Whether you are a medium-sized business or a large-scale organization, bookkeeping is a must. Long gone are the days when record-keeping meant filing pages, tracking papers and manually processing data. The present-day business economy mandates a better and quicker way to keep tabs on the accounts. The best Accounting Software for Businesses offers you that.

This is where the popularity of QuickBooks peeps in. Claiming itself to be the best, QuickBooks offers a secured way of managing your organization’s account. With that being said, we agree that QuickBooks is one of the widely used accounting software. But, it isn’t the only one. There are enough QuickBooks Alternative solutions to look forward to.

This article focuses on helping you identify how to make a pick among the top alternative to QuickBooks or other accounting tools. But before that, let us check if you actually need to make a switch or not.

When to make a Switch from your Old Accounting Software?

When a business decides to move its accounting process to an online tool, most of the accounting professionals rely on the top-listed solutions in the search engine, disregarding the fact that it may not be the best solution for all. After a few days of use, things start getting clearer. That’s when one must look for QuickBooks Alternative instead of wasting more effort.

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From features to pricing, there could be many aspects that you might not like about your first choice. The fact that the tool is a bit complicated and requires significant knowledge, entrepreneurs are now in search of an alternative. Precisely, a tool that is both cheap and easy-to-use. In case you too are in search of a QuickBooks alternative, this article will be of help.

Given below are the top factors that you must consider when selecting the Best Accounting Software for businesses.

Choosing the best alternative to QuickBooks

1. Begin with determining your needs

The choice of accounting software is largely dependent on the type and size of the business. Meaning that for small-scale organizations, limited features are required. On the other hand, organizations that have a huge revenue count, they require specific functionalities to simplify the management process.

That is to say, the accounting software will be different for different organizations. Besides, the type of industry you work in matters too. While you will always have the option to opt for generic tools, niche-driven software acts as an onus. Hence, the need to first outline your business requirements before selecting a QuickBooks alternative.

2. Prioritize cloud-native applications

Cloud-based software that could be your top alternative to QuickBooks is on the rise. The sudden outbreak of the pandemic forced organizations to move their everyday operations to a remote environment. Taking into consideration the same, it is important to look for applications that are hosted over the cloud.

Prioritize cloud-native applications use Best Accounting Software for Businesses - Moon Invoice

When we talk about cloud solutions, the primary reason why we recommend the same is because of the wealth of benefits it has to offer. For one, it eliminates the need to purchase third-party software. Second, it allows you to access the tool anywhere and anytime. Meaning that no matter where you are, you can always access the software and keep tabs on your accounts.

3. Emphasize the cost

Even though you might be a big fat organization with a good revenue count, pricing is one thing you can never miss. There are dozens of accounting software available over the web, each of which claims itself to be the best. What you need to do is scan through the list of bookkeeping software and compare them depending upon the features they offer.

Once you do that, you can then sort them based on the pricing. Depending on what interests you the most, you can then select the accounting tool that offers the desirable features and also appears to be economical.

4. Take a look at the add-on elements

The modern-day accounting software isn’t limited to simply bookkeeping. Instead, they are designed to offer a lot more than the basic features. What this means is that there are numerous add-ons available, each of which helps simplify the entire process of managing and tracking business accounts. For instance, a few bookkeeping software allow you to integrate payment portals to ease the process of raising invoices and making payments on the go. Besides, such tools can easily integrate with your eCommerce store enabling automation at the best.

5. Accountant-approved

Using a tool for account management is surely a good thing but it is important to verify the same with your accountant. Considered that you have minimal knowledge of how such management works, it is best to take the help of an expert and understand whether or not the tool can work on behalf of your accountant. You may also get confused while making the decision, hence the need to check with the domain expert before using it full-time.

Introducing Moon Invoice

Having said all of the above, you might be wondering which tool would be better as an alternative to QuickBooks. Well, to be honest, there are dozens of the kind. However, we recommend using Moon Invoice as an accounting tool for your business.

Introducing QuickBooks Alternative -Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice is one of the trending accounting software in the industry today. The tool is easy to use and comes with an intuitive infrastructure that assists and guides you throughout the management process. Claiming itself to be one of the best online invoice management software, the tool allows you to keep track of all your expenses with ease. In addition to the same, it helps you raise invoices, sends them to your clients, and also gets paid through it.

What’s best about the tool is that it isn’t expensive. So keeping aside the budget, you can always rely on Moon invoice to use it as an account management tool. Irrespective of the fact that you are an expert or a general professional, the tool doesn’t mandate any prerequisites. You must not be one with tremendous knowledge of accounting because the tool is intuitive in itself.

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Moon invoice is one-in-a-kind software and priced economically. If you are looking for a top alternative to QuickBooks, Moon invoice is the best bet. You can opt for the trial version of the software before investing in the same.