Sales and cash flow are the two most important pillars for running a business. And where there is cash flow, the need for rendering bills and invoices generates automatically. Whether it is a new enterprise you have started off or a veteran venture the importance of maintaining a proper billing records to keep business afloat is immense.

Traditionally handwritten invoices are becoming obsolete day by day due to its long and tedious calculations and extreme proneness to errors.  Although till date many businesses are still resorting to their manual calculations techniques, in this modern world of speed, precision and agility keeping up by such methods do come as a challenge. Where instant billing, invoicing and dispatch is coming as a new cool the importance and inevitability of free invoicing and expense tracker app along with additional integrated software to maintain the management is coming in to play. In case you are wondering about how to increase sales by streamlining and scaling the invoicing process of your enterprise here’s a brief guide to help.

Unraveling invoicing software

Invoicing software are tools which can automatically generate bills some rendered products or services offered by your venture. Basically a list of products or services and their corresponding costs along with all legitimate taxations are stored within the software and are subsequently sent to the customers for their purchases. Generally, the invoices are created commonly by using some predefined professional templates making your business look staunchly professional adding to its sales advantage

Note that when you are fishing among software on how to increase sales choosing online invoicing software becomes your best pick. However remember that not all free invoicing software integrate new feature as online invoice management software for even better performance and agile transaction. For that a stringent check on the software features are necessary. 

Features of invoicing software

Now that the working principle of invoicing software have been vaguely disclosed here are few of the features of leading invoicing software.

Instant invoicing

Generally these software are allowed to extract and integrate information from various databases, projects and time sheets. Thus leading up to create instant, clean, professional invoices that matches up to your company’s reputation.

Customer database

Creation of customer database is to integrate new feature as invoice management software needs to prompt and agile while creating invoice. Generally with the help of customer tracking software keeps a record of customer’s contact information, personal information if any saved on site, buying preferences etc. And the central database remains mostly equipped with search filters accordingly to maintain easy access to customer database.

Customer database - Moon Invoice

Credit processing

With the increasing knack towards cashless transactions the invoicing software should come with features like prompt credit card billing, recurring billing and secured management. Sometimes auto download billing generator and bill receipt software can process the billing via credit cards inadvertently so that the clients won’t miss any due dates


For any business developing the brand value plays a vital role in customer retention and long run publicity. Thus a professional look with an essence of you venture should reflect on your invoices. Generally the software comes with various predefined professional templates to choose from and you can always add your preferences as well.

Multiple currency setups

For all global operators out there the multi currency feature along with free invoicing and expense tracker app plays a vital key role. This feature enables you to coordinate your billing process seamlessly with other account and finance architectures present. Multiple currencies are used for various purposes like issuing of any receipts, accepting any payments or managing taxation on a global basis.

Multiple currency setups - Moon Invoice

End to end solutions

Generally these free invoicing and expense tracker app are designed as an end to end solutions provider. Thus from having secured portals with leading gateways to tracking, payment expose, fees etc. all are covered

Smart reporting and real time tracking

From invoicing to generating full profit outstanding reports, from having sheets of revenues to sale tax balance sheets get it all done just by download billing generator and bill receipt software. These reports shows both real time and long term information including expense tracking, outstanding trends etc.

To wrap it up

In this modern tech-savvy world invoicing software have turned into an integral part of company’s finance strata. The leading invoice manufacturers have come up with prompt software which can generate various reports, store various data and process them in real time instantly. So run a market search download billing generator and bill receipt software from leading IT developers and leverage you business returns in no time.