Every business needs an effective marketing campaign to survive and excel. 

The same applies to the giant food industry, including restaurants, coffee shops, cloud kitchens, food trucks, food delivery channels, pubs, bars, and more. 

When an owner decides to launch a restaurant to serve the customers healthy and delicious food followed by good service, an effective marketing strategy arises to boost the restaurant traffic. 

We are here to help new and budding restaurateurs learn about some awesome restaurant marketing ideas for increasing sales or footfall. 

Shall we begin?

Inside story of being a restaurateur 

A restaurant isn’t built in a day. It takes a lot of planning and execution to bring a restaurant to life. The legal procedure of launching a cafe and restaurant is different in different countries, but one thing remains the same for helping the restaurant run successfully, i.e., good food and service. 

The restaurateur must comply with all the legal formalities, including applying for and obtaining all the restaurant licenses and following the health and safety rules for operating without any permissible hassles. The rest of the story of running a successful restaurant revolves around the restaurant’s food, service, and marketing strategy. 

There are two types of restaurateurs, active and passive. The life of a restaurateur is quite busy, especially when the restaurateur is an active partner or owner. If your food outlet is your emerging startup, you shall be one of those active restaurateurs that spend most of the time improvising the food, service, and marketing strategy. Before discussing some awesome restaurant marketing ideas, let’s talk about the importance of online and offline marketing strategies. 

Why is marketing so crucial for restaurants and cafes?

Marketing is crucial for running a restaurant successfully because the success ratio of restaurants is not so attractive. And, despite the same; there are more and more food outlets launching daily in our city. 

With the help of effective online and online marketing ideas for restaurants, the outlet can increase the weekdays and weekend footfall. Restaurants expect significant footfalls on the weekends. In a country like India, weekends are meant for cherishing outside food. So, there must be a planned strategy for increasing routine and weekend/holiday footfalls. 

Effective restaurant marketing ideas are crucial to help your outlet stand out from the competitors. After all, the restaurant success ratio is relatively poor in the first five years of its establishment. Hence, investing in offline restaurant marketing ideas, social media marketing for restaurants, and integrating and working on the restaurant data using POS billing software is highly crucial and non-negotiable. 

Before moving ahead to read the best restaurant marketing ideas and tips, let’s have a glance at the restaurant analytics. 

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Restaurant industry analytics 

  • 60% of the restaurants fail in the first year of operation
  • 80% of the restaurants fail within the first five years
  • 20% of the restaurants survive to experience long-term growth

To be in the 20% of the restaurant category, the restaurateur needs to follow an extensive list of marketing strategies with proper execution. 

As per the National Restaurant Association, the average restaurant failure rate is 30%, and it shall keep increasing with the increasing number of restaurants. 

2 in 5 restaurants fail to survive the first year.

Quick Restaurant Stats from Finances Online-Restaurant marketing ideas

Quick Restaurant Stats from Finances Online

The Covid-19 pandemic has enhanced the failure ratio of the restaurants because of a lack of workforce, dine-in visit anxiety, and a decline in the demand for outside food. 

Even post-covid, the restaurants find it difficult to return to their pre-covid sales ratio. Here are stats from the National Restaurant Association highlighting the real eating and drinking place sales before and after the pandemic. 

Real Eating and Drinking Place Sales-Restaurant marketing ideas

One of the primary reasons for the failure of restaurant operations post covid and amid covid was the dampened staff levels. Nevertheless, the increase in the food costs and the disturbance in the supply chain due to the pandemic proved to be a significant challenge for the restaurant to continue with seamless operations. 

Now the question is- How to increase restaurant sales? What are the best restaurant marketing ideas to help boost footfall and delivery numbers?

Here we go!

Increase sales with these awesome eleven restaurant marketing ideas

Have you launched a new restaurant?

Are you surviving with really pitiful restaurant sales figures post covid?

Are you thinking of restarting your restaurant after the pandemic?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, you must follow these awesome online, social, and offline marketing ideas for restaurants.

1. A precise & clear online presence

While launching your restaurant or cafe or a cloud kitchen, the first and foremost thing is to have a clear and precise presence in the online world. 

Today, we live in an era where we use our smartphones to find information, be it a name, address, or phone number. Hence, the NAP must be optimized in the search engines to help visitors find the correct data. 

If you haven’t optimized the NAP of your restaurant, then it is the priority task that you must follow under the best restaurant marketing ideas. 

2. Utilizing customer data in the best way

Utilizing Customer Data in the Best Way-Restaurant marketing ideas

Data is the king! It is the source that helps business owners in defining their marketing strategy. Any restaurant or food outlet must record their visitor’s data and use it while designing a marketing strategy. 

For example: If you have recorded the customer’s address or area in the billing software of the restaurant, you can use the data as business insights to understand how far the customers are visiting your restaurant. It may help you in defining the delivery model of your restaurant. 

3. Good food & service

Food and service are the two pillars of any restaurant or food outlet. People love visiting restaurants and fine dining outlets that offer the best food and service. 

So, what should you do to offer the best food & service?

  • Order the best vegetables, fruits, and groceries
  • Hire the best chefs to prepare the restaurant dishes 
  • Maintain good hygiene in the restaurant
  • Serve the food in neat and clean dishes
  • Keep the restaurant and its surroundings clean
  • Offer quick billing with the help of billing software for restaurants

A restaurant outlet has two managers. The kitchen manager is a supervisor, and the F&B manager is the restaurant manager. Both the managers need to conduct daily briefings before the restaurant’s opening hours to deliver the best food and service to the guests arriving at the restaurant.

Encouraging the restaurant staff with bonuses, tip distribution, and other incentives will help your restaurant with more footfall as motivated employees deliver the best output. 

4. Menu optimization 

A good picture helps to sell, and the quote applies a hundred percent in the restaurant industry. The dishes displayed beautifully on the menu are always on the highest-selling list. Kids and adults are attracted to traditional or digital menu pictures. 

So, you first need to design a menu and optimize it beautifully to help your guests order more dishes. 

5. Signature offers & packages

Some signature offers and packages must be designed for the customers or guests to sell more dishes. There must be some combos or unlimited meals intended for the corporates or students to help your restaurant with routine sales or footfall. 

Also, restaurants are a favorite place for celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, or special days. Hence, some signature offers and packages should be designed for particular guests to help them book your place for celebration.  

Do you want to launch your restaurant or cafe?

6. Partnership with delivery apps

Restaurants that cannot deliver to their customers because of a lack of delivery staff or transport facilities must believe in partnering with third-party delivery applications. Popular food delivery apps such as Zomato, Swiggy, UberEats, Seamless, Grubhub, Doordash, FoodPanda, Talabat, etc., are pretty helpful for restaurants in increasing their daily numbers of orders. 

7. Social media engagement

Social Media Engagement-Restaurant marketing ideas

One of the essential tools of online marketing is social media. Following social media marketing for restaurants is quite effective in attracting more visitors or customers. Social media helps you stay connected with your customers after they follow your page. Nevertheless, you can disclose the various offers or upcoming holiday celebrations and themes on social media to attract your guests. It is one of the online restaurant marketing ideas that help increase the footfall of the customers. 

8. Customer loyalty program

Every restaurateur must design a customer loyalty program that includes membership or points. The customers need to understand their benefits or privileges while choosing your restaurant for an onsite visit or food delivery service. 

Designing a customer loyalty or membership program will help the customers feel privileged or special, and they shall be happy revisiting your restaurant. It is one of the best ways to enhance the customer retention ratio. 

9. Integration with POS billing software

As discussed earlier, data is quite essential for running efficiently. The business that best utilizes the data can define the best marketing strategy. The restaurant billing software helps the manager feed accurate data in the restaurant industry. The data includes business sales, taxation figures, product inventory, customer data, menu items, and more. 

10. Utilizing business insights generated by restaurant billing software

Business insights generated using POS billing software play an important role in designing compelling restaurant marketing ideas. For example, the item-wise sales reports help the manager understand the highest and lowest selling menu dishes and guide the manager to prepare an upsell strategy for the low-performing cuisines or dishes.

11. Trying something new & innovative 

One of the best ways to attract more guests or customers to your restaurant is by trying something new and innovative now and then. Restaurants have a cut-throat competition these days for which they need to be better than their competitors to gain their customer’s attention. 

Hiring a guitarist or solo singer, hiring a music band on weekends, changing the lighting and decorations, adding more plants, decorating the restaurant as per the ongoing themes and holidays, introducing new dishes, announcing customer gifts and draws, etc. are some of the innovative things that a restaurateur must consider for improving the incoming footfall or traffic. 

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Get ready to serve your customers!

So, if you are ready to launch or relaunch your restaurant by following our expert restaurant marketing ideas, we would be glad to know about the results. Please share in the comment section if you want to ask our experts about the online and offline marketing ideas for restaurants. 

Also, as a restaurateur, you must search for the best POS billing software for restaurants that can help your outlet with menu optimization, order management, quick billing, product inventory, business insights, and more. 

Tip: Post covid-19, the restaurants face difficulty returning to their pre-covid sales figures. It is best to adapt to the latest technology to save time and effort and hire human resources. For example, Indian restaurants have introduced barcodes for scanning menus and UPI payments to save time on order management, billing, and payment collection.