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Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice Newsletter September 2021

We Made this September to Remember with Many Updates!

What's New in iOS?

Forget the Boredom, Discover New UI in iPhone & iPad!

iPhone and iPad users can now experience the latest UI changes while managing contacts and their recent activities with an improvised dashboard view! With the recent activity dashboard view, managing contacts & their updates is quick!
Also, iPad users can now experience ease with the new multi-window support. Multi-tasking could be a whole new thing on your iPad device, including M1 MacBook Users.

Improvised App Settings & Data Security Add-On!

Well, the settings view is completely modified with parental groups and their sub-categories. It is now easy to figure out the various settings options with redefined groups. Also, you can be sure of your data backup with an auto-backup feature on every new login! Choose cloud or local data for storing all your business data!

What's New in Android?

Visible Interface Changes, You Have Always Asked For!

New Android users can experience the 'no record' UI changes in the welcome screen. You will have a list of activities to do with your new account's login screen. Nevertheless, give a hi-five to the engaging subscription screen, specially designed for Android users.

What's new in Windows?

Practise the Easy Tax Column in Invoices

Windows users have an added facility to make quick invoices with the easy tax column. Added an exclusive new feature, 'Apply tax to all list items. It helps the Windows users to apply the same tax slab to all the items in the invoice list, saving a lot of time!

Greet the Exceptional New UI!

New Windows users can experience the 'no record' UI changes in the welcome screen. You will have a list of activities to do on your new login. Also, get a pre-defined startup flow on the welcome screen to manage your business accounts. Let's Try Now

These are some of the new features that we've implemented. Happy Moon Invoicing.

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