How long have you been waiting for a payment on your invoices before this happened to you? This might be a sign of an issue with your invoice tracking if it occurs repeatedly. Tracking invoices is essential for sending out reminders, adding late penalties, and, most importantly, obtaining payment.

Invoice tracking is a must-business activity for all-size businesses. Suppose there isn’t a system of tracking invoices in your organization. In that case, you may lose payments from clients, resulting in a disturbance in cash flow.

Maintaining a healthy cash flow and improving financial projections are key to the success of any organization. Businesses may benefit from better insight thanks to invoice tracking software and payment monitoring features. This can enhance everything from operational efficiency to supplier relations.

Smart tips when it comes to invoice tracking?

A small business’s ability to pay its bills is directly related to how much money it has to pay. Thus payments & invoice tracking are essential. An online invoice generator software should be used for tracking. Invoices paid and unpaid, costs incurred, and profit made are all shown on a company’s dashboard via a cloud-based platform.

1. Use online invoicing software

Use online invoicing software for invoice tracking

When it comes to organizing invoices and receipts, invoice tracking software & tools are a godsend since they may prevent paper invoices from getting lost in traditional filing systems, which can lead to a considerable delay in the payment process.

When investing in online invoicing software – look for the following features.

It can be operated on the cloud

Payment applications for companies are becoming more common, allowing invoice tracking from your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are.

Integrations with third-party applications

Payment processing and mobile payment applications like Google Pay, which are increasingly becoming the most popular payment ways among digitally aware clients, are integrated into many invoicing and payment software packages.

However, many will integrate digital card readers to accept credit and debit card payments, both physically and wirelessly.

Creating and sending invoices

This function may generate professional invoices and send reminders for your customers, making it more straightforward for them to pay your bills. They provide email templates that save you time.

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Reports on earnings and losses

Your business’s net profit may be calculated using reporting capabilities that tally up all of your paid and unpaid bills. If your company’s expenditure is out of hand, this may help you pinpoint the issue. Small enterprises may benefit from this feature.

Several different users can use it

Even though the most frequent user of any invoicing software is accounts receivable, it’s a good idea to provide access to other employees so they may keep track of their costs and client payments.

Enhanced protection

Your information should be protected against fraud, so be sure that the online invoicing software you choose can maintain it.

A business accounting software firm, such as Moon Invoice, offers these functions and more.

Using this online invoice generator software, you can produce professional-looking invoices, collect payments instantaneously, set automated reminders, send invoices through its phone app, and manage chores automatically, all of which will help you finish your accounting more quickly and effectively.

Invoice Tracker Template for Google Sheets is a free and dependable tool for invoice tracking. Customers’ payments may be entered into the template, and any outstanding amounts will be calculated automatically.

Keep track of your invoices and payments using Excel as well. Excel’s invoice tracker is a breeze to work with. Excel’s filtering and sorting capabilities let you sort invoices by date or customer.

2. Adopt best billing practices

Adopt best billing practices-invoice tracking

To create invoices, you may utilize a template provided by your invoice tracking software. One of these most valuable features is that it automatically generates fresh invoice numbers and sends reminders when payments are overdue.

Even though this makes things easier, you must always input correct and complete data in the areas given. However, this data might suddenly become highly significant if an invoice is underpaid. This may appear trivial while preparing the invoice.

What are the different types of invoices?

3. Invoices that are unpaid or not responded to by clients should be followed up

Invoices that are unpaid or not responded to by clients should be followed up-invoice tracking

A suitable online invoicing software flags late payment. Reminder emails may be generated and sent to customers by specific systems. Emails like this are often disregarded, though.

The best approach is to contact the customer first as a courtesy to inquire about payment in invoice tracking. 

If you cannot get in touch with the person, try sending a follow-up email with a copy of the invoice attached. Having the invoice available to your customer is a huge convenience for both of you. 

4. Regularly generate and review reports

Along with invoice tracking, run frequent reports, such as a “Profit and Loss Report,” to get the most out of it. With the help of a profit and loss report, you’ll be able to see how much money you’ve made and how much you’ve lost so far in the current year.

Consider that you have a small tailor shop. The company has only been in business for six months. All of your bookkeeping is handled by yourself since you are the only proprietor of the company. Through the use of online invoicing software, you do this. All of your spending and revenue have been entered into the system meticulously. 

According to the information in the report, you have earned 180k in gross revenue and spent 120k in costs thus far. He has a 60k net profit. Therefore, you conclude that you should reduce a few costs to maximize profit.

Wrap up

Your company’s success or failure may be directly correlated to its ability to invoice tracking. You may make things as simple as they can be by using invoice tracking software available online and delegating tasks. 

Find a system that fits well with who you are so you can get the information you want without driving yourself completely nuts. Another thing to consider is the importance of finding a system that works well for your business personality.