When you learn the invoicing basics, you have to come across the different types of invoices, including commercial and proforma invoices. 

Invoicing is important for all businesses. Be it retail or wholesale or any business, sending invoices is a crucial part of their business operations.

We have mentioned the different types of invoices in our earlier blogs, but this is a detailed version to help you clear the basic difference between a commercial and a proforma invoice. Because many business owners think an invoice is a common term for all types of invoices, which isn’t true.

What is a Commercial Invoice?

A commercial invoice is a business or final invoice that the seller sends as proof of sale. It is a demand for payment from the buyer. Invoice elements that help the buyer acknowledge the sale details, including the date of sale, payment to be done, bank details of the seller, and terms and conditions.

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What are the Key Elements of a Commercial Invoice?

A commercial invoice is also known as a final invoice. A final invoice is a legal business document for keeping the books of accounts updated. While you create an invoice, there are key elements that need to be included. All these elements help to draft a perfect invoice.  

Key Elements of a Commercial Invoice

  1. Invoice number
  2. Invoice date
  3. Company logo
  4. Company details
  5. Customer details
  6. Signature
  7. Product or Service breakdown
  8. Payment total including tax
  9. Payment details and terms
  10. Payment due date
  11. Payment outstanding 
  12. Pay Now Button 

Commercial invoices are classified into two types: Invoice due and Invoice Paid. 

Here is what a due invoice looks like!


What is a Proforma Invoice?

The seller issues a proforma invoice in advance of the sale. It is more like a preliminary bill of sale that is sent before the work is completed. Technically, it is proof of commitment between the seller and the buyer. 

A proforma invoice is not considered valid in the books of accounts. It is solely issued as a commitment by the seller or service provider. The key business sectors such as import and export or IT industry generally issue the proforma invoice as a commitment. 

What are the Key Elements of a Proforma Invoice?

A proforma invoice has various key elements. Here is the list for your reference. 

  1. Proforma invoice number 
  2. Date of issue
  3. Customer details
  4. Shipping method
  5. Product or service breakdown 
  6. Total payment including tax 


Proforma invoices are classified into two types, Proforma or Invoiced. Once you convert your proforma invoice into a final invoice, it is no more called a proforma invoice in the books of accounts. Also, a final invoice is a valid legal document for maintaining the business accounts. 

Commercial Invoice Vs. Proforma Invoice

A commercial invoice is different from a proforma invoice. Here is the set of differences for the Final Vs Proforma Invoice

Commercial Invoice Proforma Invoice
A commercial invoice is a final invoice. It is considered a business document while maintaining books of accounts. A proforma invoice is not a final invoice. It is issued as proof of commitment to the sale of a product or service.
A commercial invoice is classified as a due or paid invoice. A proforma invoice is classified as proforma or invoiced.
It is issued before the buyer makes the payment. It is issued before the goods or service is delivered by the seller.
Invoice essentials include mode of payment, payment due date, and other payment terms. A proforma invoice only includes the total amount. It doesn’t demand payment from the buyer.
A commercial invoice is essential to maintain for small businesses. It serves as an important document during the company audit. A proforma invoice doesn’t serve any purpose during the company audit.
An invoice is not converted into a proforma invoice. A proforma invoice is converted into an invoice.

How to Generate a Proforma Invoice Online?

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