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Open Office Invoice Template

Are you seeking an open office invoice template? Then switch to the Moon Invoice to quicken your receiving payment from all over the world. Generate open office invoices quickly and efficiently just by filling in your details. No matter what your business is about and its size scale, we offer highly reliable invoice templates to fulfill every need.

Open Office Invoice Template

Download the Free Open Office Invoice Template

Create a Free Open Office Invoice quickly and easily with ready-made samples. Regardless of your business's nature and size, grab the right tool to manage
your billing.

Open Office Template (1)
Open Office Template (1)

Get and create effective invoices through the free invoice template docx. Effortlessly add your details to make your payment procedure smooth and fruitful.

Open Office Template (2)
Open Office Template (2)

As a professional business owner, you can create the right image for your business. Keep the correct format and content through a free open office invoice template to streamline your every billing.

Open Office Template (3)
Open Office Template (3)

Make your invoicing correct with the invoice template in Open Office. Give a professional look to an invoice while incorporating automation into the calculation.

Looking for Highly Personalized Open Office Invoice Templates?

Avail High Level Open Office Invoice. Streamline Your Billing to the Next Level.

What Is Utilization of an Open Office Invoice Template?

What Is Utilization of an Open Office Invoice Template?

Open Office Invoice Template is utilized for accelerating the invoice making process. These templates can be useful for any business type. Business owners can easily develop invoices and strengthen their billing. Templates can be useful as follows:


Invoice templates are highly subject to accuracy. The in-built format helps to gain high accuracy in billing.


Invoice templates provide a professionalism look to the invoice. Hence, it keeps the business image up to the mark.

Legal Compliance

Legal requirements such as tax details are often mentioned in the invoice templates.


The standard format always makes it easy to include details in less time. Hence, it improves efficiency.


Invoice templates offer automation in the payment calculation. It saves time and calculates tax automatically.

Custom format

Invoice templates are highly personalized. Users can change the invoice details and format as per the need.

How to Create or Fill an Open Office
Invoice Template?

Open office invoice templates are meant to simplify the invoice making. The templates have all the crucial fields to fill in the details. Moon Invoice platform offers all kinds of templates which are closely related to open office invoicing.

To create and fill in an open office invoice, you need to follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to the Moon Invoice or directly download the Open Office Invoice Template
  2. Finalize the template which is highly close to your need
  3. Fill in the details that make your invoice look complete and informative.
  4. Make sure you fill in every detail correctly
  5. Include your service details with an appropriate price
  6. Add the authorized signature and payment terms
  7. Download the invoice or you can directly send the invoice to your client.
How to Create or Fill an Open Office Invoice Template?

Create an invoice where professionalism meets efficiency.

Sleek the business cash flow and let your payment come on time with our open office invoice template.

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What Information Is Included in an Open Office Invoice Template?

What Information Is Included in an Open Office Invoice Template?

Certain information is highly crucial to include in an Open Office Invoice as.

Invoice Date

Every invoice should have an invoice date.

Invoice Number

Every invoice should have a unique invoice number. This number is very useful for tracking invoices easily.

Goods and Service Description

This field is very crucial for filling up the details of every rendered service and product.


The currency field is important to fill in when international trade takes place.

Business and Client Details

The business owners have to fill in the details related to their company (name, address, and contact details). Additionally, client details are equally crucial.

Payment terms

Including payment terms helps in a better understanding of the payment process.

Tax information

Never forget to include tax information for better payment calculation.

Download a Open Office Invoice Template Free

Get an open office free invoice template and generate an invoice within a minute. Give new wings to the billing process of your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Invoice Templates in OpenOffice?

Yes, there are invoice templates in OpenOffice. You need to follow the listed steps below.

  • Visit and find invoice templates
  • Click on the Get More Templates button
  • Click on the option ‘File’ then ‘New’ and then ‘Templates and Documents’

Is there an Invoice Template in Microsoft Office?

There are many free templates available in Microsoft Word. You can easily find them through navigating ‘File’ and then ‘New’. After that search and select your desired template from the available options.

What Office Program Is Best for Invoicing?

These office programs are ideal for invoices.

  • FreshBooks
  • Zoho Invoice
  • Xero
  • Intuit QuickBooks Online
  • Square Invoices

Is There a Template for Invoices?

There are many customizable templates for invoices. These templates are available in Excel, Word, and PDF. It makes the billing process simple.