Delivery receipts are also known as POD (Proof of Delivery). 

How will you know if your customers have received the service or goods? The concept of delivery receipt came into existence for ensuring the successful receipt and confirmation of goods or service delivery. 

Today’s blog will talk about the introduction to delivery receipts and their benefits. Also, we will discuss the blank receipt templates and their customization using the invoice creation software

Let’s discuss the same

What is a Delivery Receipt?

We have been witnessing the delivery of various things in our lives daily. For example, we get a notification as ‘delivered’ when the message is delivered while sending a text message. Likewise, we can be notified of successful delivery while sending emails. 

In business terms, a delivery receipt is issued by the seller to the customer for getting confirmation from the customer. The seller or the delivery personnel asks the customer to sign the delivery receipt to confirm the delivery of the goods or service. Using online billing software, the delivery receipts are easily generated. We shall talk about it in detail further. 

The Consignee and the Sender

In businesses where the seller or the sender needs to regularly send goods to the consignee, the importance of delivery receipt is primary. Businesses need to get the delivery receipt duly signed by the consignee to deliver the consignment successfully. It helps the logistics department stay updated; it also helps the logistics update the other department about the delivery receipt management of a particular consignment. 

Businesses use blank receipt templates and customize them to business standard delivery templates to get it duly signed by the consignee or the customer. In short, delivery receipts are used in various businesses for confirming the seller or the sender about the successful delivery. 

Benefits of Issuing Delivery Receipts?

Different businesses take the help of delivery receipt management for managing their logistics operations. Let’s discuss the various benefits of issuing timely delivery receipts.  

1. Keeps the Logistics Channel Updated

One of the significant benefits of using a free receipt template app is that it helps generate receipts that help update the entire logistics department of your business or brand. 

Small business owners can benefit from avoiding too many people in the logistics department by defining a simple delivery receipt management routine with the help of proof of delivery routine. 

Getting the delivery receipts duly signed by the receiver or consignee helps the logistics channel stay updated. With the help of the digital channel, the entire business department, from the seller to the delivery person to the customer, stays updated using the proof of delivery concept. 

As a result, there are fewer confusions associated with the delivery status of a particular consignment as everything is updated digitally. 

2. Right Person, Right Delivery Concept


Right person, right delivery refers to the correct delivery. For example, we have often experienced receiving an incorrect food parcel or a wrong consignment at our address. If the seller has issued a delivery receipt along with the parcel, it helps the delivery person and the receiver cross-check the consignment with the delivery receipt details. As a result, there is less confusion in the delivery routine, thereby quickening the delivery process. 

3. Wrong Delivery Status Updated

Like the excellent delivery receipt, the proof of delivery helps identify the faulty goods. With the help of proof of a delivery document, the receiver can match the consignment items with the expected consignment details to figure out the delivery genuineness, including the quantity and type of goods. Wrong or incorrect consignment is identified easily, thereby matching the details of the consignment with the delivery receipt. 

4. Finds Out Damaged Delivery Issues


With the help of delivery receipt management, the damaged goods can be retained from the consignee at the time of delivery itself. It helps save time picking up damaged goods, thereby preventing transport expenses. Also, the business owner can issue credit notes to the consignee for the damaged goods using the same online billing software. 

Moon Invoice helps business owners to generate invoice online, purchase orders, credit notes, and delivery receipts via a single app. In addition, our free receipt generator app helps manage many business operations via a single screen. 

5. Prevents Shipping Disputes


One of the ultimate benefits of maintaining an accurate delivery receipt management system is that it helps prevent shipping disputes. eCommerce business owners need to get accurate shipping for enjoying a hassle-free business. With the help of our online billing software, eCommerce business owners can manage delivery receipts on the go. Issuing electronic receipts anytime, anywhere helps prevent and manage shipping disputes. 

How to Issue Delivery Receipts with a Free Receipt Maker App?

A free receipt maker app is one of the best ways to issue delivery receipts online. To generate delivery receipts online, the seller or sender needs to download our blank receipt templates from the app and customize them online. After customizing it by adding the business logo, receiver details, product details, and signature, the receipt can be issued online to the consignee with the help of Email. Also, it can be issued by printing the receipts via the same app for offline transactions. 

Generating Receipts with Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice, online billing software, helps businesses to manage different types of receipts via a single screen. Whether cash receipts, delivery receipts, sales receipts, or payment receipts, all the types of receipts are managed using our free receipt maker app. For the first seven days, the software is free for use. Later, the user can choose from any Moon Invoice subscriptions to continue issuing delivery receipts to the consignee. 

  1. Download Moon Invoice- Free Receipt Generator App
  2. Register and Click on Receipts
  3. Start Adding Receipts with the help of Blank Receipt Templates. 
  4. Print Receipts, Download it Or Send it via Email


Businesses that need to issue timely delivery receipts to their buyers, receivers, or consignees must log on to our free receipt maker app. Start designing unlimited free delivery receipts to issue it for maintaining accurate proof of delivery regime for your business. Connect with our receipt module experts to learn more about utilizing the blank receipt templates offered by Moon Invoice.