There could be a number of reasons why you chose to become a freelancer. It can be money, freedom of time, freedom of place, etc., whatever the reason may be for you – but you cannot survive without these freelancer tools in 2023.

As a freelancer, you need project management tools, accounting software, invoicing software for freelancers, time tracking tools, and many other best apps for freelancers to manage projects in a better manner. But now, what are the top picks, or what are the best tools for freelancers? We are here to discuss that!

Well, we have made it easy for you in this blog. Take advantage of this exclusive read! A stat we have for you is that nearly 73% of Americans will be working as freelancers by 2023.

Don’t Miss Out On These 15 Best Freelancer Tools

The finest tools for freelancers may improve efficiency, productivity, and the quality of life for freelancers as a whole.

Incorporating time-tracking software and project management software is really helpful for managing time. It ensures that freelancers can easily keep track of the hours they can bill and meet project deadlines successfully.

By bringing projects, deadlines and client communication in one place, task management and note-taking apps enhance productivity. Video conferencing and other communication tools enable collaboration with clients and other project members.

The capability to collaborate with customers in time is an advantage of using collaboration platforms and file-sharing systems. Payment processing gateways and invoicing software for freelancers have simplified the billing process, leading to customer satisfaction. Additionally, portfolio websites and design tools play a role in showcasing work online.

Invoicing Tool

The very first set of tools for freelancers is related to invoicing tools. Invoicing stands crucial in the freelancer’s life. It is the right invoice that helps freelancers like you in getting the payments on time. Let’s check out the best invoicing software for freelancers.

1. Moon Invoice

Moon invoice - invoicing software for freelancer

The first freelancer software we have here is Moon Invoice. A brilliant and capable invoicing tool. The core reasons behind using and ranking it high are – that it has a time tracking feature, you can use customizable invoice templates, and it saves time in creating professional invoices.

It is best for freelancers’ businesses whether web development or graphic design – since it was one of the first companies to offer a quick and comprehensive payment solution. This makes Moon Invoice the clear winner in our comparison.

Because of our free online invoicing software, we have always been able to provide reliable billing solutions for our customers. A significant benefit that it offers to contractors, small firms, and big corporations alike is its adaptability, which enables it to satisfy specific requirements and achieve particular objectives.

Because of the more open and understandable tax system, it is simpler to keep track of all of your tax obligations, regardless of where your business is located. When using the Moon Invoice programme, you may create an invoice whenever you need it.

Receiving bill alerts with Moon Invoice enables you to keep track of your expenditures while also facilitating rapid access to further linguistic support. Nevertheless, the freelance invoice template designs you get here in 66+ designs which makes it easy for you to generate accurate freelance invoices for your varied clients. Download the freelance templates in PDF from Moon Invoice and customize it to issue professional invoices like a PRO.

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Our billing software is a perfect choice for a freelancing business with many vital features on the board.

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Moon Invoice Key Features:

  • Unlimited invoicing with 66+ templates
  • Winning business estimates
  • Link bank account and credit cards
  • Payment receipts
  • Time-tracking for projects
  • Dashboard with summary
  • Payment reminders
  • Credit notes
  • Business reports

Scheduling Tools

Scheduling tasks is one of the essential parts of a freelancer’s life. You need to do the job, communicate with the client, prepare bills, etc. And more, you need to work for multiple clients. So, scheduling tools help to save time in client management.

2. Calendly

Calendly - scheduling tool

Next on the list of best tools for freelancers is a scheduling tool. Calendar management and managing projects go hand in hand. Are you tired of the hassle of finding a time to meet? Simplify the process by sharing your personalized scheduling link from Calendly with the individuals you need to connect with.

Calendly is a meeting scheduling platform that seamlessly integrates with applications such as Zapier, MailChimp, Slack, Salesforce, etc. It also supports calendar systems like Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365 and iCloud. Calendly also automatically handles timezone detection so you can book meetings with customers from various countries with less confusion. You can also share these schedules on different social media platforms.

Project Management Tool

3. Asana

Asana-Project Management Tool

Asana is a freelancer tool related to project management that has been built and developed to provide a variety of capabilities for small businesses. Because of its potential, it may seem quite overpowering.

However, it really thrives when used for projects that involve cooperation with other people or when you are added to someone else’s instance of Asana. Both of these scenarios are where it excels the most. It is recommended that you make use of a tool in order to manage the administrative side of your projects.

Spelling and Grammar Checking Tool

4. Grammarly

Grammerly-Spelling and Grammar Checking Tool

How is it possible when we talk about the best software for freelancers and not Grammarly? It is the most popular tool among every freelance writer. Grammarly is the top-notch choice when it comes to checking grammar. Even if you’re not a writer, it’s still recommended to use Grammarly. At least try the free plan. It ensures that your client emails, social media presence, freelancing portfolio website and more appear polished and professional.

It has an excellent user-friendly interface. They are currently working on personalized writing insights for writing blogs and social media posts.

Grammarly quickly corrects everything from subject-verb agreement to punctuation and modifier placement. It even helps with words that are spelt correctly but used in the context. The best part is that Grammarly provides feedback for each suggested change.

Additionally, Grammarly includes a plagiarism checker function, which can be handy if you’re collaborating with authors.

Communication Tools: Slack and Zoom

5. Slack

Slack-Communication Tool

It’s rare to find a company that doesn’t utilize Slack or a similar freelancer software for facilitating communication among employees collaborating on projects. It really comes in handy when you have messages that don’t warrant emails and would be inconvenient. What is the main drawback of accepting a customer’s invitation to join their Slack workspace? You end up getting bombarded with notifications!

If you still need to start using Slack, you should get it and start using it so that you’ll be familiar with it if and when a customer requests that you do so. In addition to Google Drive, Trello, and Asana, Slack interfaces with many of the other top tools for freelancers listed here because of its widespread use.

6. Zoom

Zoom-Communication Tool

If you have clients in different countries, making phone calls to them using networks can be quite costly. But don’t worry, there’s a solution; video chat applications that let you communicate with people all over the world without any charges.

Whether it voice or video calls, the valuable tools for freelancers—video chat apps—have made the world feel smaller by enabling connections;

Zoom allows you to conduct conferences (or webinars) with more than 100 participants and even offers video recording capabilities. It’s free for meetings that last up to 40 minutes and have a number of attendees. If you need more than that, they also offer paid plans.

Design Tool

7. Canva

Canva-Design Tool

In the year 2023, freelancers may use Canva as a resource. It’s a design tool that makes it simple for freelancers to produce designs for their companies, regardless of whether or not they have substantial design experience or access to specialized tools.

You now have the ability to create posts for social media, presentations, marketing materials, and a great deal more with the help of Canva. The platform provides a wide variety of pre-made designs to choose from, in addition to user-friendly design tools, which help to ensure a smooth workflow.

It offers tens of thousands of professionally created templates that may be used for a variety of creative tasks. You have the ability to personalize the appearance of the design components, such as the fonts, colors, and photos, any way you see fit. The intuitive interface of dragging and dropping elements around guarantees trouble-free development of designs. Share your designs with the other members of your team as well as your customers to facilitate collaboration.

Canva is able to interact with other productivity applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Trello in a simple manner. In addition, there is an app that allows you to work on your designs even while you’re not at your desk.

Social Media Management Tools

8. Hootsuite

Hootsuite-Social Media Management Tool

Hootsuite proves to be a choice for managing media, offering flexible options as your business or client needs to grow beyond the basic plan. One noteworthy feature is the ability to create teams for each client’s profiles, ensuring they only see their own scheduled posts. The platform also provides analytics reports and other tools to enhance your social media efforts.

What sets Hootsuite apart is its training platform, which not only teaches you how to use its tools but also guides you in optimizing your overall social media marketing strategy.

Designed with freelancers in mind, Hootsuite serves as a hub for scheduling, publishing and monitoring all your social media activities. It allows you to manage accounts effortlessly, track engagement metrics, and collaborate efficiently with team members or clients.

9. Buffer

Buffer-Social Media Management Tool

The fact that Buffers has a queue function contributes to the app’s widespread use. It gives you the ability to submit material without requiring you to indicate when it will be posted.

The articles/posts that are currently in your queue will be published in Buffer at the times and days that you have specified. You have control over the situation since the sequence in which you add them is changeable. For this programme, they provide a version as well as many paid subscription alternatives, which may be selected based on the user’s requirements.

Email Writing & Marketing Tools

10. Mailbutler

Mailbutler-Email Writing & Marketing Tool

Whether you use Google Mail, Apple Mail, or Microsoft Outlook, Mailbutler can help you get more done in less time. It was designed to improve the email experience for independent workers. Mailbutler provides a number of tools to help users become more productive, including the ability to trace emails and links, queue messages for later reading, and create custom signatures and templates.

Using the email monitoring tool, you can monitor who opens your messages and when, as well as who clicks on your links and attachments. To send an email at a later time or date, use the “Send” option. As a result, you may work whenever is most convenient for you without having to worry about disruptions in communication.

Emails that haven’t been responded to should be followed up on. You may prod yourself in the right direction by setting alerts. It’s not easy to turn email into actionable items that can be scheduled with your other commitments.

11. Mailchimp

Mailchimp-Email Writing & Marketing Tool

Talking about various tools, Mailchimp is a marketing tool that empowers contractors to establish and grow their email list, engage with their audience and promote their business.

No matter the industry they work in, freelancers can create emails that look good, design landing pages tailored to their business, and automate marketing campaigns using Mailchimp.

You have the power to create and send designed email marketing campaigns that look amazing on any device. You can boost your company’s visibility and increase conversion rates by creating landing pages.
It will help you expand your email subscriber list with tags, segments, and customized sign-up forms.

Online Storage Tools

12. Dropbox

Dropbox-Online Storage Tool

When you use Dropbox, you have the option to save a number of files for free.

If you invite your friends to use Dropbox and set it up on devices, you can earn storage space each month. This allows you to store files and easily share them with others. Depending on your needs, it might be worth considering investing in storage capacity.

You can utilize Dropbox both on your PC and through the Dropbox applications. By doing all your online files will automatically sync to your computer without any effort required from you.

13. Google Drive


Google Drive is quickly becoming a viable alternative to Dropbox due to the fact that practically everyone already has a Google account. In addition, Google Drive provides access to the whole suite of software products developed by Google, such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.

Using these tools for freelancers, you will be able to. Collaborate in real-time with other people while simultaneously storing your work in Google Drive. It functions similarly to Dropbox in that it doesn’t cost anything, but it offers 15 GB of storage space for your files.

You have the option to pay extra to improve your storage space, which you may do if necessary. In addition, if you install Drive on your computer, you will have the ability to synchronize your data.

Expert Writing Aid Tools

14. ChatGPT

In 2022, ChatGPT made quite a splash in the world of technology. It harnessed the power of the OpenAIs AI language model to generate text that closely resembles writing. This incredible tool has a range of applications, including answering questions, engaging in conversations, automatically translating text, and even creating content.

Freelancers now have the opportunity to leverage ChatGPT for purposes. They can use it to create content, polish and edit their work, provide top-notch customer service or conduct research. For example, a freelance writer could use this program to brainstorm ideas for articles, compile a list of asked questions or gather information on topics.

15. Hemingway

The Hemingway app is a tool for checking grammar and providing insights into your written content, whether it’s for your purposes or clients. You can utilize this app to evaluate both your writing and that of others. One of its features is the ability to determine the readability level of your material. For instance, it can inform you if you’re using vocabulary and sentence structures that may need to be revised for the reader.

Furthermore, Hemingway goes beyond this by helping you make your writing more concise and understandable. It offers suggestions such as replacing terms with words, breaking up paragraphs, and ensuring consistency in active and passive voice usage. All these aspects contribute to enhancing the quality of your writing.

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So, that is it when it comes to the best freelancer tools to look for in 2023. While every tool is free with limited features, we emphasize using invoice software sensibly as it involves confidential data.

Moon Invoice can be a perfect tool to create and send invoices from a single place with several other collaboration features such as project management, time tracking, estimate creation, receipt creation, bank reconciliation, and more.