If you’re the owner of your own company, you’re well aware of the hassle of invoicing customers. And when you have consumers in multiple countries, things may get even more complicated since the currency translation process can be time-consuming and expensive. And that is when you realize that you need the best invoicing apps.

However, there is no need for things to be in such a state. Using a simple invoicing app to create invoices is an option that is worth exploring if your objective is to simplify the way that you handle your money.

The billing process may become simpler with the help of the best invoice apps described in this tutorial. The best invoicing app will not only help you save time, but it will also assist you in presenting yourself more professionally.

The whole billing procedure may be simplified with the help of automated invoicing technologies.

You can quickly and easily build customer profiles with payment methods, expenditures, and a company logo by simply clicking a few clicks. Just tap a couple more buttons to send the invoice to the customer’s email. Free invoice app: here is a list:

10 Best Invoicing Apps to Consider for Small Business

We know that you know something about invoicing apps with invoicing features, which is why you are reading this post, but you need to admit that not all invoicing platforms and their key features are the same.

Which small business invoicing apps are ideal for you will depend on your specific requirements, the complexity of your invoice, and your available funds. The greatest online invoice generator, not surprisingly, doesn’t come cheap.

If you’d rather not spend money, check out one of the many free invoicing options discussed here with professional advice. You may get them online, on Android, or on iOS.

1. Moon Invoice

With Moon Invoice, the best free invoice app, you can efficiently send unlimited invoices to all of your clients, suppliers, and service provider. Estimates, invoices, and expenditure reports may all be generated quickly and simply. The POS billing app and time tracking features are included in the billing and invoicing software for easy retail payment processing. This software may be downloaded and used on computers running Windows and Mac OS X and on mobile devices running Android and iOS. It is the best invoice app in the market. It has a user-friendly interface and customized branding.

It is an all-in-one solution software that automatically generates invoices and includes a “pay now” button that allows customers to pay using any of twenty or more supported payment methods. Receiving payment is simple and fast. Our web-based billing system has a special function called “Proforma Invoice” which no other similar programs provide. As a result, you can easily create an infinite number of proforma invoices for customs clearance purposes. Pro forma invoices may be converted to paid invoices with a single click that you can link directly to any payment system.


Moon Invoice provides advanced features at an affordable price range for businesses of any size. You may select the appropriate paid plan according to your business finance needs and begin with a free trial for any of the plans you select. And the best part is you can switch and upgrade any plan anytime.


  • Invoice customization
  • Invoice Payment Reminder
  • Invoice Tracking
  • Receiving online payments
  • Inventory and Bill Management
  • Expense Management
  • Invoices for unlimited customers
  • 24-hour customer support
  • POS Module

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Pros Cons
The main advantage of going with Moon Invoice is – it is easy to use and understand. And mainly, it is compatible with any type of operating system. You may create professional-looking custom invoices with the software.
Sometimes due to the system update, tiny bugs in the problem cause minor pain to the users for a certain period until the next update fixes the bugs and glitches.

2. FreshBooks

You’ll have a hard time finding invoice software with accounting features. Finding cost-effective software with robust invoicing features and excellent invoicing capabilities is even more challenging. This is why FreshBooks is the best alternative for companies of any size.

FreshBooks simplifies billing and accounting by providing templates that can be quickly created and modified, as well as a plethora of other advanced features that streamline the process and make it more amenable for multiple businesses of all sizes.


FreshBooks is running a 50% off campaign, which provides a lite plan at 15$ per month, just 7.5$. But if you do not consider this offers for the time being – For $15 per month, you may sign up for the Lite plan and start charging up to five customers.

With the Plus plan, you may charge up to 50 customers each month for only $30. For $55 per month, you may upgrade to the Premium plan and invoice up to 500 customers.

Suppose your company has more than 500 customers or yearly billing of more than $150,000. In that case, you should consider the Select plan tailored to your specific needs. The plan’s pricing plans ranging according to individual needs.


  • Invoicing
  • Faster Payments
  • Mobile App
  • Expense Tracking
  • Project Management and Time Tracking
  • Integration
  • Assign User Role
Pros Cons
If you need a streamlined and user-friendly accounting solution that you can use from any device, look no further than FreshBooks accounting software. Making bills, tracking payments, and doing other routine activities is a breeze.
It isn’t great for organizations that keep inventory since it doesn’t have capabilities like vendor management, inventory management, or buy order placement. Instead, it caters to businesses providing services or projects and comes equipped with time tracking and project management features.
Service-based companies would benefit greatly from FreshBooks’ plethora of advanced features, which make client invoicing a breeze. Owners of businesses would rather not spend billable hours figuring out their accounting software so that they may return to operating their businesses.
Another flaw is not being able to check reports or manage projects and employees from inside the invoice apps. While you can access your FreshBooks account via your phone or tablet browser, doing so is difficult if you’re on the road.

3. Zoho

Zoho is free invoicing software for PC and mobile devices that enables small companies to make professional invoices in addition to proforma, timesheets, recurring, and credit notes. The Zoho invoice generator enables the creation, modification, downloading, and transmission of invoices to clients and customers worldwide.

Zoho Invoice is a powerful accounting tool for any small business that is also well-organized and easy to use. It includes intuitive tools that may help organizations preserve time on invoicing processes.

All small companies may benefit from Zoho Invoice. These free cloud-based invoicing apps help with invoicing, expenditure monitoring, and receiving online payments. The main functions include a client portal, time tracking, billing, reports, and a time tracking template builder.

Zoho Invoice allows organizations to keep tabs on estimates, turn them into invoices, and remind customers to pay. In addition, customers may set up recurring jobs, gather prepayments for future projects, and see past invoices.

It is possible to produce invoices in many languages and currencies. Small enterprises’ free option for online billing software also tracks employee work hours and manages expenses.


Zoho Invoicing is completely free. You can check for more details here. But if you are looking to integrate the invoicing with any other functionality (like Zoho CRM) then it might have a cost.


  • Invoicing regularly or as needed
  • Methods for Keeping Tabs on Time and Compensation
  • Spending Control
  • Free Editable Invoice Forms
  • Capability to deal with several different currencies
  • Accessible Online Area for Customers
  • Online Transactions
  • Due-Date Alerts that Are Always on Time
  • Powerful in-built reporting
Pros Cons
One major pro of Zoho invoicing is that it’s Free, and you need to pay only for a payment gateway or add-ons. Apart from that, there are ample customization options available. Also, it provides simple and intuitive invoicing software for freelancers, solopreneurs and small business owners.
Well, using Zoho for free has limited functionalities for the free tier. Another negative part is it does not integrate with Zoho Inventory, and the free version limits you to 1000 invoices per year.

4. Wave Invoicing

One of the best invoice app on our list, particularly amongst small company owners, is Wave Invoicing; nonetheless, the program’s occasional slowness has resulted in its low ranking. In addition, the user interface isn’t always the smoothest to work with.

Wave, on the other hand, is free of charge and has three components: an invoicing app (for making and sending invoices for payment), an accounting app (for keeping tabs on revenue and expenditures), and a receipt scanning app (for scanning receipts with a mobile device for expense tracking).

Advanced features you need of modern invoicing solutions include automated reminders for late payments, branded invoice templates, mobile invoicing administration, tracking when a customer has seen an invoice, and automatic cloud backups.

You will be charged only if you utilize Wave’s payroll administration or online payment processing services, which also provide unlimited clients. Without these concerns, Wave is one of the greatest free freelancing tools.


When it comes to Wave Invoicing pricing, it is completely free, just like Zoho Invoicing. Still, If you are using Wave for receiving payments or payroll for your employees, you need to pay extra. Check their detailed plans with many features here.


  • Invoicing
  • Tax Support
  • Estimates
  • Contact Management
  • Expense Tracking
  • Accounts Payable
  • Inventory
  • Unlimited Customers
  • No. of reports (limited in free version)
Pros Cons
Wave is not only free but also quite effective. Wave is a great fit for any enterprise of any size. All of your financial demands are met by Wave.
Two big enhancements may be made to Wave. Having an urgent issue resolved is almost impossible when working with their customer support department. Filing a dispute over a chargeback is complex and difficult to understand. Customer service may be a pain when you have a few days to send your grievance paperwork for a chargeback.

5. Invoicely

Freelancers, micro-companies, and small enterprises who need a simple method to handle invoices and estimates can benefit from using Invoicely’s invoicing software.

The app provides basic invoicing capabilities and sophisticated features, including support for several currencies, many languages, and time-saving invoice automation. The staff may create bills, estimates, and invoices and then forward them to the proper people. Invoice formats for regular payments may be altered in the system. Brand names, themes, highlighted colours, and other customization options are available for businesses.

With Invoicely’s billing and invoicing app, business owners can get paid faster online via various methods, including popular gateways like PayPal, Wepay, Stripe, and more. The accounting program comes with its reporting console. Employees may produce various spending and invoicing reports to maintain tabs on their yearly and monthly cash flows.


You may visit here to know the detailed pricing and key features, but in general, Invoicely provides 3 basic plans – 10$, 20$, and 30$ (No hidden fees)


  • Accounting
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Invoice and Billing
  • Taxation Management
  • Time tracking
  • Invoice templates
  • Automatic payment reminders
  • Online payments
  • Reports
Pros Cons
A good thing about Invoicely is it offers more features even in their free plan. The User Interface is quite modern and easy to use. In short, it contains all the essential tools an invoicing app must have.
Invoicely offers limited invoice customization, and the free plan has limited integration. And another which you might not like about Invoicely is their poor customer service.

6. Xero

New Zealand’s Xero has been giving QuickBooks a run for its money in the cloud accounting software market since 2006. Xero is a powerful accounting system that allows for an infinite number of users, advanced accounting capabilities, many reports, and 800+ connectors. Xero is cloud-based software, making it accessible from any device and featuring a sleek contemporary user interface.

Over 16,000 accounting companies use the programme as their main accounting solution, making it the world’s most widely used accounting software. Recently, the organization has addressed one of its biggest weaknesses by introducing a new project management function.


At one time, Xero’s price was quite flexible. The software’s second selling point was that all plans included payroll and that customers could use all of Xero’s features. Xero provides customers with a choice between three distinct price tiers. All payments are due on the first of each month.

You are free to terminate your membership at any moment since there are no yearly commitments (although you must give a 30-day notice of your cancellation). To help you evaluate Xero, the firm provides a 30-day free trial and an active demo company.


  • Invoice Creation
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Payment Processing
  • Financial Reporting
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Payroll Management
  • Invoice Processing
  • Expense tracking
  • Create Estimates
Pros Cons
With Xero, you can have unlimited users and clients; for any plan you select, you will get a 30days trial. You will get Extensive online tutorials and support to learn the more complex systems.
To work with Xero – the learning curve is a bit difficult. Also, the quotes and invoices are limited to 20 per month. Also, if you are operating in multiple currencies – it is only available for the highest subscription tier.

7. QuickBooks

Since it is a one-stop shop for accounting, invoicing, and cost monitoring, QuickBooks Online earned a spot on our list of the best accounting software for your small business. For 30 days, you may use the full functionality of the Simple Start Plan at no cost to see whether the product is right for you.

Regardless of what kind of bookkeeping you require, QuickBooks Online, which is hosted in the cloud, has you covered. It’s a paid service that’s useful for many businesses. It is especially helpful for those that routinely collaborate with an accountant or bookkeeper.


Quick Begin, Basic, Plus, and Pro are the tiers available. Plans may cost anything from $30 to $200 per month. More capabilities and users are unlocked at higher subscription levels. There are no yearly commitments or monthly fee payments.


  • Free Mobile Apps
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Accountant Access
  • Automatic Backups
  • Data Security
  • Free Unlimited Support
Pros Cons
QuickBooks intuit is widely used by bookkeepers and accountants. Using its mobile app – it becomes much easier to track business finances
It has insufficient consideration of business- and industry-specific needs (such as lot tracking, eCommerce and barcode scanning). Also, it has weaknesses in Key Reports Outside of Accounting.

8. Harvest

The online time tracking, expenditure tracking, and invoicing software Harvest are user-friendly and available anywhere. It’s cross-platform and convenient for keeping tabs on time spent on tasks and projects and get paid for them. Using this safe, consolidated, cloud-based solution, groups can better manage their time, learn from data-driven reports and analytics, and base their predictions and goals on hard evidence.


The Solo plan’s $12 monthly price allows for an unlimited number of invoices, customers, and projects for up to three individuals. The Basic package costs $49 per month, allowing up to nine users and includes timesheet approval. The Business plan costs $99 per month and allows an unlimited number of users. The products include a free 30-day trial. We also provide a permanently free version that lets you handle up to four customers and two projects.


  • Time Tracking
  • Reports and Analysis
  • Invoices & Payments
Pros Cons
Managed budgets for client projects. You can utilize this feature to set specific spending limits for each client’s projects. Accurate timekeeping — times are rounded up to the next tenth of an hour or six minutes. This allows for simple time monitoring and sufficient money-to-time billing. The clock on your PC can be activated from your phone, and vice versa, for seamless timekeeping.
When you track time using its time-tracking feature -each time the clock starts from zero, you need to add the cumulative time for each task on a paper copy

9. Invoice2go

Accounting software like Invoice2go may assist small companies and freelancers manage their finances by creating invoices and estimates, collecting customer payments, and producing useful data. Users can personalize invoices by including logos, brand colors, and other branding elements and then send them to clients via text, email, or other apps.


The transaction cost for using Invoice2go to process payments starts at 2.9% + 30 cents (the precise amount varies based on your plan).

The number of invoices you send each month and the number of users who will need access to your Invoice2go account are more important considerations than the extra features that come with each service tier. Suppose you compare the premium plans to the standard plan. In that case, you’ll discover that the premium plans don’t provide many more benefits.


  • Invoice Templates
  • Instant Estimates
  • Time tracking
  • Invoice tracking
  • Performance Reports
  • Accept Payments
Pros Cons
Invoice2go, which is compatible with Apple and Android devices, as well as a user-friendly PC dashboard, bills itself as “professional invoice software” since it makes it easy for company owners to send and monitor invoices that appear professional.
Invoice2go is exactly what it claims: a simple and convenient invoicing solution with a mobile alternative. Invoice2go is not likely to meet your needs if you search for a comprehensive accounting solution.
The most useful feature for company owners is Invoice2go’s “Pay Now” option, which enables quick payment. Also, its reminder feature for paying bills eliminates the need for impromptu (and sometimes uncomfortable) contact with late customers.

10. Billdu

Make professional-looking invoices with the help of Billdu’s convenient online invoice generator. In a matter of seconds, you can make and send beautiful invoices, estimates, purchase orders, and delivery notes. The Billdu app is user-friendly, efficient, and compatible with your gadgets. Clients can pay you immediately if you take credit card payments. Keep tabs on your spending and upload receipts as you go. Expense management lets you keep tabs on your spending and instantly submit receipts. Billdu is offering 30 days of free service.


Basically Billdu is free to use if you are a freelancer with limited usage. But the company offers three plans with the in-app purchases range of 3.99$, 8.99$, and a premium 16.99$ per month as per the user’s requirement. Every plan has its own set of features and you have the facility to switch over at any time.


  • Invoice Creation
  • Templates
  • Payment Acceptance
  • Payment reminders
  • Client Signature
  • Recurring invoices
Pros Cons
Creating Invoices using Billdu is easy and can be done in a few clicks. If you are in a business that requires recurring invoices – it will reduce your burden by 90%.
According to reviews, they have a negative impact when it comes on customer service

Key Benefits of Using Invoicing App


With invoicing software, you may save your expenses by 40 percent, even if your company adds clients, suppliers, and procedures.

1. Faster Payments

Online invoicing programs reduce the time and expenses it takes to send out invoices. Because the whole invoicing process may be handled quickly, mobile invoicing speeds up payments. Sending and reminding clients of their overdue payments is a breeze with a mobile invoicing app.

2. Enhanced Data Management

The Online Invoice App improves communication across stages of a project. Now that the administrative work has been taken care of, you may focus on more pressing matters. However, small company owners are switching to mobile invoicing since sending and monitoring bills seem laborious abroad.

3. Simplify Your Billing Procedures Overall

When choosing a mobile invoicing solution, inquire about any potential integrations. The finest cloud-based invoicing tool helps you save time and expenses on billing tasks while providing invaluable data for expanding your business. With the help of the company invoicing tool, you may have access to all of your data from any of your approved devices and send unlimited invoices.

4. Quick Data Access

Not a single piece of information is lost while you are away. Invoicing app’s compatibility with Android and iOS invoicing apps means you can quickly access relevant business data with just a few clicks. It’s simple to generate bills, track project progress, and monitor employee involvement.

How to Choose the Right Invoicing App for your Business?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to choose the best invoice software for your company, with the constant stream of new options appearing on the market and the regular updates to existing ones. Think about what you need from a billing and invoicing tool before looking at other possibilities.

  • Integrations
  • Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Cost


The best free invoice app available for organizations just starting or needing to keep costs as low as possible. The best invoice app provides the bare minimum to let you create and send professional-looking bills. Still, they often lack more advanced functionality than you’d get in premium software.

You can start your free trial of Moon Invoice’s invoicing app and select the best suitable plan for your business. Contact us now to know more!


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