While you have chosen your way independently by managing your finances, freelancing your skills, and adoring yourself solo- you must look into the professional aspects that can ease your business management process. 

Well, if you have recently started freelancing- you may have somewhere between two to seven clients. In this case, you might face difficulties in managing time, billing the clients, or judging your business’s success ratio. But as you grow, the list will continue to multiply. 

Accounting software for freelancers is the key to managing everything. Well, if you haven’t used any online billing software to bill your clients or keep a record of your invoices, you must do it now. Not because we are selling it, but because we are selling it for your systematic business management. 

Moon Invoice’s best free accounting software for freelancers has exclusive invoicing features followed by time tracking feasibility to help freelancers and artists track the time of each project they are working on. Also, our time tracking feature helps to manage the time logs both manually or using the in-out clock. Later, you can generate an invoice from time logs with a single click. You can learn more about our time tracking tools for freelancers by reading the blog further.

How long have you been freelancing?

Choosing to freelance is a bold decision. I am sure when you have chosen to freelance your technical or business or talent skills, most of your friends or relatives would have guided you to choose a job over freelancing. Going solo with your business is like a roller-coaster ride, but yes, it delivers tremendous thrill and experience. 

If you have been freelancing for more than a few years, you must have a healthy list of clients or customers, which is quite appreciating. But what if I ask you how you bill or invoice your customers? 

An offline survey says 70% of the freelancers use Google spreadsheets & PDFs for invoicing their clients. 

But is this the professional way to invoice your clients or customers?

Having accounting software for freelancers is like spending approximately 4-5 USD per month. Don’t you think it is equivalent to having a cup of coffee? Then why should you avoid investing a minimum amount for subscribing to an online billing software like Moon Invoice?

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Well, I shall leave you thinking about this on your own. 

Meanwhile, we are here to help you acknowledge the top ten reasons for investing in a professional invoicing app

10 Reasons why freelancers & artists should have an online invoicing app

Freelancers and artists can have significant advantages by investing in online billing software. Here are the top ten reasons justifying the same. Also, we have listed these benefits by consulting the freelancers, utilizing our app for more than a year. 

1. Helps in designing professional invoices

One of the ultimate advantages of investing in accounting software for freelancers is that it helps you design professional-looking invoices. You don’t have to design invoices manually, as Moon Invoice has 66+ readymade PDF invoice templates to help you generate standard or final invoices. 

2. Creates a good impression 

Professional invoicing helps create a good impression on your clients or customers. Manual invoices and spreadsheets can prove quite confusing to your clients. On the other hand, professional invoices look smarter, adding the right impression. 

3. It helps to get paid faster 

It helps to get paid faster

One of the best things about Moon Invoice, free accounting software for freelancers, is that it helps to integrate the ‘pay now’ button into the invoice that helps get paid faster. Using the pay now integration, you can add your online payment method and ask the client to pay directly using the button on the receipt of the invoice. 

The entire process helps you to get paid faster. Also, the software has got payment alerts that remind of the payments due for receipt. This way, you never forget your essential payment collection from your clients or customers. 

4. Simplifies the business process 

Online invoicing software that helps manage the invoices, project time logs, estimates, and business reports eventually simplifies the entire business management process. 

5. Guarantees data security 

Guarantees data security

Moon Invoice’s online billing software stores all the user data on the cloud. We have an ultimate and secure backup of your business data, which leaves you tension-free while managing your business. 

Do you want to generate invoices from time logs?

6. It saves time and effort 

Creating a manual invoice involves a lot of effort and time. Imagine you have to enter the correct invoice number, date, details of the product or service, tax, and discount details, proceed with the manual calculation, add notes, payment details, etc. Whereas creating an invoice using the Moon Invoice template is quick and easy. The invoice number and date are auto-generated; later, you can add the project or product details using the saved projects or products. 

Freelancers and artists can focus on their work and skills by trusting an accounting software for freelancers for managing estimates, purchase orders, and invoices. It saves time and effort and helps them create a professional invoice

7. Access to data anytime, anywhere

Access to data anytime, anywhere

If your online billing software is cloud-based, you can access your business data anytime, anywhere. You do not need to be on the business spot while managing your work. It is simple and quick to send an invoice using a cloud-based app like Moon Invoice. You can send an invoice right after serving the client if you are an artist. 

8. Time tracking is a cherry on the cake

You must always check while subscribing to online invoicing software as a freelancer. It is a cherry on the cake if your invoicing and billing app can provide a time tracking feature. The time tracking feature helps manage your project and task time logs using the in-out and manual clock timer. The same time logs are helpful at the time of creating an invoice. 

9. Generates invoices from time logs

One more reason for using the time tracking tools for freelancers is that it saves much time generating invoices. As you turn on the timer, your time tracking is begun, which is saved in the form of time logs. These time logs are used for generating quick business invoices. 

10. Cost-effective & value for the money

Our best free accounting software for freelancers provides 100% value to money as our software is available at only 4.16 USD/month. It is quite cost-effective compared to the features offered. 

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Freelancers can improve their productivity by saving time and effort on designing professional invoices. Spending around 4 to 5 USD per month to acquire a fully-functional invoicing app is quite worth your business or profession. So, don’t think much! Try to surf for the best accounting software for freelancers and start invoicing your clients!