Invoicing is a basic need for businesses across the world. Everyone must have a systematic invoicing platform to demand payments from a small organization to a multi-national company.

Why PDF for Invoicing?

PDF is considered one of the most standard formats for invoicing. Most business owners use PDF invoice template to generate PDF invoice.

Originally, PDF files were used to send agreements, financial documents, and deeds because the format only allowed one to open and view the document, leaving no scope for editing or changes.

Nowadays, PDFs are converted to Microsoft Word documents and available for editing, but it is a long process. Considering both the advantages and disadvantages, PDFs are still one of the best formats for invoicing.

What is a PDF Invoice?

A PDF invoice is a type of invoice document format generally issued by the seller to the buyer to demand payments for the goods and services sold. In the modern way of invoicing, PDF is considered one of the most standard and optimal methods. Therefore, it is easy to find invoicing software online that helps businesses with their most concerned action: how to make a PDF invoice.

Invoice Template PDF: Example of a Dully Filled PDF Invoice

PDF Invoice

What is a Free PDF Invoice Template?

A PDF invoice template is a sample invoice form that helps generate a final invoice in easy steps. A free invoice template in PDF has all the invoice essentials that need to be filled duly by the accountant or the business owner who is responsible for drafting an invoice. To generate a PDF invoice, it is best to download a PDF invoice template as it saves time and resources in designing an invoice.

Download the PDF Invoice Template to Generate Quick Invoices

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How to Create a PDF Invoice in Simple Steps?

Here are some simple five-step illustrations to create PDF invoices under 60 seconds.

Note: PDF invoices can be generated in two easy ways. Either you can use an invoicing app to create a PDF invoice or can directly use the free PDF invoice template online for making a final invoice.

Let’s talk about both methods to generate a PDF invoice.

Using an Invoicing Software Using PDF Invoice Templates
Get an invoicing app like Moon Invoice and follow these steps on how to create a PDF invoice in 60 seconds. Download the free PDF invoice template forms online to generate PDF format invoices in minutes.
1: Sign up with our online invoice and estimate software and add a company.  1: Choose the best PDF invoice template from the free invoice template designs. 
2: Start filling in the company details for which you want to generate PDF invoice.  2: Download the invoice template PDF on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone. 
3: Click on the Dashboard > Sales > Invoice to create a PDF invoice.  3: Open the invoice form and have a quick glance over the format. 
4: Start adding invoice details such as invoice number, date, company logo, currency, due date, line item description, discounts, unit price, and applicable taxes, and get the automated total amount based on the data filled in the invoice.  4: Fill up all the blank fields to create PDF invoice that looks professional. From adding invoice number, date, and line items to adding the correct payment terms- do not miss out on any essential field, as it can help to fastrack the payment process. 
5: Add payment terms, bank details, direct pay link, and company signature at the bottom of the invoice to get timely payment from the client. 5: Cross-check if you have added the correct payment terms and bank details to get paid on time. Also, tally the total amount of the invoice with your existing sales receipt.

Why Use a Free Invoice Template to Generate PDF Invoice?

Invoice templates are ready-to-use invoice forms that are available online. It takes less effort to generate an invoice using a free invoice template PDF as most of the details are mentioned in the format, which just needs to be polished or filled to create a professional-looking invoice.

  • Saves time for generating a new invoice
  • Helps generate a professional invoice
  • Easy to edit or modify the details
  • Quick to download and save on any device
  • Readily available online on most invoicing portal

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How to Send Invoices in PDF Files to Your Customers?

To send invoices in PDF file you must generate an invoice using the PDF format. It helps to share and send invoices quickly and easily. PDF invoices can be sent using both mail or can be document as WhatsApp attachments. Moon Invoice lets you send all your invoices using both WhatsApp and email sharing feature. Also, using our online invoice and estimate maker app, users can send multiple invoices to different customers and vendors in PDF.