The use of Online Billing software or Accounting software reduces time and stress in tracking financial transfers. Using the accounting app, accounting staff, and company owners will work on business management’s strategic areas. It automates the process of producing financial results that enable company owners to make better business decisions.

If you’re contemplating buying Wave but still haven’t checked at the Wave alternative accounting software one of the best accounting software for businesses that competitors are proposing, it’s a good move to do it.

It’s not easy to pick an accounting app. There is a multitude of various accounting services accessible with a variety of features. In this guide, we evaluated seven other software termed as “best alternative to Wave.”

Stats & Fact check

Increase in spending behind technology in 2021 - Accounting Today

Increase in spending behind technology in 2021 (Source – Accounting Today)

According to the Accounting Today report, small businesses would invest 41 percent more than they have previously spent on acquiring and developing advanced technologies. As we show data from accounting today – the tech spending quota includes the best accounting software for businesses; Mainly online billing software.

Top 7 best online accounting software for businesses in 2021

So, the list is not limited to this seven software. But these are well research and already popular as Wave alternative.

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1. Zoho Invoice

Well enough and easy to navigate, Zoho Invoice is a versatile Small Business Accounting Software. It comes with several easy-to-use frameworks, and companies will streamline a tonne of them and save time on billing.

zoho Invoice Software - Moon Invoice

Zoho Invoice also includes a report maker, and as it operates in the cloud, it can be viewed and updated by open apps. With Zoho, you will never face any sort of problems in accepting payments as it is integrated with multiple payment gateways.

Suppose you are looking for a solution for managing invoices, quotes, bills, connections, and expenses. In any case, Zoho Invoice covers all of this and can be further combined with Zoho Books, Zoho CRM & Zoho Mail. The excellent and best alternative to Wave.

2. Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice is one of the top names in providing a cheap, all-in-one financial service.

Since the invoicing period begins, this Online Billing software has equipped the consumer with accurate billing choices. Like consultants, small business owners, and large companies, they operate exceptionally well and fully follow their specific requirements.

Moon Accounting Software For Businesses - Moon Invoice

Well, every year, several tax reformations take place in the various business segment. So, through a simplified tax setup, you can keep an eye on your GST value. It is also relatively easy to create invoices on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis using the Moon Invoice program.

Moon Invoice produces instant bill reminders, Cost reporting within no time, and provides a range of language assistance. It is a brilliant choice as the best accounting software for businesses compared to Wave.

3. FreshBooks

Another excellent wave alternative that can fill your needs. FreshBooks allows convenient accounting and billing, simple and edits templates, and various features to guarantee that the overall process is simplified and effective across diverse business models.

FreshBooks Accounting Software Alternatives - Moon Invoice

Also, all are stored digitally in the database so that you can access your saved data from either device through mobile applications.

You’ll keep track of your company’s billing and spending, and there’s a beneficial feature that lets you tie your bank statement to upload data and make it easier to manage your expenses.

4. QuickBooks

If you are a small or medium-sized enterprise and actively looking for online accounting software – then QuickBooks is the best wave alternative to be considered.

QuickBooks Online Accounting Software - Moon Invoice

QuickBooks has all the valid reasons to become a leading accounting software. Excellent tax services and payroll, a healthy amount of integration, strong accounting is the set of features available in the software.

5. Xero

No matter in what industry operate – manufacturing, shopping, retails, sales, Non-profit, etc. Xero fits in all kinds of environments. The most competent wave alternative.

Accounting Software alternative to Xero - Moon Invoice

The Corporate Accounting Platform of Xero has several exceptional functionalities, as described below:

• Simple and effective invoices in varying currency rates and currencies that are revised on an hourly basis.
• Integration of nearly 700 third-party systems, Xero file attachments, and quick running costs.

6. Invoicera

Invoicera is another online accounting software that has several functions, like Time tracking and project expense. For the rest, it’s cloud-based, so you can access it on mobile when you’re away and around. Setup is simple, but the software has several choices that enable you to cover nearly any billing field outside of direct billing.

Invoicera Accounting software Alternative - Moon Invoice

Using Invoicera, you will get very few options for templates but you can edit all the available templates. There are also several automation options, including yearly invoices and packages, all of which may be paid through a broad range of payment portals.

7. Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is a quick billing interface with advanced billing features, over 40 payment gateway integrations, and outstanding customer service. The app was unveiled as recently as 2014, but it still impacts its innovative functionality collection and free pricing policy. If you’re looking for a free Wave Alternative – get the specifics of it.

Invoice Ninja - Business accounting software Alternative

Invoice Ninja is the best-fit Accounting Software for Small Businesses that require basic financial statements and payment and not yet equipped for a complete accounting framework like Wave.

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Bottom Line

So, this is our pick for the best alternative to Wave or the best accounting software for businesses and seven options to the lookout in 2021, but the option is not limited to these seven alternatives. Having attentive and advanced payment and payroll tools by your hand is nothing but heaven since it automates accounting on all occasions.

Please make the correct decision on what you want by evaluating, researching, and checking online accounting software possibilities.