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Benefits of Sending Business Estimates to Clients

Sending professional estimates helps create a great impact on the clients and vendors. Here is why sending estimates always helps!

Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice Sounds Professional
Moon Invoice Converts More Bids
Moon Invoice Builds Stronger Client Relationships
Moon Invoice Maintains Written Records
Moon Invoice Saves Time on Issuing Invoices
Moon Invoice Error-free Project Management

Are You Looking to Download Free Estimate Templates?

Why Moon Invoice?

A perfect estimate format always helps to design great estimates. Users can do more than sending proposals using our online estimate maker app.

Professional Estimate Format

Our invoicing and estimate maker application allows users to design professional estimates with the help of readymade free estimate templates. It helps in saving both time and effort while designing a new estimate.

Customize Business Proposals

While the users have access to the various estimate templates, customizing it becomes fun and easy. Estimates are easily customized using the new themes, background, text and fill color, font, and much more.

Convert Estimates to Invoices

One of the major benefits of using our free estimate template maker app is that it allows users to convert the estimates into invoices using a single click. Hence, the users can save time by generating an invoice for the accepted bids.

Scroll Estimate Activities

There are tons of estimate activities created by different users or members of the company. Our estimate designing app allows the admin or other users to look at the activity log to avoid the duplication of estimates.

Authorize Estimates

The best way to send professional estimates is by adding a business signature. Moon Invoice app allows users to add business signatures before sending professional business proposals. In addition, it helps authorize it to avoid any trust issues.

Add Attachment to Estimate

Sending estimates can be confusing as the client can’t get enough idea on the other subjective such as quantity, price, or description. For the same, our estimate template app allows users to add a single attachment with an estimate.

Print Estimates On The Go!

Sending estimates via email is great, but clients often need to have a hard copy of the business estimate, for which we allow our users to add a suitable printer method for printing estimates on the go!

Send Estimates from Anywhere

One of the ultimate benefits of using our estimate maker app is that it allows users to design and send estimates from anywhere, anytime. Users can also work in offline mode and can sync the data when online.


An estimate is a type of business proposal designed by the seller or professional to pitch the buyer or client. An estimate is also known as a quote or business proposal. It helps pitch a project or a deal in a professional way.

Invoice and estimate are two different business documents. An estimate refers to a business proposal sent for pitching a deal, whereas an invoice is a bill issued for demanding payment from the buyer or client. Invoice and estimate are not the same business documents; they are used at different points during business operations

For adding a business signature to estimates, please follow the below procedure.

  1. Log on to the Moon Invoice app or website
  2. Click on dashboard > Estimate
  3. Create an estimate and save it.
  4. Click on saved estimate > view on top to find a signature button
  5. Add digital signature using a mouse or pointer
  6. Save it

  1. For editing an estimate, the user needs to click on the saved estimate list and find the pen icon on the top of the list. Clicking on the pen icon will help the user to edit the estimates.
  2. Taking the cursor to an estimate in the list will show a bin icon that helps delete the estimate from the saved list.

A perfect business estimate format includes estimate number, date, total estimate amount, task or product breakdown with quantity and rate, estimate to details, and business signature.

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