Checking out several alternatives and comparing them is our routine practice when we buy some personal commodity. But when it comes to Business, buying any new product or technology such as online invoicing software needs a head-to-toe comparison with available options.

Today in this article, we will check an excellent QuickBooks Alternative and its comparisons in depth.

Moon Invoice is a leader in providing a fast and easy financial & accounting service: the top-tier and Top alternative to QuickBooks.

Is any Online Invoicing Software popular among businesses?

Well, to answer this question, we have got two statistics for you.

Firms That Have Implemented Accounting Software - Moon Invoice Accounting Software usage (Source – “Year Ahead Survey”)

In the year 2018, nearly 57% of mid-sized firmed implemented accountings software while the same stats for large firms is 58% and surprisingly small firms are also adopting the concept of online invoicing software with 45%. 

Another stat is from the same survey, but in 2021, Small businesses would invest 41% more in purchasing and establishing modern technologies than they did previously. There is also a growing market for Online Billing applications and QuickBooks alternatives for businesses.

About Tech Spending


Change in tech spending in 2021 (Source – “Year Ahead survey for 2021)

Moon Invoice as QuickBooks Alternative

Moon Invoice is a leader in providing the best billing and accounting service for the all-in-one online invoicing solution. It is a Top alternative to QuickBooks since it ranks first in any group, including features and platform compatibility. 

Moon Invoice represents the company as the perfect option compared to QuickBooks by allowing you to create invoices in minutes. Nonetheless, it includes dedicated customer service assistance and a live chat function to assist you with simple invoicing.

Component Intuit QuickBooks Moon Invoice
Starting Price QuickBooks offers a 25$ per month plan for small businesses, including ten features. As a QuickBooks Alternative, Moon Invoice’s basic plan starts at 4.15$ per month. So, direct savings of 20$.
Availability for Types of Industries QuickBooks is wholly designed for small businesses and freelancers. It is available for Large Enterprises, Small and Medium Businesses. Due to the variety of features, it fits all business segments.
Customer Support As QuickBooks provides several facilities but, there is a lack of 24X7 support. However, there are predefined articles and links, but still, they haven’t the facility of 24X7.  The Moon Invoice wins the race while comparing both as there is the provision of 24X7 customer support. That’s incredible.
Worth against Money QuickBooks looks perfect option for your small Business on prima-facie; let’s look into detail.

  • In standard plan, they offer 1099 contractors or vendors, and they explicitly charge extra on the usage of third-party apps when it comes to tracking tax. 
  • The same goes for track of income and expenses.
  • They do not provide an auto-reconcile feature for self -employed plan.
Well, now if it is about Return on investment. Let’s see Moon Invoice in detail. 

  • It provides managing of unlimited clients for a single Business in their standard plan.
  • Unlimited Invoices, Estimates, Time tracking, Expense Tracking
  • Unlimited Projects and task without additional charges
Cloud Sync Yes. QuickBooks provides the facility of Cloud sync Moon Invoice isn’t lacking here too. Being Online Invoicing Software, they offer it too.
Availability on various Platform QuickBooks is available on Android, web, Windows, iOS, macOS. So, do Moon Invoice. It is available on each Platform. 

What makes Moon Invoice better than others?

There are many reasons why Moon Invoice stands ahead of QuickBooks, from Pricing to features everywhere. Below are some of the exceptional qualities.

1. Offline Usage

Oh Yes. Moon Invoice can be used offline. So, don’t get frustrated or worried if there is no internet connectivity. Just do you work on the installed app on your mobile or laptop, and later you can sync it to the server when you are connected to the internet.

2. Secured Services

Secured Services - Moon Invoice

With Moon Invoice’s online billing software – Your data is completely safe. With the use of highly secured servers as per the latest market trends. So, it a QuickBooks Alternative on which you can trust and rely.

3. Progressive Web & Native App Solutions

The availability on powerful platforms like macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS put Moon Invoice ahead in the race of other softwares.

4. Guarantee of 90 Days

Well, if you feel that Moon Invoice is not delivering up to your expectation. You can claim back your entire purchase amount in 90 days. That’s 100% legit—another reason to go for Moon Invoice out of several available options, especially QuickBooks.

Three Key sets of Functionalities in an Online Invoicing Software

When we are talking about having accounting software, Consider the following set of functionalities also.

1. Effective Analytics and Reports

Knowledge can be powerful because it is delivered to the correct individual time. A short overview of the financials will be used in crucial decisions. Primary and critical funds receivables, expenditures, benefit, and loss statements, accounts payables, taxes, and so forth.

2. IPF – The integrated Payment Facility

This is a prerequisite for any online billing applications. Customers will pay right then – no need for an extra app or website. Consequently, the accounting scheme can support you in electronically collecting customer transactions and rendering vendor payments.

It saves employees time, eliminates administrative issues, and expedites payment collection. Online transactions are also automatically recorded in the ledger.

Auto billing alerts are another feature; the app should be mindful of upcoming invoices and expenditures. Payment reminders can be automatic, invoices can be given, and bills can be sent on schedule to the customer.

3. Professional, Simplified, and Flexible Billing

If you are looking for any financial and accounting software, choose software that generates invoices quickly but still looking professional. The software itself must be able to translate the preliminary estimate into an invoice.

The cloud accounting software may produce recurring invoices whether you need to bill a consumer every month, year, or even half of the year. 

Bottom Line

So, we have discussed enough parameter which concludes why Moon Invoice is a top alternative to QuickBooks. The main reasons for it are – Pricing, Customer Support, and return on investment.

Apart from this, its safe and secure server system and 90 days guarantee make it exceptional for QuickBooks alternative. Online invoicing software has emerged as the most modern smart key for business development.

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