Be it a chilling shower in the hot summers that hits the right spots or warm baths during winter afternoons, your bathroom is s a special place in your house that can help you power through a lot. And with the right renovation projects, you can further design this space into a peaceful zen den.

Before diving into the details of a bathroom remodel, you definitely have financial concerns.

Remodeling the bathroom is an unusual home improvement that homeowners can rarely complete on their own. As part of a bathroom remodel, one shower or countertop can be renovated, or the space can be gutted and dozens of fixtures can be replaced. Therefore, the cost of remodeling a bathroom could vary quite a little.

Here, we can help you understand all the variables that determine the cost of your bathroom renovation.

  • A bathroom remodel has a 60% to 68% return on investment and raises a home’s resale value.
  • It will take 15 to 25 days, or roughly 3 to 4 weeks, to completely reconstruct a bathroom.
  • Do-it-yourself bathroom remodels can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000, with expert help accounting for only 20% of the overall cost.

Now, sit tight on your seat because in this blog we are going to shower you with all that you need to know about bathroom remodel costs for your requirements:

The Average Bathroom Remodel Cost

If you’re thinking about remodeling the bathrooms in your home into something functional or boujie (it’s your call), the expenses for this project are probably your top concern. As bathroom remodels or restoration projects often go over budget.

However, with careful planning and accounting for unexpected overages, the project can usually be finished without too much financial strain and reduce your overall bathroom remodel cost. Consider all of your options carefully before making a decision, whether you want to remodel a small bathroom or the entire main bath, so you can determine where you can save money and where it makes sense to go for higher-quality materials.

No doubt, the total bathroom remodel cost will be dependent on the size of the bathroom and the project’s extent.

The average bathroom remodels cost to renovate a bathroom ranges from $3,000 to $30,000 or even more, depending on the scope and complexity of the project. A small bathroom remodel can cost between $2,500 and $15,000, while a master bathroom remodeling can cost between $10,000 and $30,000.

On the other hand, the cost of a full bathroom remodel can vary from $120 to $275 per square foot, depending on the quality of the materials chosen, the labor costs, and any changes made to the original plan.

A half bathroom or full bathroom up to 100 square feet would typically cost about $4,000 to remodel a shower, install a new vanity, sinks, worktops, and potentially new flooring and lighting.

Now let us check the average bathroom remodel cost according to the sizes:

Estimate template

1. The Average Price of Remodeling a Small Bathroom

A bathroom that is 40 square feet or smaller costs the typical homeowner about $5,000. Your spending limit for a simple bathroom renovation could be between $2,500 and $10,000. A small bathroom can be remodeled successfully for $3,000 or less by using budget-friendly fixtures, simple upgrades, and do-it-yourself labor.

2. The Average Price of a Midsize Bathroom Makeover

A complete tear-out, where practically everything is changed but the design is left alone, can cost you between $6,000 and $15,000. Midrange bathroom renovations consist of fixtures, showers, flooring, lighting, cabinets, wall tiling, painting, mirrors, and other amenities.

3. The Average Price of Remodeling a Master Bathroom

A master bathroom redesign typically costs between $10,000 to $30,000, or $18,000 on average. A freestanding bathtub, walk-in shower, double vanity, new flooring, and lighting are just a few of the equipment and materials that go into remodeling a premium master bathroom. The average investment is around $18,500.

4. The Average Price of Remodeling a Master Bedroom

There is no upper limit to how expensive or luxurious a bathroom can be. Today’s luxury bathrooms feature heated flooring, marble tile, and bathtubs that can compete with those in 5-star hotels. Without factoring in the cost of hiring a designer or modifying the floor plan, materials and labor should cost at least $50,000.

Next on the list is the average prices according to square footage and labor costs:

5. The Average Price per Square Foot for Remodeling a Bathroom

The price per square foot for a full bathroom remodel normally ranges from $120 to $275, depending on the quality of the fixtures, the labor, and the materials. Although it requires talent, do-it-yourself bathroom remodeling can be done for as little as $70 to $100 per square foot.

Type of remodeling Average price per square foot
Hiring a pro $120 and $275
DIY project $70 to $100

6. Average Bathroom Remodeling Labor Costs

A typical bathroom redesign will cost between $1,300 to $4,300 in labor costs or around 20% of the overall cost of a typical bathroom. The average hourly rate for bathroom remodeling contractors ranges from $40 to $100 based on the type of specialist.
The hourly rate for general contractors ranges from $30 to $90, or 10% to 20% of the project’s overall cost.

Type of Service Average Rates
Plumbing services $45 to $150 per hour
Electricians  $40 to $100 per hour
Painters $1 and $6 per sq. foot or $20 – $50 per hour
Installing drywall $1.50 to $3.50 per square foot
Interior designers $50 to $200 per hour

7. The Average Cost of Materials for Remodeling a Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling materials often cost between $2,000 and $10,000, making up 60% or more of the whole cost. It is preferable to speak with a local builder because the price of goods ultimately fluctuates substantially based on where you live.

Bathroom Remodel Cost Estimator

Because bathrooms are one of the most often used rooms in a home, they occasionally need to be completely renovated.

Setting a budget for your bathroom renovation may be difficult, and unexpected costs frequently arise. No matter what you’re considering, several factors can affect the overall cost of your bathroom renovation.

You should consider:

  • Room size
  • The price of the supplies
  • Regional disparities in labor rates
  • The price of making structural changes required to change a floor layout

Price-related difficulties include, obviously, the size of the room, labor charges, the caliber of the materials and fittings, altering or enlarging the plan, adding fixtures, making repairs, and enlisting professionals.

According to experts, a bathroom renovation should cost between 5% and 10% of the value of your property. Although the range of these services can vary, being informed of your options is useful.

Some of the services that are frequently included in the cost of an average bathroom remodel include the following:

  • The pattern of the laying as well as the tiling
  • Plumbing
  • Hygienic items and fixtures
  • Electricals
  • Construction alterations and waterproofing
  • Painting expense
  • Site characteristics and building age
  • Additional bathroom necessities

Normally, materials account for 65% of a project’s cost, and professional services for 35%. Using a square foot estimate, the cost to remodel a bathroom can be easily increased or decreased depending on the complexity of your design and the quality of the materials you choose.

Bathroom Remodel Costs by Project Size

Now that we have examined the overall typical costs for an average bathroom remodel, let’s break down the costs for the project size of each bathroom.

The cost of the renovation project will be significantly influenced by the size of the bathroom you wish to renovate. Half baths and small bathrooms are frequently the most affordable renovation projects, providing you choose accessories and materials that are within your budget.

It is frequently more expensive to remodel larger full bathrooms, including guest bathrooms than smaller half bathrooms. Master bathrooms and accessible bathrooms are frequently the targets of the most expensive bathroom remodeling projects.

The average bathroom remodel costs, broken down by bathroom size, are shown below:

Bathroom size Average Square Feet Average Renovation Cost
Half bathroom remodel 18 – 32 square feet. $3,000 – $10,000
Full bathroom remodel 20 – 146 square feet $7,000 – $20,000
Master bathroom remodel 40 – 210 square feet $14,000 – $25,000+
Accessibility-friendly bathroom remodel 20 – 210 square feet $14,000 – $30,000+

Keep in mind that these price ranges are merely average costs. If you want to know the price of your specific project, you can acquire a precise estimate or quote using your remodel cost estimator.

Bathroom Remodel Costs by Features

Knowing the anticipated complete bathroom remodel costs for each part of your bathroom will help you get a better idea of how much your project will cost.

Based on market-competitive national statistics for bathroom remodeling processes, the estimated costs for each particular bathroom feature or material costs are given below.

Feature Materials cost
Shower $225 – $1,240
Bathtub $475 – $870
Toilet $360 – $720
Sinks $190 – $1,130
Vanities and cabinets $380 – $700
Lighting $35 – $130
Mirrors $70 – $130
Paint $30 – $55

These price estimates stated above for each project include the costs of labor and supplies. Location and the materials picked for each project have an impact on cost.

After making a list of your top goals, sit down with your qualified bathroom remodel cost estimator to establish a plan of action. They will be able to help you develop a project budget and gain insight into the worth of your list.

Additional information about the costs associated with each bathroom feature is provided below.

1. Demolition

The average national institution spends $50 on deliberate destruction while remodeling bathrooms.

The majority of homeowners will start the demolition phase of their bathroom renovation project. The price to remove the waste generated during the demolition could range from $30 to $120; the national average for demolishing an old structure is $50. You will pay more for demolition the more parts and structures of your bathroom you need to remove.

If you want to modify an old bathroom, demolition is an unavoidable expense that you must account for in your project remodeling costs.

2. Bathtubs and Showers

While the average cost to renovate a shower varies based on your type, installing a bathtub typically costs between $475 and $870.

Depending on the type you install, remodeling a shower or bathtub can cost you differently. The most popular shower and bathtub designs that are installed during remodeling projects are shown here, along with an estimate of their typical prices.

Bathroom Features Average Prices
Shower and tub enclosure with glass doors $510 – $940
Shower and tub surround $225 – $410
Freestanding shower enclosure $675 – $1,240
Shower door replacement only $325 – $600

Remember that the type of shower and the materials used to create it will affect how much it will cost to replace a shower. For instance, if you use a lot of high-end modern tiles, such as mosaics, the cost of a bathroom remodel project may go up dramatically. If you are only replacing the glass shower door, the cost will be much lower.

Bathtubs come in a wide range today as well. Typically, a 6-foot porcelain steel bathtub costs $475 to $870. Regular porcelain and ceramic baths are considerably less expensive than freestanding tubs and tubs with massage jets. These larger, more opulent tubs typically cost $3,000 to install, but they can increase the comfort and market value of your home.

3. Surfaces and sinks

Depending on the material, bathroom countertops could cost different amounts. Depending on the type, installing a bathroom sink might cost anywhere between $190 and $1,130.

Countertops and sinks are necessary components of any bathroom remodeling project. Bathroom countertops come in a range of quality and cost options. You can spend more money on high-end genuine stone counters like granite or marble, or you can save money by using laminate, ceramic tile, or solid surface counters. The type of material you choose and how much of it you need will greatly affect the cost of your countertops.

The two most popular methods for mounting bathroom sinks into countertops are drop-in and under-mount options. Pedestal sinks or wall-mounted sinks are additional options for sinks, and both are appropriate for bathrooms with little countertop space. When remodeling a master bathroom, dual sinks are typically included so that couples can utilize them. Be mindful that bathroom sinks come in a range of materials, including granite, stainless steel, and others, and that your choice will have an impact on the price.

The following are some examples of sink pricing for different bathrooms:

  • Undermount sink: $190 – $700
  • Pedestal sink: $615 – $1,130

4. Cabinets and vanities

Across the nation, the price of installing cabinets and vanities for a bathroom remodel ranges from $290 to $695.

It’s not required to install vanities or cabinets for every bathroom renovation. For instance, built-in shelves and a pedestal sink may be used to maximize space in smaller bathrooms. The vast majority of full bathroom remodels also include installing vanities and cabinets, though. An estimated cost for installing bathroom vanities and cabinets is as follows:

  • Vanity with two-door base cabinets: $380 – $695
  • Custom four-drawer wall cabinets: $290 – $530

Base cabinets are positioned close to the floor, whereas wall cabinets are attached to the wall, typically over sinks. The number of cabinets you need may typically depend on the size of your bathroom. If you are remodeling your master bathroom, a vanity with built-in base cabinets and four drawers may be necessary to accommodate loads of storage.

5. Toilets

The normal price range for installing a new toilet in your bathroom is $360 to $720.

Every bathroom, whether it is a big bathroom or a half bathroom, needs a toilet. You can determine, however, that your current toilet is in good shape and does not require replacement.

Your contract estimate generator will be able to advise you on whether it would be good to keep the current toilet or add a new one to your plan to remodel your bathroom. Remember that toilets are not included in the price of a bathroom makeover. You might think about including it if you’re merely trying to update the space.

Toilets come in two main varieties: wall-mounted toilets and floor-mounted toilets.

  • Floor-mounted toilets: $360 – $660
  • Wall-mounted toilets: $390 – $720

6. Accessories and Additional Costs

An enjoyable aspect of the remodeling process is adding decorations to your bathroom. Your new bathroom can be tailored to meet your lifestyle by using fixtures and accessories that also express your individuality and sense of style. Most homeowners that rebuild additionally incorporate a few extra fixtures in addition to the aforementioned parts.

7. Lighting

Options for big or small bathroom lighting include recessed lighting for a more subtle and functional appearance or canopy lighting that hangs over cupboards and vanities. Depending on the light fixture you select, canopy lighting may cost more than that, ranging from $35 to $65. The average price of recessed lighting is between $70 and $130.

8. Energy sources

In colder climates, installing a heat light over the bathtub or shower can warm up the space. The normal price range for a warming lamp is $45 to $85.

9. Paint

You could choose to paint more than just the walls in your new bathroom. Consider painting the cabinet doors, casework, and other surfaces as well. Depending on how many spaces you paint when remodeling a bathroom, painting can cost between $30 and $55.

10. Mirrors

A mirror is necessary for every restroom. A medicine cabinet with shelving would probably cost closer to $255 depending on size while installing mirrors normally costs between $70 and $130.

11. The towel bars

A fairly inexpensive and useful upgrade is to install a towel bar next to your new shower. Installation fees for towel bars typically range from $45 to $80.

12. Grab bars

To prevent falls, grab bars are a practical and secure addition to any bathtub and shower area. To install them simply costs around $35–$60.

Bathroom Remodel Installation and Labor Costs

Remember to include labor charges in your bathroom remodel project budget in addition to bathroom features and material expenditures. The cost of the labor you hire, the materials you select, and the cost of the bathroom fixtures you’re remodeling together make up the entire cost of your bathroom remodeling job.

Remember that the effort and time needed to install each bathroom item can differ.

For bathroom remodel jobs, experts in everything from painters, electricians, and tile professionals to plumbers and building contractors may be required. Your job will typically cost between $1,000 to $4,500 in labor or around 35% of the total cost. Remember that this average fluctuates depending on the region and location of the homeowner.

These professionals charge:

Professionals Average Charges
Interior designers $40–$200 per hour
General contractors  $35–$100 per hour
Plumbers $60–$200
Painters $40–$90
Drywall Contractors $30–$85
Tile setters $35–$320 or $3–$9 per square foot

Urban areas and other places with high demand and high living costs typically have higher hourly rates. Depending on the size of your project and the number of labor hours required for your bathroom, the cost of labor may also differ significantly.

How Much does it Cost you to Remodel a Bathroom yourself?

DIYers and most homeowners frequently emphasize the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a project on their own, but in reality, the main driving force behind DIY home improvement projects is the desire to save money.

Convenience is unquestionably a luxury, but it can be well worth the bathroom remodel cost. Having someone else do the labor-intensive work while you keep your hands clean qualifies as a luxury in this situation, rather than having a spa-like bathroom with Tuscan tile. There is value in having competent professionals complete the task more quickly and possibly better than you can.

The final truth is that remodeling a bathroom will typically cost more money than employing a general contractor. In essence, you will keep the costs of all the components while saving on labor. Several bath bombs can be purchased with savings.

But keep in mind that competent professionals might finish the job quicker and more efficiently than you. Cost savings should be compared to these benefits when making a decision.

Budget between $1,500 and $10,000, or between $70 and $100 per square foot, for a DIY bathroom, remodel. Although the labor expenses of self-renovating a bathroom are reduced by 50%, professional electricians and plumbers are still required.

DIY Bathroom Remodel Cost Calculator:

Size Average cost
3×5 $1,050 – $1,500
5×7 $2,450 – $3,500
6×8 $3,360 – $4,800
8×8 $4,480 – $6,400
10×10 $7,000 – $10,000

DIY Tools & Supplies Cost:

Tools and supplies for a DIY bathroom remodel cost $100 to $600 on average. Here let’s see a bathroom remodel cost breakdown with an itemized list.

Item Average cost
Gloves $4 – $20
Caulking gun & sealant $8 – $60
Hammer $5 – $30
Tape measure $3 – $15
Spackle & Knife $10 – $30
Stud finder $5 – $50
Power drill $20 – $200
Pry bar $5 – $30
Chisel $3 – $20
Wrench & screwdrivers $10 – $50
Hacksaw $5 – $30
Utility knife $2 – $8
Chalk line $8 – $20
Safety mask $3 – $10

Costs: Professional vs. DIY

Professional Do-it-yourself
A minor bathroom remodel  $6,214 $2,156
Major bathroom remodel $37,073 $14,057

 How to Save on Bathroom Remodeling?

You can cut costs on your bathroom renovation project by adhering to a few extra rules in addition to prioritizing your tasks and making a sensible budget. These ideas may seem obvious, but they are tried-and-true methods for identifying the most affordable bathroom renovation options.

1. Keep the Bathroom’s Dimensions and Layout

When remodeling or expanding a bathroom, plumbing connections frequently need to be moved, which can be expensive. Moving the sewer pipe and toilet discharge is quite expensive.

2. Keep the Bathroom’s Load-Bearing Walls

Load-bearing walls serve as both the roof and the second floor’s support if you have one. Major structural modifications are required to move or remove a load-bearing wall. External walls that can support weight are frequently present.

3. Refinishing Bathroom Fixtures Instead of Replacing

The price of the new fixtures increases if the old bathtubs, shower bases, or surrounds are removed and replaced. It might include building modifications and deconstruction in addition to new installations.

4. Installing a Ready-Made Shower or Bathtub

One of the most expensive bathroom improvements you can undertake is swapping out an outdated prefabricated shower base and surrounding it with a base and walls made of bespoke tiles.

5. Comparing Different Experts

Before selecting one specialist to complete the task, consult with three to four others. Finding the expert most suited for the project is one benefit of speaking with several contractors. It can also be used to get the price that most closely fits your budget.

6. Examine each Quote for Bathroom Remodel Project

There will be numerous line items in the estimates that contractors provide you. Make sure you understand the quote for the bathroom remodel project and what you will be paying for before choosing a remodeler.

7. Deal with the Cost

Many homeowners are unaware that they can haggle over prices with contractors. Modernize gives homeowners the knowledge and tools they need to successfully negotiate bathroom remodel costs. Obviously remodeling a dated bathroom with luxury fixtures or high-end fixtures like natural stone shower walls, tile surround floor plan, expensive light fixtures, etc can cost you a lot of money.

8. Examine the Bathroom Assurances

There are warranties from the manufacturer and the bathroom remodeling contractor for bathroom fixtures and features. Examine the details of the warranties that are offered for each item. The idea that there is money somewhere might surprise you.


A number of factors must be considered when calculating the cost of your bathroom repairs. This includes even the most basic components such as square footage or even complex topics like the type of materials used in plumbing fixtures and their quality. Designing your perfect bathroom is fascinating, but you should avoid the impulse to do so without a purpose and a budget in mind. The secret to remodeling success, which may be either joyful or frustrating, is planning.

It could be challenging to generate an accurate estimate while keeping all these factors in mind if you manage a construction firm and must provide remodeling estimates to clients.

Stay away from manual estimate mistakes. Use a cutting-edge cloud estimation tool like Moon Invoice to get precise estimates.