the paper receipts are at high risk of getting misplaced. 
  • Digital receipts are easy to store. It is easy to share digitally via email. 

5 Ways to Organize Business Digital Receipts

While you are busy working on the progress of your business or brand, it becomes essential for your accounts department to keep systematic management of all the financial business documents, including bills, receipts, expenses, and estimates. 

We have mentioned a few benefits of utilizing digital receipts against manual receipts for transforming your business to the modern age, saving both time and effort. Now, let’s talk about how businesses like yours can organize their digital business receipts using a free receipt maker app.

1. Generate Digital Receipts Online

Firstly, to organize the digital receipts of your business, it is essential to create one with the help of a custom receipt maker app like Moon Invoice. Register with an online billing software that helps create and send unlimited receipts with free receipt templates. Once the receipts are generated, preview them and share them with your customers and clients using the email button. 

2. Save the Receipts on the Device


After generating the receipts and sharing them with your customers and clients, the next step is to save the receipts on the device. So, the first question is how you will keep the receipts, and why?

Receipts are pretty crucial for accounts and audit purposes. It helps the accountant to understand the generated sales and received payments after having a thorough check on the receipts. The digital receipts are saved and stored by the accounts team to make accounting simple. 

Whether it is a smartphone, desktop, or laptop, businesses can save unlimited digital business receipts with a single click using our online billing software. 

3. Sort Receipts by Type & Date

After the receipts are saved, it is essential to sort them from the clutter of receipts to help identify each at the time of requirement or need. For example, create a sales receipt folder, cash receipt folder, delivery receipt folder, rent receipt folder, payment receipt folder, etc., to sort the receipts into its particular folder. It helps with easy storage organization and also aids the accountant to search for a particular receipt easily. In addition, store the receipts with the year, month, and date folder to find them easily when required. 

4. Add Sorted Receipts to its Respective Folder


Once all the receipts are sorted that were generated using online billing software, it’s time to add the sorted receipts into their particular folder. Tally the total number of receipts in each folder to ensure that any receipts are missing. The sorted digital receipts folder helps the accountants at the time of audit. 

5. Keep the Folder Password Protected


One of the important things for any business is its data. Business receipts are very important from an accounting view, and hence, it needs to be saved and stored confidentially. Protecting the folder using a password helps the accountant store the digital receipts safely. It is the last step to organize the business’s digital receipts. 

Wrapping Up!

Digital receipts are easy to maintain and manage with the help of a custom receipt maker app. Also, digital receipts are customizable receipts; hence the accountant can change the existing receipt without involving any advanced paperwork or efforts. Our business experts have listed the best possible ways to organize your business’s digital receipts. 

Register for free with our online billing software to generate digital receipts using the readymade and free receipt templates. Connect with our support panel for more information.